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Dream Date User
Chaotic Ups and Downs 08/13/17 9spaceking
Rollarcoaster trains, Ninja takedown and TV shows 07/31/17 therararabbit
Nana is on Tower of Terror 08/06/17 haux
Late For Work - Again 08/06/17 Torgy0401
Apartment 07/30/17 echostarchild8
Lion on my School Bus [dual narrative form] 04/13/75 BlueOpossum
Midge and Jona 07/29/17 hippydippy
Metal Flowers and Prototypes 07/27/17 therararabbit
Goodbyes 07/12/17 therararabbit
Oriental Mall/Wutai 07/22/17 LucidDreamer777
My Only LOVE 07/22/17 toxicstar
A Lifetime Ago Yesterday 12/08/16 tehuti
Good Things Are Coming 07/05/17 WilliamDreams
Life and Levitation 06/24/17 therararabbit
Unusual Animals Delivery 07/02/17 BlueOpossum
How to Love A Serial Killer 06/29/17 HaldirAragorn
Old friends new enemies 06/29/17 angelling
marijuana, ppl in play open door, dumb book about boys 06/28/17 LeylaTheGreat
Ultimatum 06/23/17 LucidDreamer777
A Servant for God ; Befriending Children 06/24/17 LittlexBluebird
Ryan T fired 06/21/17 Person1
Keeping the dogs from rabies 06/14/17 haux
A Reunion 06/13/17 icemadrox
The Thin, Red Thread: Part II 02/28/15 icemadrox
Robotic Contacts 06/03/17 sosa
Champion 05/31/17 Person1
Cats Hit By Train/ In the Hospital / Mom Low on Oxygen 05/21/17 Torgy0401
Un-Happy Street 10/07/16 tehuti
In prison with my girlfriend or wife 05/14/17 haux
Throwing away comic books 07/21/16 MattiasJ
Birthing tent 05/05/17 PearlDiver
Mullett...Huron...Superior 09/20/16 tehuti
OBE- Was it shared? 04/04/17 Pietko
Cranky Coz 06/25/16 tehuti
Debtor-traitor 05/03/17 PearlDiver
McDonald's 04/29/17 sosa
Freeing lab animals 04/28/17 Skyanne
The Trust Is Gone - Another Connie Dream 04/27/17 Torgy0401
Attack of the Bunnies 04/27/17 EmpressDiarist
Campion's Quest 10/19/15 tehuti
Dirty Hotel/I'm Dying 04/10/17 RuralGirl
Little Girl Needs To Potty/Divorce/Dani & Laurel 04/09/17 Torgy0401
Patrick and Connie 04/08/17 Torgy0401
Hiding in the river 04/06/17 Lemontea
Keeping Watch 01/20/15 tehuti
Goodbye, Cosmas 01/20/15 tehuti
Jerry / Connie & Patrick / The Leopard 04/03/17 Torgy0401
Back to Dream World 01/17/17 LucidDreamer777
Terror At The Cabin 07/10/14 tehuti
"SHE WASN'T A BAD WOMAN; SHE WAS JUST TOO SAD" 03/30/17 fridaygraveyard
Worm underneath my skin 12/10/16 sirvinter
A Ride Home 03/27/17 SabotageMost
Rambling Along The Road 06/11/14 tehuti
Corpse hiding 04/04/94 PearlDiver
Way to Screw with the Land Beyond Longstone, Subconscious 03/18/17 bacchanale
A Very Sad Goodbye 03/08/17 g1nny
Expensive Beads 08/23/16 zurastar
The Military Time Travelers 03/07/17 BlueOpossum
Moving On 03/05/17 Torgy0401
The Abandoned Building 08/11/10 nightpost
Garden party, tribunal and bookstore 02/22/17 PearlDiver
Three Teachers 02/22/17 Person1
Prodigal girl unwanted 02/20/17 Skyanne
Conquering Fear of Public Singing 02/20/17 RemlitQueen
Cheese dreams 02/18/17 therararabbit
"Good night, my love." 02/17/17 Nocky
Famine 02/13/16 PearlDiver
Ex II 02/14/17 foddforlorare
Runaway bride 02/13/17 PearlDiver
Eden Beach Hut and Granddad Bob 02/09/17 therararabbit
Niece Wants to Learn Arm Bar 02/11/17 Sakurama
Snowy sadness 02/10/17 PearlDiver
Divorce (Continued) 02/10/17 Torgy0401
Apathetic Family 02/05/17 LucidDreamer777
WC Poetry; TP Reunion Show 02/02/17 independentwaste
Universe Layers 02/01/17 SabotageMost
Kiddo lost in Hometown 02/01/17 PearlDiver
m 01/30/17 madcat444
Fighting, Death, Renewal 01/29/17 Kailin
House call from Dr. and Allison Janney is my ex! 01/24/17 g1nny
Terminally Ill and Torn Asunder 01/24/17 MayaOra
Searching for a bag for my cat; Hospital art class 01/22/17 junkiecosmonaut
The abandoned cat 01/21/17 PearlDiver
Dragon and titans 01/16/17 PearlDiver
Crazy Disgusting Trippy Dream Induced By Medication! 01/14/17 madcat444
crazy trippy dream induced by medicine 01/15/17 madcat444
wow tripy 01/12/17 madcat444
The Edwards' old house 01/10/17 haux
Disabled Arguments 01/07/17 independentwaste
Buncha little dreams 01/09/17 lilyofthemist
I Was So Cruel 01/08/17 Torgy0401
January Depression Dreams 01/05/17 therararabbit
The Shapeshifting House 01/05/17 misotanni
Star VS The Forces of Sadness 01/03/17 9spaceking
SADISTIC YOUNG KING 01/02/17 fridaygraveyard
The Future Delegates (precognitive on two levels) 09/11/82 BlueOpossum
Aunt 12/22/16 foddforlorare
THE ORPHAN FENNEC FOX CUB 12/17/16 fridaygraveyard
Tattoos 12/07/16 Skellygirl
Restless randomness 12/09/16 Skellygirl
Dreamt I was dead 12/04/16 KathyMay
Jelly Bean Coded Prison 11/20/16 zurastar
Roadworks and Schoolwork 11/26/16 BlueOpossum
Two Young Girls 11/22/16 kyleknapp
Dream Group wth Night Train 11/21/16 hippydippy
Ants (Game) 11/05/16 LucidDreamer777
The Marble Giant 09/13/72 BlueOpossum
Comic strip synchronicity and dream tie-ins 09/17/14 BlueOpossum
Meeting up with friends n foes -whoopie 11/05/16 ImmortalDreams
The Wind Began to Howl 06/27/16 Trey810
Not So Haunted Attic (part 1 of 2) 10/18/16 zurastar
Beer And Death 10/25/16 london_lad
trapped in my head, a horse and guitar 10/26/16 nervoustrees
Wrong Places, Wrong Dates 10/26/16 BlueOpossum
BBT And Batman 10/24/16 AlmaCross
Death Cycle 02/14/76 BlueOpossum
The Lullaby 10/17/16 Zsuzsanna
Noir, Rouge. 01/08/15 caligulae
Mum robbed 10/17/16 mustlovecats
Heartbreak, Old Friend, Statistic Professor, and Shooting 10/16/16 EmpressDiarist
I win headline awards and tell Betty 10/11/16 haux
Fdp's Birthday 10/11/16 foddforlorare
Bunk Beds Event 10/08/16 BlueOpossum
"I hate you Linda" 10/08/16 mustlovecats
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