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Dream Date User
Blaise has a concussion 07/21/17 haux
Northern lights 07/04/17 haux
Fences block the road 07/01/17 haux
A firetruck as my rental car 06/23/17 haux
'Arrested Development' and my pet iguana 06/18/17 haux
Racing lights 06/15/17 haux
Keeping the dogs from rabies 06/14/17 haux
Naked Janelle in my living room 06/10/17 haux
Filming a new 'Windy Day' 05/31/17 haux
A mall, then driving in my old neighborhood 05/23/17 haux
Hide-and-seek from Jill 05/10/17 haux
I don't want my suit to get wet 05/09/17 haux
A strange mammal we have to catch 05/05/17 haux
Experimenting with flammable metal 04/17/17 haux
Meghan talks me out of sleeping with a prostitute 04/07/17 haux
Angry at my brother about Trump; my cat is 20 04/05/17 haux
Bees and a lightbulb 03/31/17 haux
Driving on a snowy hill 03/26/17 haux
Van ride with a meth smoker 02/10/17 haux
I am infuriated at a truck 02/04/17 haux
Church gives me a bad vibe 01/31/17 haux
Bad weather outside 01/31/17 haux
My ex wants to have sex 01/08/17 haux
My dad on a bike 12/29/16 haux
Taking photos of snow 12/26/16 haux
Fenced-in walk to the playground 12/06/16 haux
Men are angry over a sports story 11/06/16 haux
Ordering two meals 10/12/16 haux
Bus with co-workers 09/26/16 haux
Party at the swimming pool 09/26/16 haux
Walking a dog near Mike's house 09/13/16 haux
Ice cream shop 09/10/16 haux
Hippo/rhino in a quarry 08/28/16 haux
Edible insects and our house is part castle 08/23/16 haux
Angry in strange baseball fences 08/05/16 haux
With Doug in Kayenta 07/12/16 haux
Trip to Vegas; woman's purse left in my car 06/26/16 haux
The bridge over Laguna Creek 06/16/16 haux
I get angry at the losing football team 06/15/16 haux
Large pet rat 06/14/16 haux
Whistles outside; brother wants to fight 06/14/16 haux
Hiding from a gunman 06/12/16 haux
Searching for Daniel's conspiracy 05/01/16 haux
My snacks turn out to be insects 04/12/16 haux
Scrounger doesn't have a jaw 03/28/16 haux
Early morning photos 03/17/16 haux
Bus and time skips 03/07/16 haux
Anne's dad is dead 03/03/16 haux
Pine needles are drugs at this party 03/02/16 haux
A man follows me to my car 02/16/16 haux
Selling illegal gift cards and cable TV 02/15/16 haux
Crazy people in phantom rock formations 02/02/16 DaisyBuchanan
A galaxy on a restroom ceiling 02/04/16 haux
Adena is sick 01/29/16 haux
Driving near the school; confusing class schedule 01/27/16 haux
Bad weather from my old car 01/26/16 haux
Some kind of naked party 01/11/16 haux
Two Schools in Kayenta 01/08/16 DaisyBuchanan
Sandstone wedding 01/05/16 haux
An ocean under our backyard 12/27/15 haux
Taking care of Daniel's dog 12/01/15 haux
Anne's garden 11/07/15 haux
Criminals and a date with Donald Trump 09/25/15 haux
Road trip with horses 09/13/15 haux
Driving in Kayenta and a time skip 09/11/15 haux
I help my friends rob a bank 08/27/15 haux
Biking through snowy Flagstaff 08/21/15 haux
In my high school, I'm Mitt Romney and other randomness 08/21/15 haux
A new puppy and finding Rusty 08/17/15 haux
Ruins near Tuba City 08/09/15 haux
Up for school and angry at everything 08/09/15 haux
Test-driving a Jaguar (lucid) 07/12/15 haux
Lots of friends (cameos?) 05/23/15 haux
I walk to a carnival 05/15/15 haux
Recording police 05/04/15 haux
Tim Vines gets in a bad wreck 04/28/15 haux
Frog in peanut butter 03/06/15 haux
I forget where my class is 02/16/15 haux
Trapped in a fenced-in area by the high school 02/15/15 haux
Seeing an old co-worker at home 02/15/15 haux
Forced to help then fight a burglar 01/17/15 haux
A video of how to protect people from terrorists 01/16/15 haux
Driving a weird car in heavy snow 12/22/14 haux
Getting away from a stoat 11/28/14 haux
Distance running at home 11/20/14 haux
CNN covers my hometown 10/10/14 haux
Flying in an old bomber 10/07/14 haux
The bathroom's in the shed 09/27/14 haux
High school in my 30s 09/25/14 haux
Road trip with friends; angry government agent 09/18/14 haux
Carrying a small animal on a trip 08/19/14 haux
Former co-workers and dad's sick 08/17/14 haux
A tree hits a friend's car 08/14/14 haux
Lizard race 06/21/14 haux
First date 05/01/14 haux
Animals in my yard 04/30/14 haux
Hiking with tigers nearby 04/07/14 haux
'Simpsons' references in my old house 03/09/14 haux
Bus driver's angry about making a video 02/11/14 haux
A girlfriend in a modern Kayenta 01/07/14 haux
Zack's family visits, and I'm naked 12/29/13 haux
A trip to the Rez 12/28/13 haux
Window repairs on the study 12/15/13 haux
Mom speeds through town 11/17/13 haux
My brother has a heart attack 11/05/13 haux
I make her mad 10/10/13 haux
In charge of juice for a concert 09/14/13 haux
Lots of water at home 09/02/13 haux
Church and a wooden car 08/05/13 haux
I have to protect the president 06/17/13 haux
I left my camera outside 06/14/13 haux
Flying in a small propeller plane 06/16/13 haux
Driving around town with my uncle 05/26/13 haux
Lizards in my home 05/03/13 haux
Clearing the browser history on my uncle's computer 04/23/13 haux
Bad weather back home 04/18/13 haux
Stopping to take pictures 04/14/13 haux
Hiking and being chased by weird bulls 04/04/13 haux
On the couch at home 03/19/13 haux
Riding the train tracks at home 02/23/13 haux
High seas -- at home? 02/13/13 haux
Sword fight 02/06/13 haux
Jogging and stopping at a restaurant 02/04/13 haux
Lots happening in a gym 01/13/13 haux
Mom's sleep-driving in the front yard 01/06/13 haux
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