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Dream Date User
Hurled in my Hair 10/19/14 n01
Hair 09/16/14 Tetractys
Orange Hair/Drums/XD Remodel begins 09/06/14 DuffyJ1111
Purple Hair Glue 08/27/14 Tetractys
A workmate washing my hair 08/13/14 stuster
White Haired Old Woman 07/17/14 Lyndy
In a Wheelchair 06/26/14 CNGB
French Haircut/ Zelda animal crossing hybrid 06/20/14 Ataraxia
Curly Mess of Tangled Hair 09/04/99 BlackPaperMoon
painting portraits, lava land, hair dye 05/19/14 crystaltara
Hair on face 04/04/14 clare25273
school, cooking, exercising, wheelchair 03/31/14 crystaltara
dancing with the orange haired man 03/10/14 ashzepplin
long haired beagel 02/26/14 ashzepplin
Straight clouds are actually chairs 01/30/14 haux
3 large cats,someone brushing my hair,blue cleaner etc.. 02/20/14 ashzepplin
Washing My Hair 01/09/14 london_lad
Hotel, egg in hair, pre-hockey game class 01/09/14 hG
red haired lady falls on the sidewalk... 01/06/14 ashzepplin
white haired blue eyed people in the chaos 01/06/14 ashzepplin
washed hair 01/05/14 ashzepplin
Hairy Back Woman, Chinese Mopeds and Facebook Gay Accusation 09/08/13 Norwig
Bursting out 'orders' a flying chair - 12/27/13 ImmortalDreams
white robot,black haired man,the broken bicycle fragments 12/15/13 ashzepplin
a hair cut 12/02/13 ashzepplin
Hairdressing and Downton Abbey 11/03/13 lunafutura
Getting a Haircut 10/20/13 BitterOlives
The hair (dream#96) 09/30/13 NimHalliday
Hairless Horror 09/03/13 Canadiangirl95
Scary People in Cincinnati and then Cutting My Own Hair 08/11/13 BitterOlives
White Hair 08/13/13 Fuzzyant
Hairy legs 07/24/13 Racheyface56
Bees in my hair 07/03/13 Conifer
Wild hair and shower 05/29/13 PryttieKyttie
Hair Dye in OSJL Parking Lot 06/04/13 c_n12
Hair Issues 04/30/13 Tangerine
STD and a Bad Haircut 04/22/13 BitterOlives
Cat's Chair 08/23/11 AmongstTheRabble
Haircut and Naked 03/10/11 Whimsy
Two haircuts 12/31/12 haux
Wheelchair Man 12/21/12 london_lad
Wheelchair Race in a Hospital 07/07/09 AmongstTheRabble
Wheelchair Troubles 07/07/09 AmongstTheRabble
Giant Tarantula Killed With a Chair 11/24/12 lua
Basketball Team Chair Throwing 11/23/12 astralgee
A Dream of Winnie with the Bright Blue Hair 11/19/12 oldtimer
Dream Filled with Chairs 07/19/10 w104mhk
Changing Hair Color 09/08/12 oldtimer
Haircut. 07/05/12 BitterOlives
In a wheelchair with a gift token 08/25/12 london_lad

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