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Dream Date User
Getting the lunch box! 06/28/15 9spaceking
The Lucid Swimming In Mid Air Dream 06/23/15 london_lad
Triple Story 06/18/15 9spaceking
The Villain of Time 06/17/15 9spaceking
Weird Vivid Dream 06/16/15 madcat444
Carnaval 06/11/15 coquitah
The Sport of Sticks! 06/11/15 9spaceking
Lucid Village Excape 06/07/15 EdCase
Black Widows and Lucidity 06/03/15 magicsparkles
Lucid Dreaming And a Fuchsbau 06/02/15 Specter
Stand-Up 06/01/15 Anona
Spanish Junk and Rap 05/27/15 9spaceking
I lose a tooth you lose your life.. 05/26/15 biiptheprincess
Matrix Architect 03/22/15 EdCase
Incredible turn-around 05/25/15 9spaceking
Game Show Host 05/19/15 9spaceking
FOOLED!!? 05/18/15 9spaceking
That 'ODD" Feeling -Doe a Deer 05/16/15 ImmortalDreams
The Inconsistent Orchestra; The Illusionist 05/14/15 9spaceking
Midas touch and Spongebob 05/13/15 9spaceking
Possibly my first OBE? 05/14/15 Whygena
Possibly my first OBE? 05/14/15 Whygena
Searching for Something 05/11/15 9spaceking
A lucid walkway , mixed up dreams 05/10/15 ImmortalDreams
Cars and extreme speed 05/08/15 Whygena
Reverse Psychology 04/25/15 9spaceking
Spider OOBE 04/29/15 picoxylitol
Four-play 04/26/15 Whygena
The Grand Exploration! 04/22/15 9spaceking
Sparring in the city 04/15/15 feanorfelagund
Reading The Mail 04/14/15 Toolbearer
Simply Impossible. 04/11/15 9spaceking
Missing a clue to be lucid & some things bugging me. 04/10/15 ImmortalDreams
House Captives 03/19/15 DemiakAgard
Back in high school again, tall, and RC UFO 04/06/15 RadicalRyan
Feces, Tornado and Pop Bottles 04/04/15 Torgy0401
Chinese wife, Philippines fiancee, oh geez 04/03/15 RadicalRyan
Secret Base 04/03/15 9spaceking
Camp Evolve 04/02/15 MisanthropTK
Lucid recurring dream 03/29/15 Jmycenae
How to TRAIN your Dragon 03/28/15 9spaceking
Gifts ,but wrong holiday & meeting up with Amanda 03/26/15 ImmortalDreams
The (two) Great Adventure(s)! 11/11/14 9spaceking
Snapes dramatic act of 'leaving ' and swampy heads 03/16/15 ImmortalDreams
The Drawing Contest 03/16/15 9spaceking
March Hares in my bedroom 03/16/15 feanorfelagund
The cure for my friend's medical problem 03/15/15 feanorfelagund
The lucid barrage 03/14/15 9spaceking
I think I dreamt about dreamjournal.net! 03/11/15 feanorfelagund
Telling your friends they are in your lucid dream 03/11/15 feanorfelagund
Driving off a Cliff 02/27/15 pegacorna
Flight Practice and Sex 03/10/15 Whygena
Flying long distance 03/10/15 feanorfelagund
My best friend's island paradise 03/05/15 feanorfelagund
Parkour University 03/09/15 feanorfelagund
Chewing glass 03/09/15 feanorfelagund
The Odd Group 03/06/15 9spaceking
Murder: Writing Therapy 03/04/15 Blaine
timeline to lucidity 03/04/15 Coynepurse
The Power Loss 02/26/15 9spaceking
The Ninja Temple 02/21/15 9spaceking
Some very strange situations life in the fast lane 02/18/15 ImmortalDreams
Guardian Of The Key 07/09/87 vogelein
Searching For Lennon 02/12/15 mrsbally0
Tilting in odd positions....bridge out 02/09/15 ImmortalDreams
Starry Tunnel Adventure, The Tragic Girl 02/08/15 stillwater
Out-witting the robbers 02/07/15 9spaceking
Dreams Over Reality 02/05/15 VarrhenSpecter
The mundane dream 02/05/15 ImmortalDreams
Lucid Angel Villainess 01/28/15 Avarice
The perfect ending 02/02/15 nosoudn
Apocalyptic Night 01/17/15 Aghost
Yes Game Yes Life 01/29/15 9spaceking
Rape (lucid) 01/30/15 NervousRhino
Space Commander 01/14/13 hG
Joint living situation, crazy road trip 01/29/15 hG
Broken Guns, Sharper Knives 01/28/15 VarrhenSpecter
Trip Around the World 10/12/12 hG
Red Team vs Blue Team 08/20/14 hG
Girl with Bright Eyes and Red Hair 01/18/15 ShaderZ
Karate Match 01/18/15 Toolbearer
Eaten by Lion, Flying Blind, House Rehab 01/17/15 ShaderZ
Let it Go! 02/13/13 9spaceking
Too easy, let's go back 06/03/13 9spaceking
The Glowing Palace 11/30/14 9spaceking
Force-field test 02/02/14 9spaceking
I am the avatar! 06/15/13 9spaceking
Invincible mom 07/18/14 9spaceking
Mastermind? 01/01/15 9spaceking
Defeated sister 01/27/13 9spaceking
Lucid powers 12/22/14 9spaceking
A day out 01/09/15 luciddreams12
last 2 weeks recap 01/08/15 nervoustrees
Yet Another Mother Hates Me Dream 01/07/15 thoth
Robbed.....Again 01/01/15 NervousRhino
Lucid Dream About Deceased Mother and Father 01/01/15 thoth
Hunting Symbols 12/27/14 vogelein
Son smoking weed 12/25/14 Sera
young marriage 12/23/14 sabrinafan
Love My Rabbit - Lucid Dream 12/22/14 Werewolven
A UFO encounter 12/21/14 ImmortalDreams
A Girl and Some Beers 12/19/14 bcookieface
Parents Divorced, Dad Helping Neighbor 12/18/14 thoth
Sex with Conan O'Brien 12/17/14 lisconn
Too small apartments, Water Damage 12/17/14 thoth
Lucid, Precognitive, Public Domain 12/17/14 Toolbearer
Elves In Ireland 12/17/14 mypsychosis
Man in Black - Restoring the Balance 12/11/14 webdiva
Zombie Dream at Moms 11/30/14 webdiva
Intense Sleep Paralysis # 2 12/14/14 NervousRhino
Castenada Article (Debunker) 12/12/14 Sevenhawks
Dream Books and Momentary Lucidity 12/07/14 webdiva
Lucid Dream within a Dream 12/05/14 webdiva
Strawberries in dream 11/27/14 Anona
Sent back to 2001? 09/28/13 Hitoshiii
A shocking 'truth' & meeting up with enemies once friends.. 11/24/14 ImmortalDreams
Lucid Reading 11/22/14 webdiva
A view from the past 'being a good sport' 11/19/14 ImmortalDreams
Searching for something with cast of sleepy hollow 11/18/14 ImmortalDreams
The Lucid and Musical Pirate Ship 11/13/14 CocoBean
Sneaking up and down on me..& whoopi's healing tactics.. 11/09/14 ImmortalDreams
Red Ninja School 11/08/14 thoth
Meeting friends in odd places.. going back to the past 11/07/14 ImmortalDreams
Balloons and part of some neighborhood freak show 10/29/14 ImmortalDreams
Strange Eye 10/29/14 RadicalRyan
Search Again