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Dream Date User
Nazi Time Machines, and Giant Monster 03/25/15 SabotageMost
Dragon Fire, Cyclops, Monster Changer 03/24/15 SabotageMost
Dream Monster: Chupacabra 03/24/01 pegacorna
Hitler at My Door 03/20/15 LuxNeri
Psychological Horror Movies 03/18/15 warriorcatdance
Scotland's Natural "Noise" and a Cobra 03/16/15 MayaOra
Laundry Room Monster 03/11/15 hG
Chased by the Shadow Man 03/10/15 RemlitQueen
Black And White 03/03/15 mypsychosis
A Child Named Winter 03/02/15 DemiakAgard
Box Ride with Mandy, Kari, and Monsters-All a Feverish Dream 02/27/15 BitterOlives
Whit almost dies, the go kart, and the Applebees goblin 02/24/15 liarsenicc
I'm a Monster 02/17/15 halfheart333
Monster 08/17/13 Snowqueen
God's Message 02/09/15 RemlitQueen
Dancing in the Snow 02/09/15 RemlitQueen
Kids Show 01/26/15 SabotageMost
Playing old version of wow 10/05/13 hG
Magic Goo Monsters 01/23/15 SabotageMost
Impending Doom; 01/19/15 LittlexBluebird
Monster Tower 01/18/15 zoedune
Don't worry. 03/07/12 9spaceking
The Mighty Skull Flame!! 01/12/15 9spaceking
Dungeons and Dragons-illustrated 01/10/15 SabotageMost
3 + 1 Dream 10/05/14 n01
Poison Monster 12/31/14 Blaine
Monster Mouth 12/29/14 logicalescape
Pieces of Recent Dreams 12/28/14 RemlitQueen
Scenes from a Weird Japanese Mockumentary 12/20/14 stakkr303
The Copper Creature; 02/20/14 LittlexBluebird
12/13-14/2014 Superheroics 12/14/14 Nemo
I was a (female) werecrocodile! 12/10/14 helplesslysleepy
Weird Apocalypse 11/28/14 xxSashaxx
Recurring Sea Monster Dream 11/24/14 SabotageMost
Warrior Monster 11/20/14 london_lad
Cruising & Orange Glow 11/03/14 OrbitalTree
Healthy Grandma, Mean Mother, Monsters in the Dark (Nightmar 10/15/14 Werewolven
Disgusting Brown Living, Moving, Furry Growth on BF's Thigh 10/05/14 melanie
White Crocodile 09/28/14 SabotageMost
We're all monsters 09/23/14 Saviyon
A Monster In The Walls. 09/19/14 mypsychosis
Family movie 09/12/14 Person1
Magic Crystal Adventure 06/03/14 Werewolven
Another Jungle Adventure 07/25/14 Jiuhl
Dead Baby 07/23/14 mypsychosis
Homeward Bound 06/07/14 fortheloveofodd
To Slay a Serpent 09/23/06 Genie
Kill the Monsters 07/05/14 CNGB
Robot Monsters and Boomerang Weapons 07/06/14 Lyndy
Yellow Shoes 06/22/14 SabotageMost
5-10-15; Boxcars; Frustrating Clothes 06/21/14 Jiuhl
Flying Monsters, Tyrion and the Secret to Magic 01/07/14 Pwyrdan
Too Late For School 03/29/14 MonkeyMagdalen
bus ride, and sea monster aquariums 03/21/14 crystaltara
fishing, beetle monster, and costume wedding 03/10/14 crystaltara
Water Elemental 02/28/14 RemlitQueen
Apocalyptic Dystopia on Mars 02/24/14 DivineGuardian
Fighting monsters with our 'mother' 01/31/14 haux
Aliens Took Control. 02/19/14 GACgrl19
Laura the Monster Slayer? 02/15/14 soundofslumber
Big family party, sluggish walk, monster in attic 01/20/14 hG
Burst with anger 01/20/14 SpaceLover96
Family Life 01/17/14 Whimsical
