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Dream Date User
Field Trip, my favorite show, and jazz stuff 07/28/15 9spaceking
Creature of Shadows 07/27/15 LittlexBluebird
Being Sorry 07/21/15 vogelein
Patrick Stump is a Good Teacher in the Way that he Teaches 07/27/15 Dreamingofgrapes
Past present , past 07/27/15 ImmortalDreams
Dream Guide Take Two 07/27/15 9spaceking
My Cell Phone Gets Stolen 07/27/15 Torgy0401
Hollywood House Tour 07/26/15 EdCase
Bridges of Books, Rebel Conversations upon Jagged Rocks. 07/26/15 WilliamDreams
Meeting Usher 07/25/15 hawtbrunettebabe
The spirit of a Jewish girl 07/26/09 fridaygraveyard
A tower, a dragon and a... fiddle? 02/22/14 StavoR
Frenemies 07/24/15 Genie
With one Condition 06/29/15 fridaygraveyard
My Ghost Friend 07/25/15 Torgy0401
"Starlings in the Eyes of Christ" 07/25/10 fridaygraveyard
Are you my mommy? 08/07/13 StavoR
Judge judy talks about even discipline in the office 07/24/15 ImmortalDreams
a night in the butterfly room 07/24/15 pigeonfolk
Australian Customer Conflict 07/23/15 EdCase
Precious Gemstones and A Girl Called William 07/23/15 yournewlodger
Bathtub with Grill 06/26/15 BlueOpossum
Plane Mission 07/20/15 Genie
Trying to prevent death 07/22/15 ImmortalDreams
The Mighty Thor 07/18/15 vogelein
Three dreams of irrelevancy 07/22/15 9spaceking
My Little Morsel 07/17/15 vogelein
Tommy Wiseau and MST3K 07/21/15 yournewlodger
Amish country 07/21/15 ImmortalDreams
Riku Can Fly 07/12/15 mypsychosis
Inside (and) Out 07/20/15 9spaceking
Awkward Dream School Time! 07/20/15 Opirted3
A Bundle Of Ideas And Hashtags 07/19/15 zoedune
Giving 'half-ass advice" & judge judy showroom 07/19/15 ImmortalDreams
Making A Mistake 07/12/15 vogelein
So many people so many places..attack from whom? 07/18/15 ImmortalDreams
Black Bear 07/03/15 mypsychosis
Strange Day At Lagoon 07/01/15 mypsychosis
A Sex Thing 07/17/15 Torgy0401
Welcome to my ever changing neighborhood 07/16/15 ImmortalDreams
Unexpected visit / college class 07/16/15 WilliamDreams
Meghan and I break in to a house 07/15/15 haux
Hurricane Alaska 07/14/15 Werewolven
Vivacious 07/15/15 hippydippy
No pants in a student union 07/13/15 haux
Mingling with all kinds of people 07/12/15 ImmortalDreams
Coffee-Energy 07/09/15 vogelein
Big Scary Guy 07/11/15 angelling
weird but beautiful dream ever 07/02/15 aamylovee
Party favors & Mingling with dumbledore 07/09/15 ImmortalDreams
Little girl drinks whiskey 07/09/15 haux
Visiting my friend Dave 07/09/15 haux
Secret Video 07/07/15 vogelein
Sleeping with a friend 07/09/15 WilliamDreams
Disrespectul People 07/01/15 Genie
Florida In The Bosporus 07/07/15 vogelein
Wife Giving Birth 07/08/15 EdCase
He's taking it all 07/07/15 Sera
FLEETING: Whale Song and Weapons 07/07/15 MayaOra
Dominique 07/07/15 MissSwan
Evil Will Come In 06/22/15 mypsychosis
Lost in a Strange Mansion 07/03/15 lunarpixi3
The Act of Sharing. 07/06/15 robobot14
Going to a Movie 06/23/15 Genie
Trying to Finish Chores Before Dad Gets Back 06/23/15 Genie
Mankind's Destiny 07/04/15 vogelein
Charlie LIKES me!! 05/12/15 SmallTownGirl
The Grudge has Eyes..Around trip at the airport 07/05/15 ImmortalDreams
Designing a Terrarium 07/05/15 Torgy0401
No-Crazy Zone 07/03/15 vogelein
Faking Out the Shooter 07/01/15 lunarpixi3
High up on a snowy mountain flying & bridge out 07/04/15 ImmortalDreams
Leaving School 07/04/15 JackMahBoi
Staying at a Hotel 06/02/15 Genie
the church and the masks 07/03/15 pigeonfolk
A gym on a first date? 07/03/15 haux
Co-worker's funeral 07/03/15 haux
School for gifted people 07/03/15 haux
the sea, the beach house, the claw machine 06/19/15 pigeonfolk
the roller coaster and the halloween club 06/06/15 pigeonfolk
senior sleepover (aka where the fuck are my pajama pants) 05/30/15 pigeonfolk
Guests 06/21/14 Whimsical
Video Project 07/02/15 vogelein
Dragons 05/17/15 Genie
spooky mansion 04/10/15 hag
ronald mcdonald demon 05/28/15 hag
Leaving The Church 02/20/93 vogelein
Canadian Cruise 07/01/15 w104mhk
The Hotel 07/01/15 london_lad
I don't know 07/01/15 DemonBarbon
Neutralized Ambush 07/01/15 vogelein
Inadequate Church 02/17/93 vogelein
White Wolves 06/16/15 mypsychosis
Discussing Church 01/07/93 vogelein
Bubbles In Church 12/28/92 vogelein
Video of another office; naked at work 06/29/15 haux
Breaking up is hard to 'do' 06/29/15 ImmortalDreams
Olivia Benson, her son, and me 06/29/15 zeldagirlgrace
Dream Fragments Involving Former Teachers 06/29/15 RaRo
Derelict Building Of Memories 03/07/15 l1tl3gurl
sleep paralysis? 06/29/15 al
A Meal At Church 08/15/92 vogelein
2 cocks are better than 1 ? playing in harmony 06/28/15 ImmortalDreams
A Story of Tragic Lovers 06/28/15 LittlexBluebird
An Awkward Feeling 06/26/15 LittlexBluebird
Hiding In A Church 06/29/92 vogelein
The Rear Of The Church 01/20/92 vogelein
The World's Most Terrifying Horror Game 06/26/15 sugarhigh200
Toy Man 06/19/13 Whimsical
Disorganized Zendo 12/03/91 vogelein
Agile Test: Five floors 06/26/15 9spaceking
Some Fragments of Gilligan and neighbors 06/25/15 ImmortalDreams
To move or Not to move 06/24/15 ImmortalDreams
Band Of Vandals 06/23/15 vogelein
Roberts Game 06/15/15 mypsychosis
Camping, Chemistry, and a Strange House 06/25/15 RaRo
4: The girl and her over sharing family 06/25/15 coquitah
2: Room full of insects 06/25/15 coquitah
The Lucid Swimming In Mid Air Dream 06/23/15 london_lad
Dexter has sex with a man 06/23/15 haux
Naked cowboy; children almost drown in a pool 06/23/15 haux
Editing news and sports 06/22/15 haux
field of dreams with Whoopi new antique house 06/22/15 ImmortalDreams
The Water Bug 06/10/15 mypsychosis
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