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Dream Date User
Awful doctor/dentist 10/06/14 haux
Not so private doctor's office 06/15/14 ashzepplin
Doctor's, family, and a boyfriend 06/26/14 bunnies
x-mass in the woods & Mash doctor visit [short] 06/18/14 ImmortalDreams
Doctor And Phasing 04/29/14 Specter
The Doctor's Notebook 04/19/14 magicsparkles
The selectively invisible doctor 02/12/14 Yorghos
The Twelfth Doctor and A Day Out On The Town 01/17/14 Specter
Doctor doctor 'give me the news' 11/25/13 ImmortalDreams
You're not a doctor, you're a somalian pirate! 11/21/13 oosername
Vampires and The Eleventh Doctor 11/12/13 Specter
The Summoning of The Eleventh Doctor 11/09/13 Specter
Horrible Doctor Who Adventure! 11/10/07 Specter
Wife Had a Heart Attack, Coworker is Her Doctor 07/12/13 darkbutpureheart
Doctor Who Dream 06/14/13 SilentJessie1
The Peruvian Doctor 05/29/13 Lazellia
holiday & unpleasant visit to the doctor 04/10/13 stuster
Grandma's, Shrimp, Funny Piano, and Becky at the Doctor 01/18/13 PaperDildo
Mad doctor and piano lessons 01/04/13 Cris
Venomous Creatures, Amelia Pond, and The Doctor 09/18/12 Specter
Pounding Nails into Skull under direction of Medieval Doctor 08/11/12 HeavySixer
Doctor Where 07/10/12 Yorghos
Seeing The Eleventh Doctor 06/26/12 Specter
Doctor Doctor 02/05/12 ImmortalDreams
"It's o.k., I''m a doctor" 08/18/11 tunedouttatum
Escaping with The Doctor 07/12/11 CherryBoo09
The Eye Doctor/Sauna with Clay Walker 03/28/11 High28
Unfriendly Doctor 01/18/11 Submachiner
Why We All Became Doctors 12/30/10 quehayamasluz
Cafe at the doctors surgery 12/21/10 stuster
I was a doctor 12/05/10 Catsweetheart
Disturbing Doctor's Visit 10/28/10 LisaMarieBowman
the preacher/doctor and the traveling carnival. 10/12/10 SleepyJane
Dear Doctors, Help Her. 02/02/10 bloodlust15x
an old friend, buildings falling, the serious doctor 08/12/10 SleepyJane
Doctor Linus, Will You Be My English Teacher? 07/27/10 owleyes
The Doctor 07/23/10 nina36
Manly doctor, Fergie acting shy, Hung up on NYC, Jail 05/27/10 HelloDali
Doctor's Office and Diner 04/23/10 benfaust
Untrustworthy Doctors, Zim, and Stars at American Eagle 05/15/10 WeirdDreamer
Doctor & PS3 Diagnostic 05/04/10 hG
Strange requests from a doctor slash therapist? 04/02/10 ImmortalDreams
Doctor for a day 03/24/10 wonderingfox
Doctor's Prescription 02/18/10 drvsvs
Getting in to see a doctor? I'm not banking on it. 01/28/10 Jighm
at the doctors 01/05/10 sherryblake11
Davey Havok is my Doctor? 08/16/09 CelluloidDreams
Unusual doctor visit 11/10/09 haux
Doctor ? or dentist time? neighbor's health care 09/22/09 ImmortalDreams

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