Space Horror 12/18/13 aroguespirit
Most Beautiful Woman 12/03/08 vogelein
The Egyptian statue in the chimney (Ammut?) 12/05/13 ashzepplin
LSD nostalgia and Nightmare 11/27/13 deadpie
The increasing power of the monster 11/27/13 Psychonautic44
My New Girlfriend and the Demon 11/13/13 jakevader93
A Wedding and Memories 11/12/13 deadpie
Inside Prison and school 10/31/13 ClumpyMorg
Grate Bed 10/13/13 SabotageMost
Fighting Monsters, Jumping Off Ships, and Falling In Love 04/25/13 Kaikaboom
BackStabbed 09/24/13 CoolToy
Monsters and Near-Rape 09/12/13 SakuraChikamatsu
Terrible Horror/Love Story 09/10/13 BitterOlives
Fighting a monster 08/23/13 haux
Who Killed Captain Kidd? 08/29/13 SabotageMost
Amanda Daniel, Island Scientist 08/24/13 Jain
Alien Monster 08/15/13 SabotageMost
So Much Energy 08/14/13 doublenatured
Demon Prince 08/11/13 DivineGuardian
...approval (difficult dream to put a title on) 07/30/13 coldr3ality
Bad Photos 07/16/13 Saviyon
Kangaroo Boxing and (Follow me on Tumblr) 07/13/13 SabotageMost
Recent Notable Dreams / UnArchived Dreams 07/08/13 RemlitQueen
The Monster in the Dark 07/07/13 TheCrystalRose
Clover Field And Other Stuff 07/02/13 SpaceLover96
The beast is coming again 'No Fair ' 06/27/13 ImmortalDreams
Too many dreams 06/23/13 xyrin7seven7
Monster Eats Charlie Brooks! 06/22/13 SpaceLover96
Nightmare of My Failure (+ Meanings behind dream symbols) 06/18/13 Tabataba
080613 06/09/13 chijitsu
Weird, scary Lizard man 05/26/13 SpaceLover96
Being eaten Alive 05/24/13 wonderingfox
Monster in the tower and stadium (dream in dream) 05/12/13 Yorghos
Ghost/Demon Store 05/11/13 zemiq
27 Years Old 05/09/13 Blaine
Lightning and a Maze 05/06/13 xxSashaxx
Alien Monsters 04/30/13 Specter
Pete Townsend And The Sea Monster 04/28/13 london_lad
Monster within my Closet 03/26/86 TabithaPike
past dreams 04/15/13 EtherealSeal
Old Muffin Category. 04/13/13 SquidLilly
Multiple Funnel Clouds 04/04/13 vogelein
The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet 03/30/13 london_lad
Misunderstood Monsters 03/27/13 hAMBERglar
Wierd violent nightmare 02/04/13 eyelex
Hogwarts? A Handsome Bad Boy? Giant Fish? A Jelly Monster?! 08/13/12 wellbutrindreams
Death and Monsters. 02/25/13 DanielleBlakeman
Working, random animals and flying 02/22/13 Skellygirl
Ellery Queen 02/20/13 al
Hummingbirds and miscellaneously remembered dream parts 01/26/13 Skellygirl
Orange Candy 01/25/13 SabotageMost
A Path to Walk Upon 01/20/13 SabotageMost
Being chased in a Garden House 01/14/13 LaraFoxie
Hibbity Hoobla 01/09/13 CellarDoorMofo
Mashed up archtypes 12/31/12 edicesare
kinda like jurassic park? 12/23/12 DotCom616
Pirates in the Lagoon 08/31/09 AmongstTheRabble
Big and Bigger Dogs 12/18/12 SabotageMost
Assassinate Chang 12/11/12 Psychonautic44
Monster Teacher 12/09/12 SabotageMost
Bat Winged Monster 12/05/12 xDarkAngelx
Killer Monster 11/29/12 xDarkAngelx
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