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Dream Date User
Sexually Graphic (sorry) 3-some (not sorry) 09/16/14 NervousRhino
fish and sex 09/15/14 Skyanne
Sex in an elevator! 08/21/14 mypsychosis
Drowning and Sexually Malevolent Masked Spirit 10/18/13 MeltingMirror
Sex as programming 07/02/14 TheMessenger
Bed Bugs and Accusations of Sexual Violation 06/19/14 BitterOlives
Of Boards, Boats and Sacred Sex 06/17/14 TheMessenger
Playing Guitar, Drinking Beer, Sex with Unfamiliar Women 05/19/14 BitterOlives
Not aloud to adopt dog due to bisexualality 04/27/14 magicdog93
My first love and sex experience? 04/14/14 NakedCupCake
Sex with Cath 03/04/14 BitterOlives
Sexy Mandy 03/01/14 BitterOlives
Fun With Friends/Unexpected Astral Sex 03/10/14 Stacey
Murderers, Camping, and Sex 01/25/14 BitterOlives
Sex Serpents and Constructs 01/23/14 TheMessenger
My ex wants to have sex 12/20/13 haux
Oh You Sexy Man 05/11/09 vogelein
Sexual Dilemma 11/24/13 vogelein
Another (almost) sex dream and ordering chinese food 11/21/13 hthom2
Studying at the library ends sexually and gross 11/19/13 hthom2
5,snow,coffee maker,rainbow hexagons,work 11/09/13 ashzepplin
Sex and Violence and Uncharacteristically Bad Cath 10/18/13 BitterOlives
Blinking Pictures and Beings Acting Sexy 10/20/13 Specter
Sexist Comments, Christmas Trees and Ghost Cats 10/14/13 Specter
Sexual play a joke ? 10/13/13 ImmortalDreams
sexual therapy? clowning around 10/07/13 ImmortalDreams
Strange Home Sex Taping and Descending a Wooded Hill 10/03/13 BitterOlives
Sex, Drugs, and Walking Backwards 09/26/13 BitterOlives
Sex & Bombs? 04/14/13 cosmosis
Shopping For Sex Toys 08/20/13 BitterOlives
Some weird sexual encounters [shopping part cont] 08/01/13 ImmortalDreams
Weird Sexual Dream? 07/22/13 magicsparkles
Wrath Of The Transsexual! 09/05/12 tehuti
This Season in Sexual Reproduction! 06/15/13 stakkr303
Sexual 'magic' with Harry Potter & Fighting with indians 06/13/13 ImmortalDreams
Sunny Dream #3 - Love, Sex and Lucidity 06/06/13 Armatron
Tampon, Murderous Rapids, Gay Sex, and a Mowhawk 06/01/13 BitterOlives
Unwilling Back Door Sex 05/02/13 w104mhk
Morning Sex 04/21/13 BitterOlives
Diary for Uncloseting Homosexuals 04/21/13 Blaine
Sexy Swingers; The Simpson's; Red Car and Disappointing Food 04/19/13 BitterOlives
Of Snakes and Sex 04/02/13 TheMessenger
sexual activity group - 03/25/13 ImmortalDreams
parking lot thieves/sex with the thieves 03/21/13 HeyItsJepedo
having sex and fighting cops. 02/25/13 Jujutsu101
Sex Party Cruise 01/29/13 BitterOlives
Sex with an ex 02/04/13 tunaktunakbiatch
A lecture or Sexual control 02/04/13 ImmortalDreams
Sex with Lara Croft, new shaving blade 01/13/13 ElectricOdour
The Sexy Guy 07/14/12 pegacorna

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