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Dream Date User
International Conference 07/03/17 zurastar
Throwing Apples at Wilma Tell 02/14/15 BlueOpossum
Resurrected Children Case 06/27/17 zurastar
What a Time To Be Alive 09/07/17 LucidDreamer777
Bounty hunter 09/11/17 angelling
Three's a Crowd 09/03/17 Dave7heHuman
Psychopath Grandmother 09/03/17 magicsparkles
Body Snatchers 08/23/17 LucidDreamer777
The Shoes, the Cat, and the Penis 08/06/17 Lazellia
Dead dog 08/03/17 Haddock
Ravaging Feast I 07/17/17 DeathFromWithin
Tests and Terrorists 07/17/17 Person1
The Heron’s Elongated Beak (Full Study Format) 09/08/68 BlueOpossum
Living In A City 06/16/17 LucidDreamer777
The Game 06/23/17 Novus
Dirt road Trips 03/30/14 independentwaste
Me & I 06/19/17 Novus
Third World War and Ufos 05/06/16 hawaii
Chinese Friend or FOE? wounded arm 06/13/17 ImmortalDreams
The Thin, Red Thread: Part II 02/28/15 icemadrox
Let Them Eat Cake 06/09/17 LucidDreamer777
Stranger From Another World 05/28/17 LucidDreamer777
Party ratings 10/15/15 hood12
Very long dream 09/01/15 Pietko
Heath 07/31/17 IceQueen
Cut Wire 05/01/17 hwhorn
SherLOCKed 04/29/17 9spaceking
Stable Dream Loop 03/27/17 LucidDreamer777
Lost everything 04/21/17 jomc
Acidic Buildings 09/28/15 Jordskalv
A Sense of Betrayal 03/04/17 LucidDreamer777
Balls of Lava in Germany 04/10/17 Lemontea
Sword Fight 04/01/17 RubiksGaming
Tina and Dave 03/29/17 g1nny
Assassinating a witch 03/27/17 sirvinter
Comparing Seven Childhood Dreams (1) 03/27/17 BlueOpossum
Reservoir Dogs II 03/25/17 independentwaste
Airship crash and butchering gig 03/25/17 PearlDiver
Runescape Battle 02/28/17 zurastar
Man on our Roof with a Cell Phone 03/15/17 BlueOpossum
Skewed Romance 03/12/17 BlueOpossum
Notes dreams 1 02/23/17 madcat444
Dead Folk's Home 02/18/17 CipherSkies
14.02 PT. 1: I HAVE A PENIS / CAPUCHIN MONKEY 02/14/17 fridaygraveyard
King of Con Con (part 1 of 2) 01/31/17 zurastar
Help I'm a fish dream and weird GTA 5 cutscene! 02/12/17 madcat444
A Series of Tests (part 1 and 3 of 3) 01/25/17 zurastar
fish and gta 02/06/17 madcat444
War slave and widower 02/04/17 PearlDiver
jackseptic eye 01/30/17 madcat444
Laberge Wedding 01/26/17 therararabbit
Swinging on a rope & chased by a killer 01/20/17 CloseYourEyes
Stranded on an Island 12/06/16 zurastar
Comparing and Repairing Two Jeeps (with Paul Hogan) 01/18/17 BlueOpossum
Fragments: large building, hospital, dream group? 01/15/17 junkiecosmonaut
Overcoming hypnotism 10/29/16 Yorghos
SADISTIC YOUNG KING 01/02/17 fridaygraveyard
Go For The Eye 11/26/16 zurastar
In Hiding 12/06/16 ooCarmaleneoo
Jelly Bean Coded Prison 11/20/16 zurastar
Nareta/Senzai ishiki 11/18/16 LucidDreamer777
Disgusting Fuck 11/29/16 foddforlorare
Donald Trump Robot Army & Crazy Muslim Psycho Trump Suporter 11/28/16 madcat444
C’est Russian Mob 11/23/16 LucidDreamer777
Silly Australia 11/26/16 9spaceking
Day in the Woods; Writing Down My Dreams 11/18/16 independentwaste
