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Dream Date User
Park of Oddities 06/21/14 independentwaste
A Goddess She Claims 05/08/16 LucidDreamer777
An Odd Symbol 08/03/74 BlueOpossum
Mr Leer Vs Mr Perv -/floating odd boat in sky 08/19/16 ImmortalDreams
Toddler Son Speaks Coherently 06/26/97 BlueOpossum
A Humping the what?? [odd sexual scene } Trying to breathe 07/13/16 ImmortalDreams
Tunnel of Games and 'Buzzing around me' bit lucid n odd 07/06/16 ImmortalDreams
3 white Aliens ..Oddly Relaxed 07/05/16 ImmortalDreams
My Odd Jealousy over punishments methods/ value of giving 06/09/16 ImmortalDreams
Eating metal cans and odd items 05/30/16 WilliamDreams
Meeting up in oddest places. Semi -lucid 05/31/16 ImmortalDreams
Odd n Ends 05/16/16 ImmortalDreams
Extremely ODD surgery.. 04/10/16 ImmortalDreams
Odd continuation of "The Hanging Doll" dream? 09/10/07 BlueOpossum
3 Interestingly, Odd & Short Dreams 03/25/16 SeenoChasm
Odd vs boring 03/10/16 ImmortalDreams
Toddlers 03/08/16 EmpressKadesh
Party of odd behavior 03/08/16 ImmortalDreams
Protecting a goddess 02/21/16 Skellygirl
Odd food court; Tara's mad at me 02/16/16 haux
I think I just devoted myself to a demon goddess 07/15/15 Witchcrafty
Odd Money Matters 01/19/01 BlueOpossum
Meeting people in oddest places 12/11/15 ImmortalDreams
Really Odd situations 10/23/15 ImmortalDreams
Oddly Behaved Staff 10/12/15 london_lad
Legos and odd Table-turn 09/18/15 9spaceking
Saving a potential goddess? 10/03/14 BlueOpossum
Goddess on Loomis Street (lucid but changing) 10/13/14 BlueOpossum
bit odd but cool all the same 09/02/15 Skellygirl
Odd Clock 09/01/15 BlueOpossum
Odd Technology 09/13/14 BlueOpossum
Katja in odd clothing 08/15/15 haux
In a world of oddities in unusual places alice and wonerland 08/01/15 ImmortalDreams
The Great Goddess 07/29/15 w104mhk
Grandpa's giving me odd valuables 05/31/15 haux
An odd high school / military reunion 05/20/15 WilliamDreams
That 'ODD" Feeling -Doe a Deer 05/16/15 ImmortalDreams
Little things lead to odd behavior 05/15/15 ImmortalDreams
Restaurant has odd hours 05/08/15 haux
Some Shady characters in odd places 04/26/15 ImmortalDreams
Odd Behavior in family meeting 03/09/15 ImmortalDreams
The Odd Group 03/06/15 9spaceking
What Started Oddly Normal, Ended Terrifying 02/21/15 Lyn
Traveling & meeting up with odd behavior 02/16/15 ImmortalDreams
Tilting in odd positions....bridge out 02/09/15 ImmortalDreams
Goddess Bloodline 01/02/15 Aroniel
Some very ODD company and scenes.. 12/08/14 ImmortalDreams
Neglected in an Odd World 12/02/14 dylerupt68
Bathing with the Goddess Parvati (2) 11/11/14 w104mhk
Meeting friends in odd places.. going back to the past 11/07/14 ImmortalDreams
High School Deaths, Odd Disguises, & Searching For Baby Mama 11/03/14 dazzled07
Odd Dream: Line Wait-Fat Man/Weird Grin 05/03/14 emilyliz
Odd Things 03/15/14 Genie
Another flooded dream * Doing odd and ends at home. 07/26/14 ImmortalDreams
Before the Storm / Mixed Precipitation / Religious Toddlers 07/23/14 stakkr303
Three Dreams With Really Shoddy Notes 05/23/10 Pwyrdan
An Odd Test 06/10/14 Pwyrdan
Fetal Goddess 06/03/14 BlueOpossum
People acting in the oddest way [some disappear] 06/02/14 ImmortalDreams
Odd sleeping arrangements [short] 04/02/14 ImmortalDreams
The Corner Shop (odd "nostalgia" and seeking "wife") 02/03/78 BlueOpossum
Odd “half-cocked” precognitive dream (giant anteater) 11/06/72 BlueOpossum
