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Dream Date User
From the Tower's Top 01/25/15 CocoBean
A Little Rainy Chaos ; 01/25/15 LittlexBluebird
Violence and Where's My Car? 10/17/12 hG
School that is also interactive museum, mall, and laundromat 10/03/13 hG
Reality Show 12/19/12 hG
The Awful Baking Class 10/27/12 hG
Amima Snipets 01/23/15 hippydippy
I Was a Girl 01/24/15 NervousRhino
Magic Goo Monsters 01/23/15 Fuzzyant
Hooking up with bitch teacher 06/26/14 hG
I Was Rude 01/20/15 NervousRhino
I Become My Brother 01/16/15 mypsychosis
Girl with Bright Eyes and Red Hair 01/18/15 ShaderZ
Boobs and Animals (3 dreams) 01/17/15 NervousRhino
Prison Social Worker 01/16/15 Sera
Save The Kids 01/15/15 mypsychosis
Cooking a Dizzy Spell 01/15/15 CocoBean
Is This Really Seoul? 01/11/15 AmongstTheRabble
Small House 01/13/15 mypsychosis
Strange Mail 01/13/15 DreamPete
I Love My Dog 01/13/15 NervousRhino
Searching for my Family 01/07/15 Genie
Fragments...Phone Sex 01/12/15 NervousRhino
Kissing 01/12/15 k9bronson
Ex, Lesbians and God 01/11/15 Sera
Minotaur 01/05/15 mypsychosis
Lunch and Locks // Light 10/13/14 n01
flashback 01/08/15 luciddreams12
Taking a test on friendship 01/07/15 ImmortalDreams
Attack on Titan: The Movie 01/06/15 AnnaDavis
Jenny McCarthy 01/06/15 NervousRhino
Feeling Exposed & intimidated 01/05/15 ImmortalDreams
Gretchen Fritz 01/04/15 NervousRhino
Haunted Games 01/03/15 NervousRhino
wheelchair bound ; 01/02/15 LittlexBluebird
Wen 01/02/15 mypsychosis
Escort Outcall Drama 01/01/15 NervousRhino
Boyfriend and Best Friend 01/01/15 EmpressDiarist
Invasion 12/15/14 Genie
Burning Bodies 12/24/14 mypsychosis
Truly Bizarre 12/30/14 NervousRhino
Hunting Symbols 12/27/14 vogelein
Monster Mouth 12/29/14 logicalescape
Friends Forgotten 12/28/14 NekoWxB
Child 12/28/14 RemlitQueen
Black Robe to Enter 12/25/14 Noric
Only Draws Mountains 12/24/14 Fuzzyant
more than a feeling 05/18/12 juni321
alice keeps her secrets 10/15/12 juni321
Salamander Penis 12/24/14 Blaine
Enrolled 12/23/14 Fuzzyant
New Sensation 12/22/14 stakkr303
Rock me like a 'hurricane' 12/22/14 ImmortalDreams
Teachers And Priest 12/23/80 vogelein
Chinese Men Soldiers/Demonic MAN IN A CHURCH 07/12/14 emilyliz
Criminal Employers in the Past 12/20/14 Pwyrdan
Aliens 12/19/14 RemlitQueen
Tornadoes Again? 12/15/14 Genie
Home; Blond Dog is Black 12/18/14 Sakurama
Ice Treasures 12/09/14 mypsychosis
The Fox and the Feline 12/01/13 LittlexBluebird
Devil's Disease 11/05/13 LittlexBluebird
Frauenkirche 01/19/79 vogelein
Gyms, orbs and snakes 09/04/14 TheMessenger
Water Park, House by the Sea, Hawaiin Outdoor Food Factory 12/17/14 Sakurama
Elves In Ireland 12/17/14 mypsychosis
Finding Home 12/16/14 vogelein
Secret Mission 11/06/14 Genie
The Letter 12/16/14 Desiderata
The Destiny Points (recurring theme) 12/16/14 Sevenhawks
Exposed to sordid violations.. 12/16/14 ImmortalDreams
The deluxe dressing room 12/07/14 Yorghos
NBA Basketball & transition to another spiritual dimension 12/14/14 Skyanne
12/13-14/2014 Superheroics 12/14/14 Nemo
Castenada Article (Debunker) 12/12/14 Sevenhawks
I was a (female) werecrocodile! 12/10/14 helplesslysleepy
Buying Monkeys 12/09/14 vogelein
Post Apocalypse Love 10/24/14 dylerupt68
Elderly caucasian man who keeps repeating my name 12/07/14 Skyanne
The Magician and the NPR Lady 12/07/14 thoth
With some Twisted characters 12/06/14 ImmortalDreams
Old DEMONIC WOMAN 12/04/14 emilyliz
Resisting Robbery 12/02/14 vogelein
School 'anxiety' with sleepy hollow cast * 12/02/14 ImmortalDreams
Distant Fears 12/01/14 LittlexBluebird
A Series of Unfortunate Events 08/04/14 Genie
Late to the Wedding 11/29/14 Lazellia
Going Everywhere in Nowhere's Town 11/29/14 CocoBean
Genie's Trap 11/29/14 snufkin
Not so sexy anymore 11/29/14 jbearbabi
At Night 11/29/14 citatos
Him 11/28/14 citatos
First aid demonstration 11/28/14 stuster
Dental Spa 11/27/14 Lazellia
Thick of It: Ancestor 11/07/14 Specter
nightmares about losing a parent. 11/26/14 Cloud0Strife01
Georgian Toy Shop 11/26/14 vogelein
Bike Marathon 06/29/14 Genie
Intervention? 11/25/14 NervousRhino
Neo De Janeiro Conspiracy / Community Garden in Philadelphia 10/12/14 stakkr303
Fanks a lot & gruesome neighbor boys. 11/23/14 ImmortalDreams
Cut off Ponytail/Swimming pool battle 11/23/14 DuffyJ1111
This week's dreams 11/21/14 RemlitQueen
Boats in the Water 11/20/14 Fuzzyant
Infected 11/19/14 CocoBean
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
The Scream 11/13/14 vogelein
Don't Be Greedy When Being Chased By An Axe Wielding Maniac. 11/15/14 mypsychosis
Tidal wave cometh .. 11/14/14 ImmortalDreams
Tidal wave cometh .. 11/14/14 ImmortalDreams
Tidal wave cometh .. 11/14/14 ImmortalDreams
Newer stronger me in the mirror 11/14/14 Peri
Matt's sick at Cedar Point 11/12/14 haux
Desert Art Compound Freedom 11/11/14 Armatron
Drawing and hotels and cute boys that throw-up (1st person) 08/05/14 enyspacecaptain
Shopping, classes, and parties (first person) 08/09/14 enyspacecaptain
Fantasy trip in unknown fantasy land (mostly 1st person) 05/23/14 enyspacecaptain
Circus Hotel & Family Reunion 02/16/14 enyspacecaptain
Meeting friends in odd places.. going back to the past 11/07/14 ImmortalDreams
The Forest of the Keepers and Lost Treasures 10/29/14 CocoBean
Hand Of Cards 11/05/14 vogelein
The Psychiatrists Couch 11/03/14 mypsychosis
Finding a pearl in a tiny stream? godzilla's eyeing us 11/02/14 ImmortalDreams
Obsessed With A Psycho 11/01/14 mypsychosis
Shrimp ice cream in new mall / home subdivision 11/01/14 Anona
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