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Dream Date User
Metallic Music 08/14/14 Blaine
Sad Music Video / Hiding Illegal Teas 07/30/14 stakkr303
"1250kHz" Music Video 06/21/14 stakkr303
Musical Comedian 06/09/14 vogelein
Severed Head at the theater/Music Intro/Kidnapped 05/19/14 DuffyJ1111
Unheard Music 05/18/14 vogelein
phone call from a ghost, strange music, voices 04/25/14 crystaltara
David Gilmour,creepy music and knocking,old house etc.. 03/28/14 ashzepplin
Musical Question 03/13/14 InnerEffect
Music Lesson from my Subconsious 02/04/14 InnerEffect
Philadelphia in a Music Store 12/20/13 darkbutpureheart
Writing Music 11/19/13 ScalpingMaster
Ideas for music 09/23/13 Yorghos
Music Of The Apocalypse 08/25/13 vogelein
The Music Store and Chocolates 06/03/13 w104mhk
Sentimental Music 05/20/13 vogelein
Reality TV Show in the Mountains and Rap Music 05/04/13 BitterOlives
smash attack drone, happy hippidy hop music 04/15/13 coldr3ality
Work/Music 04/13/13 london_lad
Musical Knowledge 04/11/13 london_lad
4/1 dreams involving music 04/01/13 darkbutpureheart
Devil's Music 02/21/13 diggitydoggz
Part In A Musical 03/20/10 AmongstTheRabble
Music: My First 7" and other 7" Rock Stars! 01/22/13 london_lad
Deceiving Music Video 01/20/13 PathToInsanity
Music With A Buzz 01/17/13 london_lad
Music, Records, Wealdstone and Butter? 01/04/13 london_lad
The Sound of Music 12/11/12 magicsparkles
Angelic Music and Bright Lights 11/19/12 w104mhk
Robots and Mr Robot Music 09/15/12 SilentJessie1
Free CD of rubbish music 10/06/12 london_lad
Musical Performance Gone Awry 09/12/12 oldtimer
A Horrible Musical 09/02/12 dreamersean
Riding a coaster; identifying music 08/03/12 haux
dream original music I can’t put to a score IRL 08/01/12 al
Music in the Garage / Dark Restroom 07/12/12 stakkr303
Beats, zombies, tires, music, etc. 07/10/12 hopelesschaos
musical rooms with a pervert 06/29/12 ImmortalDreams
Magic Music! 03/31/11 oldtimer
Costco's / Touchscreen Menu / Angry Drag Queen Music Video 04/21/12 stakkr303
Musical Vampires O.o 03/23/12 HardSleeper
Music Shopping and Mugging 03/21/12 LotusMind
CIA Government Princess Musical 03/21/12 LotusMind
Being bad at work: the musical 02/28/12 london_lad
Music and Movies 01/26/12 mrennebu
music retreat 09/23/11 parallax
Dancing country music with snape and professors 11/21/11 ImmortalDreams
Andrew's Musical 11/06/11 moonandsunlover
some lesbian chick? music gum, getting 1000 dollars and more 10/10/11 tokiko
Creating Music With My Mind ... (Lucid) 09/22/11 FerrellMartin

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