Back in the past and present-Odd encounters 03/11/14 ImmortalDreams
walking hand to hand with mom and dad -odd shaped balloons- 02/28/14 ImmortalDreams
In some odd situations 02/02/14 ImmortalDreams
Voting at an Odd Location 01/18/14 Canadiangirl95
Seeing some odd situations- brady bunch 'mystery' 01/05/14 ImmortalDreams
Odd Job Interview / Grandma leaving? 01/03/14 Nitro
Meeting up with 'odd characters' and lost in a field..1 12/30/13 ImmortalDreams
Torture most 'painful ' mom's pet- 'odd couple ' 12/21/13 ImmortalDreams
Captured by odd older couple 'changes at home' 12/20/13 ImmortalDreams
Oddities in Phoenix 12/16/13 haux
A Very Odd Bus 09/16/13 Kaikaboom
ODD behavior with a 'Bunch' of famous people 09/04/13 ImmortalDreams
Some really odd 'connections' ghosts among me 'angel care' 08/18/13 ImmortalDreams
Helping out in the 'oddest ways ' meeting a 'hobo' in field 08/12/13 ImmortalDreams
"Data gum" and odd technology 08/11/13 BlueOpossum
Some Odd findings and Harry potter 'magic wand' 07/12/13 ImmortalDreams
an odd montage 07/10/13 92189047
Naked with the Goddess Pele 06/23/13 w104mhk
Some odd place for a costume party 'in disguise'' 06/05/13 ImmortalDreams
Humping around in the oddest festivities 05/30/13 ImmortalDreams
scorpion goddess 04/04/13 hood12
John Lydon the odd-job man 04/24/13 london_lad
Odd Toilet Dream 04/10/13 london_lad
Very odd home invasion 04/02/13 SquishyJellyfish
Bathing with the Goddess Parvati 03/29/13 w104mhk
End of the world? and Odd Way of Possible Improv 03/27/13 chibijirohchan
odd behavior of animals and family 03/21/13 ImmortalDreams
Meeting up secretly with 'odd characters' 03/15/13 ImmortalDreams
Acting famously 'odd' 03/02/13 ImmortalDreams
Oddly Basketball 02/27/13 PervyPlatypus
making magical places meeting up with odd characters 02/27/13 ImmortalDreams
odd behavior with science 02/16/13 ImmortalDreams
Zombie Apolcalypse Goddess 02/15/13 DivineGuardian
Journey to three odds 01/14/13 afi
Some fairly odd behavior behavor 01/01/13 ImmortalDreams
Sequel to last nights ''Harry Potter dream'' & dad oddities 11/24/12 ImmortalDreams
Odd Robbery 11/20/12 TheAntiBarbie
In some odd situations 11/17/12 ImmortalDreams
Cry to the Goddess 11/02/12 w104mhk
Group of odd misfits 10/30/12 HeatherIron
odd requests..with gilligan on an island 10/15/12 ImmortalDreams
lady on the loose ....shopping for odd things 10/13/12 ImmortalDreams
moms weird way of passing and odd guests 08/28/12 ImmortalDreams
Odd Town & Violence 08/14/12 BlueCloud
Odd cruise ship 08/10/12 edicesare
Goddess Visit 07/08/12 misscharizard
Odd Friendships 06/22/12 HardSleeper
An odd way to wake up. 06/18/12 dratinigirl
Held 'hostage by TODD" the child torture and molester 06/02/12 ImmortalDreams
Shopping for odd things * Being the Brady bunch 05/20/12 ImmortalDreams
Odd Occurrences 04/28/12 VarrhenSpecter
Walking in Kayenta; an odd change 04/28/12 haux
Held Hostage by old dolls * mom's "odd picture" of me 04/25/12 ImmortalDreams
The Bean Goddess 03/29/12 Lazellia
Sooo Odd 01/24/12 serpsgirl
Odd Day With My Best Friend. 01/16/12 alexvill1994
odd one 12/07/11 JaySoCal
Odd Mall Experience 03/01/11 Dixen51
Giant's Storytime and Other Oddness 12/03/11 chibijirohchan
Odd Scraps Of Dreams 10/18/11 Toolbearer
A Contest of Odd Nature 10/01/11 MattyJBabyBoo
A very odd Summer 08/27/11 GreyWinter
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