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Dream Date User
Indianapolis, With Purple And White 04/29/16 Sav
Money money its all not funny 04/29/16 ImmortalDreams
hodge posh of dreams 04/29/16 Skyanne
Giant Catfish Mishap 10/01/80 BlueOpossum
School Toilets 04/27/16 london_lad
The Apple 09/10/66 BlueOpossum
Leaving School 04/27/16 BlueOpossum
To be Lucid or just Vivid ... 04/26/16 ImmortalDreams
New Neighbor 02/18/16 vogelein
Swimming Pool Games and High School 04/26/16 ooCarmaleneoo
The Raft (and various distortions) 07/18/75 BlueOpossum
Death In Bed 02/12/16 vogelein
Blue Cigarette Lighter 02/11/16 vogelein
Counting on it 01/04/65 BlueOpossum
Dream Meanings, 10 Bird References 1 (Extensive Data) 01/01/60 BlueOpossum
Females are now playthings, not a serious currency of status 04/20/16 RadicalRyan
DEJA VU 04/19/16 9spaceking
Life has a Dog 04/19/16 RadicalRyan
Boyfriend at the football club 04/18/16 angelling
School of Magic 04/17/16 Sav
Katy Perry is in a high school dance troupe 04/16/16 haux
We can't play basketball 04/16/16 haux
Teen Romance Story 04/15/16 DreamerOfMany
Tiny Cousin 04/13/16 Sav
Hail and Ice 04/12/16 Sav
Vivid Tropical Island Synth Nightmare! 12/12/15 madcat444
Weirdness 04/08/16 RadicalRyan
Lakes, school project 04/08/16 haux
Mom Kidnapper 04/07/16 midone
Driving With Him 04/07/16 officialkayb
Beauty N the sky 04/05/16 ImmortalDreams
When the Moon is in the Seventh House... (Personal Version) 02/04/72 BlueOpossum
The Boy I Never Met 04/04/16 officialkayb
Stalker Camp 03/04/16 DreamerOfMany
Mixed n Match people 04/04/16 ImmortalDreams
The "deep inside your butt" fiasco 04/03/16 RadicalRyan
Persistent Recurring Real Person Horror Face Syndrome 03/31/16 madcat444
Where's My Sled? 12/09/67 BlueOpossum
The Mansion Mall & Barbies 03/30/16 c_n12
Walking home in the dark 03/30/16 haux
Fourth-Grade Classroom 03/29/16 w104mhk
Dream or Lucid ? 03/29/16 ImmortalDreams
Dizziness and having trouble urinating at Ivy League School 03/29/16 integralunarlion
failing a test 03/29/16 integralunarlion
My Brain Double 03/28/16 RadicalRyan
Nonsense Song and Old Friends and "Enemies" 12/14/07 BlueOpossum
Muppet Nightmare 11/02/02 madcat444
Rustic meeting conditions 03/26/16 ImmortalDreams
Madman and the indirect killing 03/26/16 Psychonautic44
theatre of doubt N semi lucid class 1 03/24/16 ImmortalDreams
High School and Backed Up Toilets 03/24/16 WilliamDreams
Two Thief's and the Accomplice. "Me & My Shadows" 03/23/16 SeenoChasm
Running from Someone at Disney 12/20/15 Genie
Monkey Business 12/15/15 Genie
Ghosts 03/23/16 RosesGrowHere
Snoopy Comic Strip 11/07/75 BlueOpossum
Vexed n Creepy morphs 03/21/16 ImmortalDreams
Poor Little Eek 01/18/74 BlueOpossum
Rude Teens, Earthquake, & Elephants @ YMCA 03/21/16 LonLonRancher
Alternate World of Mythology 07/06/75 BlueOpossum
What a big school 03/21/16 lindablueeyes2
Solving Problems 03/21/16 9spaceking
Earthquake Lightning Storm 03/20/16 DuffyJ1111
Punished n fondled harry's magic 03/20/16 ImmortalDreams
Fleeing the Country with Parents 03/20/16 rhumascape
Sinking in North Korea 03/20/16 c_n12
Apex Lucidity’s Creepiest Core Symbols 03/20/16 BlueOpossum
Beyond Vivid (Apex lucidity strikes again) 03/19/16 BlueOpossum
Early morning photos 03/17/16 haux
Pot n Drink 03/17/16 ImmortalDreams
Trevor Philips 03/16/16 lizzz1984
Angry People 03/16/16 lindablueeyes2
Beginning editing class 03/15/16 haux
Playing as kids, crossing a dangerous bridge 03/15/16 haux
Columns 09/06/07 BlueOpossum
Ethnic Community Against Me 03/14/16 dylerupt68
Vacation to an Abandoned Cabin 03/14/16 BlueKat
Junk n bunch 03/13/16 ImmortalDreams
Muriel, my friend from highschool 03/13/16 coquitah
Moving to A Medieval City 03/12/16 WilliamDreams
Too much Days of Our Lives? 03/12/16 lindablueeyes2
Alternating Viewpoints 03/12/16 9spaceking
Flying Fish 08/24/73 BlueOpossum
Volume Control Knob Inside My Forehead 03/12/16 BlueOpossum
Cafeteria, Car, Gym 03/11/16 RadicalRyan
Dream within a nightmare 03/11/16 Psychonautic44
Carrie's hairy baby in the high school 03/10/16 haux
Odd vs boring 03/10/16 ImmortalDreams
Asian nurse, toilet bird, school bus 03/09/16 RadicalRyan
High School Dream 03/09/16 hgs345
Lotion Bottle Girl Drowned in Her Own Lotion 02/07/16 LonLonRancher
Orientation and the Class 03/08/16 c_n12
Games people play 03/07/16 ImmortalDreams
Nadine and Coralie 03/07/16 lindablueeyes2
Smashing Nathaniel Morton/Simpsons Babysitter 03/06/16 c_n12
Toby and the Floods 08/01/97 BlueOpossum
Social Studies Confusion 09/01/73 BlueOpossum
Distorted Playground - Vertical Slide 05/06/73 BlueOpossum
Castle in the Air 09/16/72 BlueOpossum
Walking With Donald Trump 03/05/16 c_n12
Waking Transitions, Unusual vs. “Failed“, Part 1 03/03/16 BlueOpossum
A sinking feeling 03/02/16 ImmortalDreams
Suicide School Bus 03/01/16 EmpressKadesh
art school and Angela 02/29/16 TassieEndWorld
Evasive Flying to Elude Giants 09/24/73 BlueOpossum
Bus Driver Falls Asleep 02/29/16 BlueOpossum
Three Scenes 02/25/16 EmpressDiarist
I should have called you... 02/24/16 haleythehero
Men with toy guns in our house 02/24/16 haux
Invisible in a Taxi 12/20/66 BlueOpossum
People shoot at me inside, but I'm safe outside 02/21/16 haux
Skhool Resort 02/21/16 9spaceking
barely remembering 02/20/16 lindablueeyes2
The Angry Bulldog 09/26/71 BlueOpossum
Coelacanth 05/15/72 BlueOpossum
Daniel and me in high school 02/18/16 haux
American pasta shop 02/18/16 laslappas
Shortened School Event 02/17/16 BlueOpossum
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 02/16/16 toxicstar
Selling illegal gift cards and cable TV 02/15/16 haux
TedGinnTracker/NES/High School/Disc Golf Death 02/10/16 DuffyJ1111
A Church In The Basement 08/20/96 vogelein
Dance Magic Dance 02/05/16 CielNoir
Thousand Steps 02/09/16 CielNoir
Graded Arena Combat 02/09/14 rhumascape
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