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Dream Date User
Girlfriend doing housework, me drinking beer 08/29/16 MattiasJ
Mowing to the Clock or Mausoleum 08/29/16 BlueOpossum
Cash Machine 08/27/16 london_lad
"Already There" 04/10/95 BlueOpossum
@ work, ich komme nie nach Hause 08/14/16 Freyaat
Bad drive to the office; naked at work 08/27/16 haux
The Sewer People 08/27/16 independentwaste
Terrorists and dual OBE 08/26/16 MattiasJ
Truck-Boat; Restaurant Repeat 08/25/16 independentwaste
Little Yellow Snake 08/26/16 BlueOpossum
Naked in church 08/25/16 haux
Sel's Help 08/25/16 9spaceking
Dad at work 08/24/16 MattiasJ
Credit Card 08/24/16 london_lad
Lucid, and a short OBE. 08/23/16 MattiasJ
Phone Call 08/22/16 london_lad
Bad weather outside; urinal sinks 08/21/16 haux
"Swathy Daniels" 02/10/80 BlueOpossum
Bill's cancer fight 08/19/16 haux
In trouble over a minor thing at work 08/20/16 haux
Flying and Searching 08/26/07 BlueOpossum
Fixing the Sun 11/10/07 BlueOpossum
Shortcut 08/13/16 MattiasJ
My Other Job 08/18/16 london_lad
Working with N.S. and T.L. 06/27/16 MattiasJ
The Longest Dream 08/18/16 9spaceking
Ant Snacks and Continuous Setting Changes 08/18/16 BlueOpossum
Creating and Adjusting a Television and Zsuzsanna Climbing 08/17/16 BlueOpossum
Washing Dishes in the Bathtub 01/02/12 BlueOpossum
I had a good sense of confidence 08/16/16 badblood00
Soles in Pain 03/17/13 BlueOpossum
Music (and Electrical Field) 03/15/13 BlueOpossum
DC and Marvel, Working Together 07/29/16 AlmaCross
No Trousers 08/15/16 london_lad
Pac Man CD Player; Bone Machine head; Pond&Soap 08/14/16 independentwaste
Badly planned holidays abroad 08/15/16 ElectricOdour
Chinese guy wants to murder me 07/01/16 MattiasJ
Cleaning a Cake Pan 08/14/16 BlueOpossum
Simpsons Cinema 08/12/16 Haddock
Life is Just a Series of Convenience Stores and Tallboys 09/04/14 independentwaste
Dead animal clogs the toilet 08/09/16 haux
Estate Agent 08/09/16 london_lad
Busy 08/08/16 shelms43
WiFi Signal / Strange Church / Stop Touching Me! 08/07/16 stakkr303
Tower above -Hole below.. 08/07/16 ImmortalDreams
False Awakening; Towers; The Second I Awake 08/06/16 independentwaste
judge judy's advice 08/06/16 ImmortalDreams
The Prospective Imposers Who Were Not Very Observant 01/02/11 BlueOpossum
Under a Bed 01/16/01 BlueOpossum
False Awakening, Aunt Sigrig 08/03/16 SabotageMost
The Magnificent Game 08/02/16 BlueOpossum
School of Unfathomability 08/01/16 9spaceking
Work And My Parents 07/29/16 london_lad
You're a poet and I didn't even know it 07/31/16 carloszamora
Time Travel to when I was 19 / Arguement with my mother 07/31/16 WilliamDreams
Two Giant Ape People who are not Really Giants 07/30/79 BlueOpossum
A “Rejection Slip” (but not really) 07/30/16 BlueOpossum
Missy Elliott's Rampage - NSFW 11/05/15 LucidDreamer777
Called... 04/09/76 BlueOpossum
Jason Bourne 07/27/16 magicsparkles
College 07/27/16 9spaceking
