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Dream Date User
Back to the past...Cheating with magic.. 08/11/14 ImmortalDreams
Hanging Out with Angie, and Cheating on Cath 12/30/13 BitterOlives
Cheating? Dream Within a Dream. 03/28/13 RachyW
Cheating with his Best Friend 03/25/12 tigergirl
Cheating Idols 03/22/12 tigergirl
Cheating? 03/10/12 Moriras
Cheating Hubby Dream 02/29/12 claire012
Cheating 09/19/11 NanasMama
Caught Sister cheating 02/13/11 st3ph2ni3
Dream Cheating & The Fairy Ball 01/02/11 dreamergirl09
Church of st. Stephen and cheating on unknown man 01/31/11 drifter
Scuba diving/ military/ ex bf cheating 12/02/10 Tangerine
Dancing, Cheating, Vampires, Bloods, Cocaine and Cuddling 07/29/10 Jamestheghost
Women Telling About Cheating Husband-Mine or Hers? 06/14/10 carmenjb
Cheating 03/29/10 morethanwords
Boyfriend cheating?? 03/05/10 blackxwidowx13
Cheating father 12/24/09 saraxlindsay
Cheating Lover 10/13/09 ilovme8989
Parents' new big house & cheating on my boyfriend 08/28/10 hula625
Cheating and Entreating 06/28/09 lyntess
Scary, teeth, and cheating! 06/25/09 Emmers
Cheating? 02/27/09 Ligeia
cheating on my boyfriend. 12/22/08 SleepyJane
A Cheating Quicky 12/16/08 Mamakoo
is it cheating? 11/20/08 InnerCosmos
Cheating, Exwife & Baby... 10/07/08 SomeChick
Too many cheating dreams 10/09/97 Mamakoo
Cheating boyfriend 09/13/08 VickiV
Cheating on boyfriend with ex-boyfriend 09/09/08 hula625
Cheating at Camp 08/27/08 NightTripper
The one with the cheating and the baby... 05/11/08 angelbabygurl
Wife Cheating 05/07/08 phil
Cheating boyfriend & lonely room 04/23/08 hula625
cheating bastard 02/25/08 allyal
Cheating Husband 12/06/07 kewtbeyb
Cheating and Uni-Tech 10/29/07 linny0503
Being Cheating On 10/12/07 niva
Smooth FMVs and Gambling Cheating 08/19/07 partlycloudysky
Cheating again... 07/11/07 ConfusedLuna
Cheating Boyfriend. 02/11/07 polyphonic
Cheating Death and Mike's Fear 02/12/07 Runda007
Cheating boyfriend 12/21/06 crien
Cheating 11/11/06 morethanwords
Cheating 05/12/06 slvrmoondragon
My husband cheating on me 08/17/06 Kapua11
Cheating? 07/19/06 cursedgoddess
Cheating, Trekking, and Running 07/17/06 TheMindOfMusic
cheating on my boyfriend 04/23/06 goodbyebluesky
Cheating 04/05/06 16RainDrops05
Cheating Ex? 03/30/06 micrathene

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