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Dream Date User
Sanding Toy Dogs 07/22/14 Fuzzyant
Hands in Heather's Pocket, Bad Dogs! 06/02/14 BitterOlives
Dogs & Horses 01/30/14 InnerEffect
spilled 'oil' walking dogs in a tricky situation 01/03/14 ImmortalDreams
spilled 'oil' walking dogs in a tricky situation 01/03/14 ImmortalDreams
No Dogs Allowed 11/06/13 london_lad
Vacation House, Omnimax, Wardrobes, and Dogs 07/16/13 BitterOlives
Dream#4 (fish dogs) 05/01/13 NimHalliday
Zombie dogs 02/06/13 Lakshmi
Big and Bigger Dogs 12/18/12 Fuzzyant
So . . . Dogs Talk 10/24/12 CNGB
neighborhood clean up,going to the dogs... 09/26/12 ImmortalDreams
Ex's, spiders, hospitals, and hot dogs. 09/26/12 hopelesschaos
wild dogs and demon people 09/14/12 colliebel72
Shopping, Kidnapped, Camping, Dogs and Lions 07/20/12 BitterOlives
Boy Scouts vs Dogs 08/02/12 GalacticCow
Motion-Controlled Games for Dogs 08/02/12 GalacticCow
Dogs & a piece of conscience 08/05/12 BlueCloud
Two dogs and a walk 07/13/12 Skellygirl
Catching Rabbits in My Room / Dogs II Men 07/05/12 stakkr303
monster dogs, water zombies, dying world 06/14/12 aika
Two dogs and a mouse in a house 06/14/12 london_lad
cows like dogs 06/04/12 TheMoonsSecret
Dogs are more human that we thought. 02/22/12 DarakuTenshi
Hot Dogs 02/17/12 BlueVirgoDreamer
More of the ex-lover, and saving the dogs from the ocean... 02/07/12 maggstaa26
Dogs and More Dogs 02/07/12 darfo9
snakes and dogs, panthers 02/02/12 dreamgirl11
"Massive Multiplayer Online Dogs" 01/06/12 HelloPachirisu
Gnome Beggar, Waffles for Dogs, A Birth Defect 01/01/12 Fuzzyant
Zack's dogs 10/05/11 haux
Demon dogs.. 09/24/11 AshleyMarieee
Pennsylvania Water Dogs 04/10/11 MonkeyMagdalen
Neighbor's dogs 07/30/11 haux
Rolling my eyes at Hotdogs 07/27/11 Rebekah1213
Dogs to feed and seahorses with wings 06/20/11 ishellhorn
Dogs 06/03/11 ishellhorn
Dogs playing baseball. 05/05/11 HippieWitch
Lost dogs 04/26/11 TheAntiBarbie
Mad dogs and time stoppers 08/03/10 sugarhigh200
If kissing was amazing; why is there dead dogs here? 01/15/11 idkitsjenni
Stars, the Beach and the dogs 12/26/10 webdiva
vicious dogs 10/17/10 equisetum
Walter's made evil dogs...but they like me. 10/12/10 Lunarkin
Lunch with Mike, Attacked by Dogs 09/19/10 diggitydoggz
Clean up after neighbor's kitties * dogs and cat house 09/09/10 ImmortalDreams
Two Identical Dogs 08/30/10 hG
Zombie Dogs and Snakes 08/04/10 benmiller
Collecting Dogs 07/18/10 gabrielle0651
dogs, alligator, cars sinking in the flooded field 07/18/10 darfo9

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