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Dream Date User
Floppy Screen Computer 10/23/14 Silence
Boxing and Dirt and Computers 10/09/14 webdiva
School and Evil Alien Super Computers 07/23/14 Specter
Re starting the computer for the radio station 06/22/14 stuster
Computer 04/13/14 london_lad
Computer byproduct 01/05/14 Yorghos
Computer Games? 09/26/13 yournewlodger
Dirty Site On My Computer, Cockroach Upstairs 05/30/13 darkbutpureheart
Windows XP and The Computer Class Girl 04/26/13 c_n12
Clearing the browser history on my uncle's computer 04/23/13 haux
Computers, Time Travel, and My Wounded Hand 03/07/13 BitterOlives
Computer-Protecting Badger 12/23/10 AmongstTheRabble
Computer Virus / Chasing a Kid 12/20/12 stakkr303
Bought a computer. Property dispute. 12/14/12 drvsvs
Cabbage Butt & Strange Computer Notebook 11/10/12 oldtimer
Babysitting, Bread Party, Mountain Town, Computer 06/04/12 BitterOlives
computer store + all dreams with x that i can remember 05/27/12 nervoustrees
And Computer Woes, Too 04/02/12 tehuti
Big Brother computer system 03/24/12 london_lad
Computer Games and Toilets :/ 03/23/12 tigergirl
Skeletons, holographic computers, and the Mafia. 02/13/12 Peri
Lively Computers 01/22/12 Rebekah1213
Computer Room Fun 12/24/11 erictc123
Computer lab 06/06/11 SilverDandelion
Strange old computer game 09/19/11 alien
Parking at work; computer problems 06/07/11 haux
Trippy Celestial Computer Game-In Anime Style 08/22/10 Icecoldsongs
Transparent Computer and the Consuming Darkness 09/16/08 Silence
Computer lab, robot child and tsunami kit 04/07/11 haux
Super Computer Mentions Kalficious Equation 12/22/10 BEASTMAKER
On The Computer 11/17/10 c_n12
Computer Meltdown 10/13/10 Submachiner
Star Wars computer game 08/20/10 Mercurius
Driveway Computer 05/30/10 Weave
Computer 02/26/10 LUCIDREAM
Computer Apps. teacher 02/18/10 kennanshadow
Coffee Flavored Computer 02/07/10 TheAntiBarbie
Computer Spying 01/01/10 HonnaGrace
hijacked computer 01/02/10 whiteecho
Computer 12/23/09 kirwen
Music & Computer in Class 03/07/04 hG
The computer ate my dissertation 10/22/09 evangeline
Can't find a computer 10/19/09 ITBSO
Broken Computer 10/13/09 cactuspancake
Old computers time for new- * vague night 10/10/09 ImmortalDreams
Wanting the Right Computer While Enjoying Being the Host 09/30/09 carmenjb
geology computer lab 10/31/08 derelict17
nonsensical toy computer (illus.) 09/01/09 al
Link, MJ, and Computer Progamming 07/24/09 Dreamgamer
Fixing the computer and the stab 06/15/09 stuster

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