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Dream Date User
Building Confusing Stairs, Werewolves, and Other Adventures 08/06/14 Silence
Co-workers play a confusing card game 12/27/13 haux
brace yourself for confusing treatment 03/21/13 ImmortalDreams
joking around with the crowd - confusing sights and company 12/06/12 ImmortalDreams
confusing dreams [short] 12/05/12 ImmortalDreams
''confusing delema'' 11/19/12 ImmortalDreams
confusing construction.. 11/16/12 ImmortalDreams
A confusing skyscraper and horrible elevator 10/26/12 haux
A Confusing Cruise 02/27/12 lrg11844
confusing upon confusing 02/25/12 daretodream
Being human is really confusing. 02/12/12 ImmortalDreams
confusing comedy 11/15/11 Jekter
In a Confusing state. 09/10/11 ImmortalDreams
Confusing Module (Mini Dream) 08/24/11 stakkr303
Confusing and weird 05/02/11 Teg201185
Confusing Mix 06/30/10 MollyMaguire
A Confusing Road Trip ? 04/07/10 peekaboox3
Order in the kitchen and confusing shopping area 03/25/10 ImmortalDreams
Kind of Confusing 09/05/09 cherryoreo
Confusing Failure 02/22/10 EmptyProductions
confusing 01/07/10 LaceyF
Confusing Christmas 12/25/09 val77
Determine Something Confusing 11/15/09 YukiOujo4ever
confusing.. not sure if this is 2 in one 08/09/09 WhiteBear
A Confusing Trip 05/01/09 katie179
Confusing Math Equation 02/06/09 stanaker
Very realistic nightmare, but kind of confusing 01/04/07 BitterOlives
My Dream Confusing Me 04/09/08 phil
Confusing religion dream. 04/08/08 leneshmarie
Confusing dream of mother. 02/27/08 mayburcm
Confusing People 01/31/08 ImmortalDreams
confusing 11/05/07 Ticcasa
Confusing coins & the rainbow river. 09/13/07 Sampson
confusing freight elevator 09/08/07 derelict17
Confusing 09/04/07 tash188
confusing time lapse 05/24/07 derelict17
Confusing quietness 04/03/07 kisstearsblack
confusing interlude 03/03/07 angelofmysetery
Confusing Bus Trips 06/07/06 Indigo
Travelling to a Casino and A Confusing False Awakening 06/02/06 Vorago
Past , present ? Time is confusing * 04/13/06 ImmortalDreams
Hmm, this one was a bit confusing 01/24/06 LMAOROFLWTFD00D
Crowded and Completely Confusing 10/12/05 lindablueeyes
confusing situation of rain and make up 09/02/05 shrunkenhed
Confusing 03/27/05 angstangel
Confusing 01/11/05 Kjanae04
Bad Hair Cut, Work, Very Jumpy and Confusing 12/13/04 silverandsilent
Confusing 11/04/04 Divine923
Confusing Dream About A Cruise Ship with an Amusement Park 05/06/04 Muffility12
Confusing Dream - Alleged stalking and naked on bus. 04/11/04 Nocky

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