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Dream Date User
Forklift accident 05/18/17 MattiasJ
Tuesday morning dreams 05/16/17 Person1
Hövding 05/15/17 MattiasJ
Sinkhole, pizza and lucidity. 08/23/16 MattiasJ
Closed store 05/14/17 MattiasJ
Shared dream attempt 02/15/16 Pietko
Way from temple to outside then through hell into Eden like 10/10/14 Pietko
“Glass of Water” References and Meanings 04/20/17 BlueOpossum
On Dream Signs 04/18/17 BlueOpossum
Flight, Silverware, and Bicycle 04/15/17 hwhorn
Task of the Month March '17 03/21/17 therararabbit
Terror At The Cabin 07/10/14 tehuti
Rambling Along The Road 06/11/14 tehuti
PORCH Dream Segments INDEX (1) 01/01/50 BlueOpossum
The name day of baby Jesus 02/07/17 PearlDiver
Wheel of Terrorism 08/05/16 LucidDreamer777
Jewish Dinner 01/30/17 g1nny
Gh 01/26/17 knurton
Passivity & Hostility 12/16/16 LucidDreamer777
My dad on a bike 12/29/16 haux
The Obscure Plan / The Dark Ocean Returns It 12/08/16 Canucknomad
I forget my bike lock 12/01/16 haux
Harm’s Way 11/13/16 LucidDreamer777
Twilight, Icicle, Bicycle, and Potential Demolition 12/01/16 BlueOpossum
Carport Shower 11/10/16 zurastar
Bike Theft Goes Wrong 07/26/16 misotanni
After work, I ride my bike 11/03/16 haux
Gecko Tree 05/20/13 BlueOpossum
Auguries and Parallels... 03/16/84 BlueOpossum
Death Cycle 02/14/76 BlueOpossum
Unconvincing Resurrection 10/18/16 BlueOpossum
Riding my bike to water 10/12/16 haux
Brontosaurus bicycle and making it rain 09/03/96 BlueOpossum
Being a Spy on an Airplane 10/01/16 BlueOpossum
Super Catman 09/09/16 BlueOpossum
Free Day! 04/27/16 LucidDreamer777
Book and bicycle; rude Germans; gittin nekkid 08/27/16 carloszamora
Lucid, and a short OBE. 08/23/16 MattiasJ
Unreachable by Bicycle 09/14/82 BlueOpossum
Shortcut 08/13/16 MattiasJ
Washing Dishes in the Bathtub 01/02/12 BlueOpossum
Monopoly Game Search 07/20/78 BlueOpossum
With Doug in Kayenta 07/12/16 haux
Unusual Drinks at the Post Office 06/19/16 BlueOpossum
My new dorm on the first day of class 05/28/16 haux
Childhood Store 05/23/16 Tomgto
Paddling my New Bicycle 12/19/71 BlueOpossum
Dead Man’s Curveless Tunnel 09/27/81 BlueOpossum
Helicopter Landing (resolved flight waking transition) 04/06/16 BlueOpossum
The Beam (reposted with full meaning added) 07/15/77 BlueOpossum
Odd house 03/07/16 Woodybass
Food in the oven, Marcos is weird, riding a bike 03/03/16 haux
Driving Everywhere and Using Non-Lucid “Magic” (Updated) 02/22/16 BlueOpossum
Bicycle to Bicycle 09/10/89 BlueOpossum
A kid is hit by a bus 02/08/16 Ricardo
Swimming with Debra she tells me she may be pregnant 02/06/16 DuffyJ1111
Bike ride 01/03/16 MattiasJ
Miniature Motorcycle Cop 11/08/85 BlueOpossum
Quails and an Avalanche 07/13/86 BlueOpossum
Where Did I Go? 12/27/15 BlueOpossum
Broken Banjo 12/18/08 BlueOpossum
Heat and Smoke 12/19/15 BlueOpossum
Distorted Bicycle (warning against alcohol?) 04/27/84 BlueOpossum
Lucid Causeway 11/20/15 BlueOpossum
