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Dream Date User
Cleaning Windows 09/12/14 Peri
Rap Battle Outside My Window 04/15/14 Fruitegable
Going out through someones window 02/05/14 ashzepplin
going out the window 01/13/14 ashzepplin
Window repairs on the study 12/15/13 haux
Creepy man looking through window 05/19/13 Dinasaur08
Windows XP and The Computer Class Girl 04/26/13 c_n12
Helping a Little Girl, Thorn-bushes, and Windows 02/22/13 BitterOlives
The Mayor Broke My Window 12/29/09 AmongstTheRabble
The Wolf Beyond the Window 12/19/12 DarkSeaPsyche
Harry Potter and the Annoying Windows 06/28/09 AmongstTheRabble
UFOs Outside my Window 10/14/12 Whimsical
the woman at the prescription window 09/17/06 softness
Tigger, how did you even get outside on my windowsill. 05/25/12 partlycloudysky
Window Woes! 04/02/12 tehuti
Ashley in the Window 02/10/10 CNGB
Betty doesn't want to get mugged, and windows 04/08/12 haux
Meeting couple's son, and riding home with foggy windows 04/03/12 Trumpet_girl_02
Sitting in the Window/Where is the Boy? 02/19/12 BlueVirgoDreamer
Windows On A Mac 02/15/12 Stacey
Light through the window 02/05/12 stuster
A Slowly Mending Window 12/31/11 Fuzzyant
Snowy Amarillo, and weird guy in a window 12/01/11 haux
Bags being thrown out the window 07/22/11 Anonymous
Cats Outside my Window 01/09/11 xine
Window burglar 01/02/11 sophiablack
Lucid Window 11/04/10 JayHaze
Window Eyes 04/29/06 pinefresh316
Cat & Window 03/27/10 Catsweetheart
crawling through my window 07/31/09 travisisgood
Face at the Window/Creepy Man 07/03/10 bluefox4000
Monkeys, windows, and hiding his number 05/17/10 Stephers
Daydream - The Window Angel 04/30/10 GenoWolf1982
window 02/26/10 cutiecorey5
Girl-Dog and Window climbing.. 02/10/10 JelizaRose
The Creepy Window-Tapper 01/30/10 HonnaGrace
Man in the window 12/14/09 lrfcgirl17
Scary Window Face 07/12/04 hG
broken windows waking up outside- dad being crafty 11/24/09 ImmortalDreams
Linen closet, broken windows, rain 10/31/09 Paws917
small emerald tree boa in window, and reacurring dream place 10/27/09 serpentlust
Small window- basement- indians- Whoopi peeks. 09/07/09 ImmortalDreams
Throw the cat off the window 07/14/09 owo
bay windows in the State House (illus.) 07/01/09 al
creepers in my window 06/21/09 slowlife
Fragment: Big Glass Windows 01/01/90 tehuti
i threw a boy i dated out the window! 05/06/09 forbidden
Party, Open Window, Car ride in the caves 04/27/09 sebbythecrabby
Window of Words (a poem about dreambirds) 03/08/09 augustearth

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