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Dream Date User
Welcome to my neighborhood 01/16/16 ImmortalDreams
Raping and Murdering my Grandmother/SuperEgo?? 09/23/15 integralunarlion
Attempted Rape By An Actor 09/12/15 magicsparkles
Grapevine 10/01/14 BlueOpossum
Backyard Intruder 03/11/15 Hummingbird
Rescuing a Princess 05/07/15 HaldirAragorn
She Tried To Rape Me 03/26/15 mypsychosis
Sexually harassed by doctor 01/09/15 dreamfox
Rape (lucid) 01/30/15 NervousRhino
Orange Candy 10/18/12 hG
To the skyscraper! 11/20/10 9spaceking
Small House 01/13/15 mypsychosis
Creepy Feelings & Freak rape,. 12/18/14 ImmortalDreams
Rape Karma 12/08/14 NervousRhino
Butterflies 11/10/14 RemlitQueen
Three Dreams 11/08/14 RemlitQueen
Ouroboros. Disturbing. 10/29/14 mypsychosis
Demons 09/18/14 Sera
infinite loneliness 09/18/14 deadpie
"To your ceremonial brother-in-law, so I can have you to mys 09/16/14 Person1
Banana Republic And Lisa Simpson 08/30/14 mypsychosis
Headless piano teacher 08/27/14 pakkun
Bad day at the dentist 08/17/14 mypsychosis
The Lecture 07/24/14 vogelein
Lost in the woods 07/10/14 mypsychosis
Bazaars 07/06/14 Jiuhl
Whore House, Avoiding being raped/Dad's reckless driving 04/28/14 DuffyJ1111
Disturbing Reoccuring 04/02/14 miamine
The glass house in the mountains 01/23/14 juddi
Road Side Scare (Nightmare) 04/26/13 hG
Hairy Back Woman, Chinese Mopeds and Facebook Gay Accusation 09/08/13 Norwig
Dark elf 10/02/13 hood12
Three Pools 11/22/13 nettlebones
with soup on their heads(dream#74) 10/07/13 NimHalliday
Monsters and Near-Rape 09/12/13 SakuraChikamatsu
Rape 09/06/13 fortheloveofodd
Playing Cricket with a Grapefruit 09/04/13 Canadiangirl95
Soul Swapping 2? 06/20/13 CoolToy
The Molester and the Haunted Yogurt House 06/01/13 c_n12
Witches house 04/30/13 hood12
Rape/ runaway 03/15/13 binababe
The Rainbow Devils, The Mystical Bookstore & The Ghostgotchi 03/13/13 DarkSeaPsyche
I'm in a video game? 02/19/13 SquidLilly
Grape Trees 05/07/12 Bozphin
Saved by the Po Po 01/02/13 Bozphin
Violent Wedding Pictures 11/16/12 w104mhk
Chased 11/07/12 HeatherIron
A confusing skyscraper and horrible elevator 10/26/12 haux
The Perv and My Rude Brother at DCA 10/25/12 magicsparkles
Teenage Stupidity, and Rape. 08/20/12 JessaLynn27
Werewolves 02/20/12 LoriD
raped by a black teacher 09/15/12 SarahGirl
Raped at Glow-a-go-go, Crying 11/28/11 BitterOlives
Video games and my ex 09/02/12 guapa86
Rape 08/18/12 magicsparkles
Kidnapped 08/06/12 MeganLW
Beaten, Slashed, & Murdered (3 Dreams) 08/05/12 Hummingbird
Elevators in 300-Floor Skyscraper / Trains In New Zealand 07/24/12 stakkr303
Cornered 07/09/12 Specter
Movie Star 06/28/12 BlueCloud
Dead Again; My Lawyer Reads Tarot Cards 06/25/12 BlueCloud
They must not have it 06/11/12 shard
Grapes 04/17/12 Lazellia
A bad, bad night... (allusions to rape) 03/22/12 EilidhAnne
Abuse of Sorts 06/04/11 CNGB
Drugged upp. 03/06/12 BigDreamer22
Back to Basic: Lies, Rape & Murder 02/21/12 Hummingbird
June 11, 2011 06/11/11 Lilium
Grapefruit Juice/Watch your words 02/12/12 BlueVirgoDreamer
Apples and Grapes 12/30/11 Skellygirl
Shaking Hands with Mr. Grapevine 06/19/77 BlueOpossum
2:1 Life Ratio. 11/30/11 WristWatch
rape and homelessness 11/25/11 dlaka
It's a Trap! 11/15/11 todreamweaver
Sold to a rich man, Ghosts and investigating my own rape. 11/09/11 Lunarkin
The Masked Revealed 10/30/11 Hummingbird
Large fan in a skyscraper 10/08/11 haux
almost raped by a cop 09/21/11 orange3196
Skull Crusher Serial Killer 09/28/11 sugarbaby
Murder/Rape 08/31/11 Isazel
Visiting St. Paul Monument in Macau. 08/19/11 josephchiew
August 19th, 2011 08/19/11 Sekhmet17
Captured for slavery. 05/10/06 baracudaboy
the hammer boys 07/24/11 xilxilxily
Snowboarding and Attempted Rape 07/24/11 July
Violence And A Near-Fatal Car Crash 07/19/11 mschecky
worst nightmare I've ever had (among many other dreams) 07/07/11 al
bracelet raper!? 10/20/09 cori97
The Eagle Crest 06/14/11 Sekhmet17
Gang-rape at 'Nothing But Trouble' style Party 06/08/11 shreela
Dream about a crazy guy 05/12/11 guapa86
Link and the Colonial Mansion 05/07/11 Sekhmet17
Gothic prison 03/22/11 guapa86
Hotel of hard knocks. 03/19/11 ImmortalDreams
Serial killer at home 03/19/11 strangesister
The City And The House- Pt 1 (The City) 02/27/11 dorareever
Presidents daughter 07/23/09 idiyodk
Rape 101 02/05/11 TheAntiBarbie
Hotel Mystery and Danger (long) 07/12/09 Pwyrdan
Attempted Rape 01/06/11 NeptunianDreams
Thwarted In The Hallway 11/14/10 tehuti
Selfishness 11/13/10 RetroRanger64
ile it may take a little more French 10/20/10 huangqingmei
The Rape House 10/17/10 Lazellia
Smudged Dreams (two in one!) 10/13/10 Josephine
Getting Raped and Frito Pie. 10/02/10 crissyisbeast
the night the world changed 09/29/10 Summer
(Lucid) Flying, spying and crimes in childhood 07/03/10 Sekhmet17
-Supermarket zombies. 08/22/10 HarrietKatie
amadeo 08/13/10 bonnie
Wrestling with a Stalker 01/29/09 Rebekah1213
Hypothetical rape? 08/01/10 Vte
Night time Chase 07/30/10 honeybrown
Scary Red Clown 07/24/10 yayasilva94
three brothers and a cunning murderer. 07/22/10 SleepyJane
Feelings of Nothing 07/19/10 TheViolentFemme
like exorsist times 3 06/23/10 NotAmused
nightmare 05/12/10 cjrlm92
Trauma, tears and kisses 06/08/10 boopei
Tea Parties and Rape 05/27/10 Lazellia
kidnapped 04/20/10 cjrlm92
Gordon Ramsay and Oprah Winfrey 05/12/10 krevency
House of Horrors 05/10/10 dizzyragdoll
Haunted House 05/09/10 roflatu
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