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Dream Date User
player boyfriend 09/13/14 lorisilly
Back to the past...Cheating with magic.. 08/11/14 ImmortalDreams
Camping and Cheated 06/15/14 RemlitQueen
The Man Whore with the Wooden Nose 06/13/14 Fuzzyant
Surprises Behind Some Doors, Lucid In the End 04/08/14 darkbutpureheart
the school run 03/04/14 ghostreborn2004
Ex's store, orphans, and modelling 02/18/14 crystaltara
Weird Marathon Race? 01/05/14 Nitro
Hanging Out with Angie, and Cheating on Cath 12/30/13 BitterOlives
woman sleeping with 3 police officers 12/24/13 ashzepplin
Hunger Games and Rainbow Grasshopper 10/09/13 magicsparkles
Kickin' It With Wax 10/08/13 supersapien
15th August 09/16/13 torikago
Time and Space To A Place 09/14/13 Specter
Assault Course 08/14/13 london_lad
Evil Regal Parties 07/31/13 Snowqueen
College Trip 02/07/08 xDarkAngelx
magic times 07/10/13 Aspaklaria
The Affair 07/07/13 BlueVirgoDreamer
The Hobo On The Bike 06/08/13 Lazellia
Trees and pools again 05/05/13 Tangerine
Vehicle of emotions 04/23/13 Tangerine
Dream Bowling and The Beach House 04/20/13 c_n12
Cheating? Dream Within a Dream. 03/28/13 RachyW
A Day and a Night in my Dreamscape 12/08/10 coldsteelblizzar
Brat Cookoff 12/27/12 khalvorsen87
Cucumber Kiss For A Princess Peach 11/10/12 doublenatured
One of the most terrifying dreams ive had in a while. 10/26/12 mfknly
Greg 09/26/12 ghostreborn2004
Awaiting Universal Collapse/Big Crunch; Sci-fi Space Travel 03/04/12 BitterOlives
Millennial Light Bearing Ritual 08/05/12 CrimsonMiz
Cheating with his Best Friend 03/25/12 tigergirl
Cheating Idols 03/22/12 tigergirl
Forever Or Always Not 03/13/12 Cherry45
Cheating? 03/10/12 Moriras
Cheating Hubby Dream 02/29/12 claire012
The Neighbor's Cat 02/21/12 tehuti
Alien Invasion? 02/11/12 mskamla
Inhospitable situations in my block of flats 01/31/12 Yorghos
Kicked out of Class 05/29/11 xDarkAngelx
Jericho Car Explosions/Twin Daughters 01/15/12 DuffyJ1111
A Fish Story 01/12/12 Fuzzyant
A chain of OBE Lucid dreams 01/03/12 motagota
Dreams with definite hidden meaning. 12/11/11 genesis91190
First day of Christmas 12/01/11 1
Zombie BBQ 11/03/11 CaponerBoner
Lesbian Wedding Proposal 10/27/11 NeptunianDreams
London 10/24/11 Valura
Breaking my Brother out of Prison 08/20/11 orange3196
Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater 09/29/11 Hummingbird

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