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Dream Date User
The Sadist 10/21/15 9spaceking
A Sad, Lonely Day 06/07/15 dylerupt68
Sleeping in the Pasadena Post Office 03/04/04 killem1212
Nightmare about my grandpa (VERY SAD) 03/19/15 sugarhigh200
Moving to Pasadena 03/17/15 Jmycenae
Sadness on a trip to an unknown place 09/24/14 dazzled07
Sad Friend Visit + Ghost Lady 02/11/15 Werewolven
Sitting sadly alone- Amanda & shane abducts me 08/20/14 ImmortalDreams
Sad Music Video / Hiding Illegal Teas 07/30/14 stakkr303
Lake Placid Tower Misadventure 06/13/76 BlueOpossum
Sad Book of My Life 03/07/14 dazzled07
Red rays and trident, DOOM misadventure, hybrid creatures 12/08/13 BlueOpossum
Money Stealing Bee & Troll/Sadistic Vampire Affair/Neon City 10/14/13 DarkSeaPsyche
Ambassador to Nature 09/05/13 lowera34
Ambassador to Nature 08/10/12 lowera34
Misadventures in fractal conquests (Clayfield) 07/22/95 BlueOpossum
sad 03/17/13 lindablueeyes2
The strange, sad man 02/21/13 haux
Mars Made Me Sad 10/19/12 featurecreature
something good comes with something sad... 10/07/12 ImmortalDreams
Dream Two - Sick Sad Feeling 02/10/12 Rosexish
A Very Sad Situation 09/07/12 oldtimer
Fake UNICEF ambassadors 07/15/12 drifter
The Sad Babysitter 12/27/07 RandomGuy
Airports, Sadie's ghost, and travelling with Kali 03/31/12 Sekhmet17
Sad Dream 02/02/12 Mhannerismm
Sad night 01/24/12 mrennebu
Sad Christmas 01/04/12 lamaestra
Sad graduation 12/19/11 Sera
Sadistic Sister 12/06/11 KloeKadabra
Sad freedom 11/09/11 sleepihead
Sad for the marshlands. 10/05/11 ImmortalDreams
this is really sad... 09/26/11 cutter1029
The Infinite Sadness 07/10/11 KloeKadabra
a celebrity sad pregnancy 09/07/11 evieskye
Sadness 08/26/11 FerrellMartin
Can't Stop Reliving the Sad Memory 08/19/11 248415
Sad 08/12/11 firefly734
Sad Verison of 'De Colores' in a Waterpark 07/30/11 talfonso
Sad Memories 06/16/11 Lazellia
Sad, sad Italy/Chemical experiment 10/21/10 sugarhigh200
Sadistic domination 02/20/11 ImmortalDreams
Sad and Lonely 11/08/10 phil
The Sad Boy at Buckley 09/23/10 lovejamiee
sadness and sorrow 08/25/10 Dreamalice
de Sade 08/07/10 hetshepsit
Puking contest and sadly...spina bifida 07/16/10 Jamestheghost
Sad, Sick kid 07/06/10 mirrorah
Why do i dream about sad stuff like this :( 06/09/10 holp
Is this funny or is this sad? 05/13/10 justmedreamer
sad puppies, flea market 04/09/10 erb07c
Two Quesadillas One Quesadilla please. 03/26/10 Jasette
I'm sad 01/09/10 haux
Toy Land Misadventures 12/15/09 SpanishRose
the saddest dream 12/21/09 dubbinindeed
Sad moments 10/22/09 sleepybear
FBI and the sad party 07/23/09 Jade0the0Slayer
Unwell and Sad 04/30/09 stillwater
being chase by sadako 04/09/09 annehoneylene
dream while in sergeev posad 03/21/09 Filiate
Sad Swimming 01/19/09 n01
Sad, Betrayed, Love 11/21/08 BlueHorse
Sickly sweet sadness. 11/20/08 Sampson
The Sad Family 10/29/08 ShadowCatamount
Sad Story/Mentally Handicapped Uncles 08/29/08 DuffyJ1111
The Sad Story 08/19/08 stillwater
Exhilarating Journey, Sad After All 07/08/08 ZnebT
Chinese Food?&Sad holidays * 05/10/08 ImmortalDreams
Frustrated and Sad 04/28/08 stillwater
College, ex marrying someone else, sad crying 04/02/08 Kapua11
School shootout, sad memories 03/29/08 HelloDali
A Sad End 03/04/08 stillwater
happy to sad 02/28/08 fade400
Elephants can be harmless and Sad news 02/28/08 ImmortalDreams
cute and mean and sad doll 12/08/07 dorareever
crazy sadie 11/06/07 derelict17
Sadako 10/20/07 Animotion
"I'm not sad anymore" 09/27/07 drowninplasma
A Bit Dirty, A Bit Bad, A Bit Sad 07/24/07 swanknight
Sad Man From Another Dimension 06/02/07 Pwyrdan
Sad People, Spiderwoman, and House of Babies 05/06/07 Brezalina85
The bike surfer & the sad maroon café. 05/03/07 Sampson
Killing Saddam 01/21/07 inudog70
Sexual mixed sex wrestling & the sadistic referee. 01/23/07 Sampson
The sad letter. 11/24/06 Sampson
Kinda Sad. 11/04/06 achoffman
sad chief or bubbly beatles 10/16/06 HelloDali
Sad dreams about Tommy 10/04/06 Wednesday
The end of the world- so to speak- sad feelings- 08/26/06 ImmortalDreams
sadness at a reunion 06/05/06 seaborgium
Bad Pokemon Plot - How Sad. 06/17/06 Lazellia
something sad 05/06/06 goodbyebluesky
sadness 12/15/05 dibiz116
Mc donalds + italy + lots of tornados [odd, sad and long] 02/17/06 zombinadoll
crumbling teeth, an orgy, sadness & loony room 01/29/06 HelloDali
sad tale of the coyote and the kitten 01/28/06 al
The Sad Puppies 01/17/06 stillwater
Saddam's a Mexican 12/14/05 Jbeals
Rescuing a sad mouse from the public restrooms 06/15/85 Nocky
Sad dreaming 09/12/05 Pedrinho
In a sad bar with a Birthday Girl 09/06/05 Hatexdgremlin
His Sadness 07/21/05 angelvivian
Sad Alienation 07/06/05 example123
Emilie the sad undead girl 06/30/05 OddEye
Feeling sad after a funeral and getting bad publicity 06/30/05 london_lad
there's ANOTHER person present ... it's Saddam Hussein 06/22/05 al
Rapture / Saddam Hussein Sentenced To Death / Revelations 06/15/05 khawzone
sad ending 06/13/05 SwitchBladie
Sad, incredible story of a cat 06/11/05 blazingfervor
Sweet Sadness 06/03/05 azure
Daemon Sadi's Escape... 04/02/05 DarkGemini
exercise/sadistic 03/22/05 focus22
sadness 03/04/05 lindablueeyes
James Bond and a Swedish Ambassador 01/25/05 Runda007
So real, so sad 01/20/05 Kjanae04
sadistic voyeurism 02/19/04 dreamsongs
A Sad Day In the Snow 12/28/04 niccat
A sad Dream 12/26/04 dragonfly75
yesterday's dream: Pasadena, CA 11/30/04 shaman
Hemp Love of a Sad Life 11/06/04 othermind
Wierd/sad dream 10/11/04 krakerjak
A Sad Event 10/05/04 stillwater
Snakes And Sad Stuff 09/22/04 Topher17
Side-Saddle 08/20/04 Unwell86
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