Pepsi and Coke 11/12/16 therararabbit
The Bank Heist 11/14/16 AlmaCross
Searching for Lost Birds and Killing Mutant Rats 11/15/16 BlueOpossum
Inverse School Anxiety Dream (2) 11/07/16 saintbeast
Totally RADICAL 11/03/16 LucidDreamer777
Cracks and Strands 10/30/14 BlueOpossum
Clearing Bathroom 10/28/16 zurastar
Standoff (part 1 of 2) 10/22/16 zurastar
Paganistic Sacrifice 10/12/16 LucidDreamer777
All For A Coin 10/10/16 zurastar
Knife Tying; Coworkers 10/20/16 independentwaste
Mono-Chromic Gore Desert 05/26/16 LucidDreamer777
Orcs vs. Redcoats 09/27/16 zurastar
Best. Prom. Party. EVER!!! 05/24/16 LucidDreamer777
A knife into my back in a hospital hall 11/10/89 BlueOpossum
Whippin’ Good 05/19/16 LucidDreamer777
I stab a woman in my house 09/29/16 haux
How To (Secretly) Get Away With Murder 09/16/16 LucidDreamer777
2 Baby girls 09/26/16 mustlovecats
School School 07/05/14 independentwaste
The Cryptographer’s Adventure 09/20/16 BlueOpossum
Rich, wanting big projects, G's friends stabbed, school 09/19/16 sabinascale
A Hunt 07/26/16 IceQueen
Am I a Terrible Friend? 09/11/16 ThatGirl
furture govment evil propganda 09/05/16 madcat444
Cha-Ka Plays “Silent Night” 12/20/75 BlueOpossum
Human-Alien Invasion 04/28/16 LucidDreamer777
my grandmour has a time machine 08/29/16 madcat444
Reviving Extinct Alien Rhincodon typus (Whale Shark) 04/23/16 LucidDreamer777
Gunman in My School 08/25/16 Sydnyallison
Question 08/15/16 LadyGryrr
1 - Slash Kill 04/10/16 LucidDreamer777
Dangerous Acid Trip 04/02/16 LucidDreamer777
The First True Lost 08/06/16 9spaceking
Apocalypse Type ??? 02/17/16 LucidDreamer777
Lost tourists wearing purple clothes and carnival stabbing. 06/12/16 madcat444
Thai Restaurant; Ginny in the City 10/25/11 Ichi2Tah
Not sure who saved who 07/20/16 Skellygirl
Hunger Games In A Grocery Store 07/19/16 evolutionrex
Concept Car and Knife (micro dream) 07/18/16 SabotageMost
A Perilous Journey to the Wondrous and Strange New House 07/13/16 BlueOpossum
Giant Spiders?!?! Time To Save The World! 07/11/16 AlmaCross
Ghost in the Lake 06/27/16 LittlexBluebird
Held hostage at new years 06/17/16 feanorfelagund
Student Betrayal 06/07/16 MariahAbels
Hit-and-run; 2Pac and Nate Dogg in a park 05/16/16 haux
5 05/12/16 madcat444
Dating Sites and Dystopia 05/06/16 therararabbit
Searching for Daniel's conspiracy 05/01/16 haux
The Journey Home 04/13/16 Sevenhawks
SPN Episode 03/26/16 Kailin
Buffalo Pocket-Knife. A good omen and response to concerns. 03/07/16 SeenoChasm
Chased by a mob with knives and the 3 demons 02/26/16 Psychonautic44
Chased by a mob with knives and the 3 demons 02/26/16 Psychonautic44
The Giant in the Mountain 02/17/16 Psychonautic44
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 02/16/16 toxicstar
My Friends betray me with psychedelic drugs 02/12/16 DuffyJ1111
The Mushroom Angel and the Vampire Kitchen 02/03/16 Norfuer
A Scary Bitch 01/29/16 lindablueeyes2
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