Missed Class, Pedal Power Bike, Penn & Teller in a Pool 11/11/15 RadicalRyan
The Wandering (freshly researched life timeline notes) 09/07/76 BlueOpossum
Some Kind of Magic (Living in the Sky) 02/16/15 BlueOpossum
Oh no, not King Street again... 10/06/14 BlueOpossum
Apartment for Rent 09/13/15 WilliamDreams
Star Storm and Being a Lamp 09/13/15 BlueOpossum
Late night shopping 09/08/15 hood12
"Walls Have Eyes" 09/10/07 BlueOpossum
Digging the teacher 09/08/81 BlueOpossum
Grocery Shopping Folly 12/08/14 BlueOpossum
The White Kangaroo 09/13/77 BlueOpossum
The Eternal Fire (precognitive and life-enriching) 09/13/90 BlueOpossum
"Terra Cotta" 11/30/74 BlueOpossum
I Want to Ride My Bicycle 08/06/15 BlueOpossum
Rocking Horse Epilogue 01/16/15 BlueOpossum
Boarding House Adventures 03/08/15 BlueOpossum
Lucid Meanderings 07/03/15 BlueOpossum
Inside (and) Out 07/20/15 9spaceking
Dream003 07/05/15 ElPsyCongroo
Riding a bike through various activities 06/14/15 haux
Julian is a pirate! 06/08/15 CielNoir
T.V. 01/25/14 Moonlitrain
Angry at a bicyclist and naked 05/29/15 haux
Mad Max, Soul Stealing, Riding a Bicycle 05/03/15 Mayze
Trying To Reach My Boss 04/14/15 Torgy0401
He's A Baaaad Young man 02/18/15 NervousRhino
chased by a killer 11/30/14 bunnies
Sent back to 2001? 09/28/13 Hitoshiii
Pushing up the hill 10/21/14 Peri
slowly riding a bicycle 04/29/13 ashzepplin
A war starts in the grocery store parking lot. 04/21/13 ashzepplin
Orewata 10/05/14 Joko
I get engaged 09/20/14 haux
Beautiful Child and A Stolen Bicycle 09/15/14 mypsychosis
A Late Night as She Dies 09/10/14 Saviyon
School, the highway, meth eggs, and the restaurant 08/31/14 liarsenicc
The parking lot and abandonment issues. 08/23/14 cool2bcool
I must take a picture, but a truck wrecks 08/18/14 haux
Un-expected trip to France 07/05/14 honeybeefive
Kissing Michael 07/17/14 Jiuhl
First Meeting Loka and Preparing for Journey 10/14/09 Pwyrdan
Witnessing a Conversation 07/01/14 Noric
Spending time with Debra and Garrick 06/18/14 DuffyJ1111
Badger at the Crossroads 06/04/14 BlueOpossum
Two Fathers 05/16/75 BlueOpossum
The Practice Effect Mist and the Golden Bicycle 05/28/14 BlueOpossum
The Two Grounds 05/27/14 BlueOpossum
A New House and Bicycle 02/13/88 BlueOpossum
UT Ticket (and summary of some previous dreams) 05/25/14 diggitydoggz
Flying Again 05/25/14 BlueOpossum
Office Chair as Street Vehicle 12/18/03 BlueOpossum
Lucid Series including The Italian Man and Claim Albion 05/18/14 stillwater
"Minions and Sycophants and Tulpas! Oh my!" 11/30/89 BlueOpossum
Baby Bird 05/04/14 BlueOpossum
Downtown Road Closed 03/26/14 darkbutpureheart
Stealing a bike at the airport 03/18/14 haux
F/O-Aunt on a bicycle 03/15/14 ashzepplin
"Rocks in your head" 11/08/77 BlueOpossum
Hound's Embrace 03/11/14 bonehead
biking/driving,mish mash of people 02/25/14 ashzepplin
Hawaii's Polynesian Resort 02/04/14 hG
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