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Dream Date User
Private Quarters In A Church 11/10/93 vogelein
Security Cameras 10/05/15 london_lad
Stain 10/05/15 london_lad
The Green s**t dream 10/05/15 london_lad
Riding In A Model T 10/02/15 vogelein
Vacant Lots 10/01/15 vogelein
Flying in the Library 10/05/15 BlueOpossum
A Dangerous Bus Ride Followed by a Disgusting Train Ride 10/05/15 BlueOpossum
'God' On The Envelope 09/30/15 vogelein
Balancing Act 09/28/15 vogelein
“Aim the Pheromones” 10/04/15 BlueOpossum
Partial Clauses 12/19/03 BlueOpossum
Ramps 01/07/01 BlueOpossum
Unidentified Flying Object 09/27/15 vogelein
Reading a Boring Fantasy Novel 06/18/07 BlueOpossum
Grassy Spot 09/23/15 vogelein
Carry On 10/04/15 Whygena
Rain dreams and a new "system" 01/20/15 BlueOpossum
Desert Drop Inn 10/04/15 BlueOpossum
Reverse Time Fist Fight 10/03/15 WilliamDreams
Money In The Attic Of The Bank 09/23/15 vogelein
The Ancient Journal Entry 10/03/15 Torgy0401
The Demands of the Alligator People 10/03/15 BlueOpossum
Sea-Snake-Like Tapeworm in and on my Father 10/03/15 BlueOpossum
The Pulpit 09/19/15 vogelein
Reunion Party 09/19/15 vogelein
Lynyrd Skynyrd and Wembley Stadium 10/02/15 london_lad
Acting School Strangeness 10/02/15 BlueOpossum
False Vision 09/18/15 vogelein
Elves, Healing, Time Manipulation 01/03/15 BlueOpossum
Water slide 10/01/15 Sera
The Bookshelf 10/01/15 london_lad
Inadequate Fencing 10/01/15 BlueOpossum
Back to School 09/30/15 laurette55
The Presence Of Vader 09/18/15 vogelein
Unknown Buyer or Seller 10/01/15 BlueOpossum
Revelation 09/17/15 vogelein
Evil Caterpillars living in my navel. Most Disgusting Dream. 09/30/15 WilliamDreams
And So To Bed 09/30/15 london_lad
Floor Problems 04/07/15 BlueOpossum
Temperature Appreciation 09/30/15 BlueOpossum
Religious Medical Gathering 09/29/15 london_lad
Two Types of Giants 10/17/14 BlueOpossum
Stopping a Bomb With Mathematics 09/28/15 BlueOpossum
Splat 09/17/15 vogelein
Don't Die Mr Bean 09/28/15 london_lad
Warning About Hitler 09/28/15 magicsparkles
In Tucson, jets are sucked into a vortex 09/27/15 haux
Playing With Walls and Darkness 09/28/15 BlueOpossum
A Stack Of Thor 09/14/15 vogelein
Movie Bomber 09/14/15 vogelein
TAKEN 09/27/15 Torgy0401
Miniature Formula One Mishap 09/27/15 BlueOpossum
Cop lets me go. overcoming superego? 09/27/15 integralunarlion
Making Waves or Tornadoes * high up with Mulder . 09/26/15 ImmortalDreams
Apartment Living 11/17/14 BlueOpossum
Healing, Flying, Loving 12/19/14 BlueOpossum
Mission and Magic Items 09/26/15 Specter
Fake Wedding 09/26/15 RaRo
Anti-Pet 09/12/15 vogelein
Pete Died ... and Underwater Cats 09/26/15 Torgy0401
The game-show, the playground, the things. 09/26/15 nicoleeejoy
Strange Infection (warning: gore) 05/22/15 BlueOpossum
Interpreting Tree Leaves 09/26/15 BlueOpossum
What's in a Name? (Montserrat) 09/26/15 BlueOpossum
Interpreting Indian Dreams 09/12/15 vogelein
Strange Nudity 09/25/15 9spaceking
Snow Slope Ice Cube Dream 09/25/15 london_lad
My Brother is Daredevil and We're all Accidental Cannibals 09/25/15 Anonymouse
Pocket Universe Piers (recurring) 09/25/15 BlueOpossum
Cat Healing Mishap 09/25/15 BlueOpossum
Confusion on the Corner 09/25/15 BlueOpossum
Suicide Man 04/23/15 Whimsical
Killing WoW Bosses and High School Fun 09/24/15 MalaneeMoon
A Toilet Within A Toilet 09/24/15 london_lad
No More Instructions From Aliens 09/24/15 BlueOpossum
The Last Human Settlement 09/24/15 BlueOpossum
Many Dreams 09/23/15 Specter
An Unusual Holodeck 04/24/95 BlueOpossum
Fictional "Star Trek" Episode and Missile Launch 10/31/95 BlueOpossum
Going to the Past 04/02/15 amuo
Dragon Costume 09/23/15 BlueOpossum
Quiz Night 09/22/15 london_lad
Journals 09/22/15 london_lad
Daniel, Subways and Snow 09/22/15 Specter
David 09/22/15 foddforlorare
Another New Variation of Cubitis 01/18/15 BlueOpossum
War Games Rant 09/22/15 BlueOpossum
Shortish Bus Ride Across the Country 09/22/15 Canadiangirl95
Losing our Eyes 09/20/15 Avarice
Eye Puncture Punishment 09/21/15 Avarice
Trains And Teleportation 09/21/15 Specter
Two ladies above 07/20/14 BlueOpossum
Major Threats from Two Directions 06/20/14 BlueOpossum
Multilayered Cheerful Apocalypse 06/16/14 BlueOpossum
Selling a Truck in Brazil 09/21/15 BlueOpossum
Red Sailboat 06/28/14 BlueOpossum
Spinning Statues 06/27/14 BlueOpossum
Children and a Dog 09/20/15 london_lad
Not sure what to think 09/20/15 Skellygirl
A Writing Task 11/18/14 BlueOpossum
My Magic Show 12/19/70 BlueOpossum
My Father's Ears 09/20/15 BlueOpossum
A Look at the Lifelong "Sinking Walkway" Situation 09/20/15 BlueOpossum
Stealing Plums / Mr. East & Mr. West / Prayer 09/16/15 stakkr303
best friends moving away party 09/19/15 ImmortalDreams
Little Black Train 09/28/08 BlueOpossum
Radios in a New Place 06/10/15 BlueOpossum
"Under-stand" (word distortion; fictional origin) 09/16/15 BlueOpossum
“Bottomless” Pit at Loomis Street 02/09/79 BlueOpossum
“Bottomless” Pit Near Middle School 02/09/73 BlueOpossum
The "Bottomless" Pit (at North Monroe Street) 06/01/68 BlueOpossum
Lady In Need of Medical Attention 09/19/15 Torgy0401
"Meteor Men" 09/25/13 BlueOpossum
Girl Living in "Giant" Birdhouse 09/29/10 BlueOpossum
Little Aliens? 04/19/09 BlueOpossum
Searching for Music 09/19/15 BlueOpossum
Dreaming In A Bed 09/18/15 london_lad
Night Out Leads To Territory Dispute 09/18/15 Specter
lucid in the dark * Vexed feelings 09/18/15 ImmortalDreams
Growing Spices within Spices 09/18/15 BlueOpossum
Mom Gets Mad 09/18/15 Torgy0401
Liner 04/04/73 BlueOpossum
Kenny and Karen's Faux Home 06/01/80 BlueOpossum
The Brat 09/27/70 BlueOpossum
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