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Dream Date User
Finding a bed 07/26/16 Kateshka
A T-Shirt in the Mail from my Sister 08/26/95 BlueOpossum
Dream 4 - With Great Power Comes Great (Ir)responsibility 10/25/15 LucidDreamer777
International Boat with Three Sections 08/02/95 BlueOpossum
The five minute dream 07/26/16 liarsenicc
The Bus Driver’s Quest 07/28/95 BlueOpossum
Radio Boat 07/25/16 BlueOpossum
Dream 1 - Exterrestrial Bugs 10/22/15 LucidDreamer777
Ridiculous Battle at the Earth’s Core 08/10/76 BlueOpossum
Film Festival; Flesh Cone 11/01/11 Ichi2Tah
Phone Message Girl; Jesus Made Sure 10/28/11 Ichi2Tah
Sister Singing; Desert Genii 10/22/11 Ichi2Tah
My Powers; Murakami Novel 10/15/11 Ichi2Tah
Creepy Office / Crap House / "T.A." New Age Religion 07/22/16 stakkr303
The Talking Raspberry Jelly Cake 07/19/16 BlueOpossum
The Institute killed My Grandparents. 07/18/16 madcat444
A Sneaky Troll 07/16/16 hawtbrunettebabe
Dream Guides 10/17/80 BlueOpossum
An Old Classmate is Speaking 06/30/15 BlueOpossum
Bathing and Skiing 07/13/16 9spaceking
Andrew Punch 07/12/16 c_n12
Unseen Party 03/09/78 BlueOpossum
Something unknown in the guest room (2 of 2) 01/10/16 Yorghos
Squeaky Caterpillars 07/11/16 BlueOpossum
Insomnia Strikes Again 07/08/16 evalia
Toy Brontosaurus Attack! 09/24/13 BlueOpossum
Locking Down the Castle : Looking for Love :Words of Wisdom 07/09/16 WilliamDreams
Epic Competition 07/08/16 9spaceking
Tires not Snakes 01/01/68 BlueOpossum
Liminal Space (Porch) STUDY GUIDE 07/07/16 BlueOpossum
Is the Bully From Within? 07/02/16 evalia
sham engagement? 07/05/16 Skyanne
Ear or Wing? 07/05/16 BlueOpossum
Game Night, Stayed up Too Late 03/26/16 Genie
At The Controls 07/03/16 MD3K
Snake 07/03/16 magicsparkles
Disrupting and Speaking with the Lion of Coalescence 07/01/16 BlueOpossum
First Lucid Dream 06/30/16 KrishnaSasmal
Trip to Vegas; woman's purse left in my car 06/26/16 haux
So Tired 06/25/16 magicsparkles
Being Older at an Unusual Concert 06/25/16 BlueOpossum
Man with a Parachute 12/26/66 BlueOpossum
Where to begin 06/24/16 Skellygirl
Interactions with Old Friends 06/19/16 evolutionrex
Driving in the City / Fancy Grocery / Haute Couture Mall 06/19/16 stakkr303
Vacuuming “Everything” 02/26/97 BlueOpossum
Sports Car Race Mishaps 06/14/70 BlueOpossum
Nichelle in a Small Rocket 03/08/97 BlueOpossum
Under a Sheet 06/18/16 BlueOpossum
Remote Control Movie Frogs 03/03/97 BlueOpossum
Passive Kidnapping Near Ocean 08/28/73 BlueOpossum
Sharing A Place With Strangers 06/15/16 magicsparkles
The Boat 06/13/16 london_lad
Perfection in Touch and Motion 06/14/16 BlueOpossum
Through the Beach and Onward to Cocaine 01/09/16 independentwaste
The Childish Girl 06/11/16 z33s4n
Star Brand and Healing 07/15/95 BlueOpossum
New Technology in an Unusual “Movie Theater” 06/11/16 BlueOpossum
Helping the Winchesters Fight the “Stork Witch” 06/11/16 BlueOpossum
Not Exactly a Catfish 01/21/97 BlueOpossum
Ebenezer Sloth 12/23/71 BlueOpossum
Partners in Ghost Busting 06/03/16 BlueOpossum