Navy Ships / Alien Symbols / Shannyn Sossamon / and a Cat 07/26/16 WilliamDreams
Too much stuff 07/26/16 SabotageMost
Up or Down Chess 07/22/16 BlueOpossum
The Volcanologists 07/25/16 BlueOpossum
Bird on a Wire 07/12/68 BlueOpossum
Parents 07/24/16 london_lad
Heavy Rain Indeed 07/22/16 AlmaCross
Stitch 07/21/16 Grenadine
Public Shooting over PTSD. Working on a paper. 07/22/16 WilliamDreams
Attempted Television Theft 07/21/16 BlueOpossum
Buddha Bank 07/21/16 BlueOpossum
Nightclub 07/20/16 london_lad
Late for Work; 'Faced' Meat 07/19/16 independentwaste
Zsuzsanna’s Calculator Programming 07/20/16 BlueOpossum
Fifth Avenue Concerns 02/13/89 BlueOpossum
Confused Sunset Songs 02/14/81 BlueOpossum
Traveling on a Bus/Train Friends with a Hot Model 07/18/16 WilliamDreams
White Flower in France 07/15/16 london_lad
Maid Caiman (and the Grand Puzzle) 04/09/72 BlueOpossum
Hanging Out With Billie Piper and Co 07/14/16 magicsparkles
Dream Guides 10/17/80 BlueOpossum
Phil Collins/Brian Eno 07/13/16 london_lad
Caged Neighbors 04/02/09 BlueOpossum
Andrew Punch 07/12/16 c_n12
Ashes to Ashes 12/30/14 independentwaste
Unfamiliar Stephen King Movie/Escaping Jason Voorhees 06/28/16 DuffyJ1111
Reminder 07/11/16 london_lad
Brother's in charge of birthdays 07/11/16 haux
Something unknown in the guest room (2 of 2) 01/10/16 Yorghos
Affirmations On Weight Loss 07/11/16 mariabrown
A mess after missing work (Bits and pieces) (1 of 2) 01/10/16 Yorghos
Locking Down the Castle : Looking for Love :Words of Wisdom 07/09/16 WilliamDreams
Bigfoot Family Ties 01/01/85 BlueOpossum
Dennis the Itt 01/01/88 BlueOpossum
Worst Day of Work 07/07/16 Nevermind
Strange Ritual on Loomis Street 07/06/16 BlueOpossum
Experimental Song 06/25/16 9spaceking
Looks Are Deceiving 06/26/16 9spaceking
Her house 07/05/16 sabrina
Traci apartment manager/Homeless Hippies/Etc. 04/20/16 DuffyJ1111
Team building at work 07/04/16 haux
Game Night, Stayed up Too Late 03/26/16 Genie
My Brother’s Former Dog 07/04/16 BlueOpossum
The Light Workers 07/03/16 evalia
At The Controls 07/03/16 MD3K
Non-Subliminal “Reset” in Police Chase “Game” 07/01/16 BlueOpossum
Disrupting and Speaking with the Lion of Coalescence 07/01/16 BlueOpossum
House of Rothschild 12/19/80 BlueOpossum
Carrying Christmas lights to a door 06/28/16 haux
Unattended Suitcase 06/29/16 london_lad
Drum Solo 06/28/16 london_lad
BEING IN DREAMING 06/27/16 Sevenhawks
Peanut Butter 06/26/16 london_lad
"The Store Was a Boat" 12/21/73 BlueOpossum
Travelers And Seekers (Let The Bumblebee Go) 06/26/16 Kailin
Baboon Boots 06/25/16 BlueOpossum
Not Really Ozzie and Harriet 06/26/16 BlueOpossum
Overhauling the Snake Symbol Part 1 06/25/16 BlueOpossum
Man with a Parachute 12/26/66 BlueOpossum
Robotics 06/24/16 RinBob2410
Intersection Caution 12/27/66 BlueOpossum
Parallels to Waking Life 11/20/15 independentwaste
The Lightning Struck Tower 06/20/16 CielNoir
Policeman 06/22/16 london_lad
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