Small Earthquakes 06/01/16 BlueOpossum
Erin Moran, Frog Queen 01/18/69 BlueOpossum
Ocean Factory 05/29/95 BlueOpossum
Beautiful Woman in the Backseat of Car 05/23/16 dreamcatching
Same woman different dream 05/21/16 nervoustrees
Insanely Long Dream(s) 05/20/16 9spaceking
Cool...Clear...Silence 01/07/67 BlueOpossum
Amusing Helicopter “Rescue” 05/19/16 BlueOpossum
Falling asleep at the wheel gets you pricked 05/17/16 ImmortalDreams
Wilderness, but not… 03/24/74 BlueOpossum
Imposing Demonstrators 05/15/16 BlueOpossum
Creepy mannequin woman and Musical mannequin shop disco! 02/15/16 madcat444
Middle School Lunchroom Railroad (with original references) 09/24/72 BlueOpossum
Dead Man’s Curveless Tunnel 09/27/81 BlueOpossum
Dream Productivity 05/05/16 9spaceking
The Fields of Perdition 09/16/15 tahmeeboo
1:00AM / Exploring a Bizarre Office With Jackie / Uh... 05/03/16 stakkr303
Divine dreams and my journey to enlightment 12/09/72 Dipak
Physical altercation for sleeping with somebody's wife 05/03/16 RadicalRyan
Partying with anyone. 05/02/16 ImmortalDreams
Strange Gym; Washing Clothes; Crazy Toy Story 05/02/16 9spaceking
Growing Taller 12/15/80 BlueOpossum
Birds or Bees? (Aviary or Apiary?) 04/07/79 BlueOpossum
Dragon in the Wall 02/11/78 BlueOpossum
Fantasy Webseries and The Beach Town 04/30/16 Sav
Dream Setting Meanings 01/01/60 BlueOpossum
RISING FROM THE DARKNESS 04/29/16 9spaceking
Haunted 04/27/16 CielNoir
To Jump or not to Jump 04/27/16 BlueOpossum
Sheeran loving and lack of dream logging regret. 04/26/16 Skellygirl
The Inevitable Beauty of Dawn (Waking Metaphors) 04/26/16 BlueOpossum
2 In 1 04/12/16 Greeneyedninja
The Sound of Bells 04/19/16 w104mhk
Trying to leave my body 04/16/16 ooCarmaleneoo
Basement Flood 04/16/16 9spaceking
Sleeping With A Friend 04/14/16 Sav
Painting and Haunting 04/14/16 BlueOpossum
Presidential Interpretation 04/11/16 BlueOpossum
Tooth and Blood 04/10/16 BlueOpossum
Not Exactly the “Three Musketeers“ 12/20/88 BlueOpossum
Birdfall (enhanced version) 08/11/96 BlueOpossum
Shaved Beards Moved Cafe 04/06/16 ooCarmaleneoo
Carried Away on the Wind 08/30/86 BlueOpossum
Fun Pad and Tornadoes 04/05/16 BlueOpossum
An Ounce Of Prevention 04/03/16 Kailin
Not Really “And Baby Makes Three” 10/10/77 BlueOpossum
Reasons we dream 03/29/16 integralunarlion
Overnight "Lock-In" 03/13/16 BlueKat
Madman and the indirect killing 03/26/16 Psychonautic44
Lost Message (meaning given) 03/24/16 BlueOpossum
Snoopy Comic Strip 11/07/75 BlueOpossum
Pyramid of Power 03/20/16 9spaceking
Barbecue Accident 03/20/16 Ricardo
The Boulder and Weeping Angels 03/19/16 magicsparkles
Waiting for Ashley 03/19/16 c_n12
Caught on bus 03/19/16 timemorph
Anasazi and Falconry (Dream type: resolved flight) 03/18/16 BlueOpossum
Clown Horn Portal... 03/15/16 beetle662
The Teenage Tyrant 03/13/16 SeenoChasm
Random Camera 03/21/96 BlueOpossum
Volume Control Knob Inside My Forehead 03/12/16 BlueOpossum
DJ Fails led to an Escape; New Writing Ability 03/11/16 9spaceking
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