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Dream Date User
Driving in snow, then paratroopers in sandstone 12/07/16 haux
A man launches fireworks at us 12/08/16 haux
In Hiding 12/06/16 ooCarmaleneoo
Hostile Takeover / Emerging Strength 12/05/16 Canucknomad
Bike becomes SUV; I see a wreck 12/03/16 haux
I forget my bike lock 12/01/16 haux
Taking 11 Dollars from Glove Compartment 11/30/16 ooCarmaleneoo
Assassin 06/22/16 cosmosis
Many vivid dreams over 2 nights involving waking life events 11/27/16 junkiecosmonaut
Helicopter Dreams Clarified (part I, ten dreams) 11/27/16 BlueOpossum
My brakes don't work well 11/24/16 haux
Anthony Rapp talks and sings 11/19/16 haux
Keep it Truckin!!!!! 11/19/16 iamlucid295
Lightly Flooded Streets (summary and notes only) 11/19/16 BlueOpossum
CatTaxi 11/13/16 independentwaste
The Bank Heist 11/14/16 AlmaCross
Friend Or FOE..Acting like a monkey 11/13/16 ImmortalDreams
Budding relationship; apartments full of pasta 11/12/16 haux
Junkyard Drug Deals (part 1 of 2) 11/06/16 zurastar
Storybook 11/08/16 Skellygirl
The Day There Was No Sun Revisited? 04/06/13 BlueOpossum
Ex dies in a car accident 11/08/16 liarsenicc
Flimsy Road 06/07/74 BlueOpossum
Dream Doc - #3 06/30/16 SaraTheFox
Driving to find a cave 11/07/16 haux
Leaving Florida (Maybe) - with a Brother-in-Law 07/01/78 BlueOpossum
Avalanche hits my truck 11/05/16 haux
Riding on the Side of the Car 10/28/16 zurastar
The End Of The World 11/02/16 london_lad
UFO Picnic 11/13/08 independentwaste
Dark Twisted Fantasy 06/02/16 LucidDreamer777
Lo Siento & Little Creep 11/02/16 stakkr303
Shinedown Concert Trip 10/25/16 zurastar
"bones" and a bunch of dreams in about 8 hours 10/30/16 nervoustrees
Candy Thieves 10/29/16 BlueOpossum
You're A Winner, All Right 10/27/16 Kailin
Driving A Car 10/20/16 london_lad
BBT And Batman 10/24/16 AlmaCross
High floods 05/02/97 BlueOpossum
Lights for Trishta; Scituate; Star Wars Again 10/23/16 independentwaste
School Bus Rolling Through the Sky 06/01/75 BlueOpossum
The End 10/20/16 Kailin
Apartment Horror (part 1 of 2) 10/09/16 zurastar
Carribean Convertible / Chaos in the "Forest" & The Hotel 10/18/16 stakkr303
Beach Survival (Part 1 of 2) 10/04/16 zurastar
Heartbreak, Old Friend, Statistic Professor, and Shooting 10/16/16 EmpressDiarist
Any car is mine... 02/23/03 BlueOpossum
Jays alligators and lionesses....this was an oh my 10/14/16 Skellygirl
Adam what? 01/29/71 BlueOpossum
Transient Galaxies in the Night Sky 10/14/16 Wafflefaust
Late 10/13/16 magicsparkles
Dad Driving & Mom's Parking Garage 10/13/16 c_n12
Hilltop Living 11/03/67 BlueOpossum
Hungover Dreams 10/09/16 independentwaste
Car Ride w/ Sara & Ashley 10/06/16 c_n12
Looking for Brother (2) 10/05/16 saintbeast
Tall urinal in a Burger King 10/03/16 haux
Stormy Night 05/08/16 Genie
Crazy Monkey Riding A Horse And Wake Up Hallucination. 09/30/16 madcat444
Meeting anxiety dream 09/28/16 saintbeast
Taking Over the Driving 09/13/97 BlueOpossum
Bus with co-workers 09/26/16 haux
Kidnapped! 09/26/16 mustlovecats
Progress With Lucidity (3) 09/24/16 saintbeast
Runaway Bride 09/23/16 RemlitQueen
Tombstones and Buses 09/22/16 london_lad
Spooky School 09/21/16 AyaLynn
Taxi in New York 09/21/16 haux
Danger Zone 09/21/16 Skellygirl
Race Car Driving and Resting House 09/20/16 therararabbit
Getting Lost 09/19/16 london_lad
Tit for Tat 09/18/16 Wafflefaust
First day of my job as a surgeon 09/19/16 haux
Sound of Sorrow 04/11/79 BlueOpossum
Another Matthew Vasquez Dream 09/19/16 katymabee
Four Mimes and a Ma’am 09/17/16 BlueOpossum
The press room and gym 09/15/16 haux
Driving through a small walkway / Flying around a school 09/14/16 WilliamDreams
Ice cream shop 09/10/16 haux
Winds of Time 08/28/88 BlueOpossum
Double-Dream, "Eternal Girl" 03/27/07 BlueOpossum
A Lucid Feeling vs A Guilty feeling 09/05/16 ImmortalDreams
Haunted House Doctor's Office 01/02/03 independentwaste
Strange telephoto lens in D.C. 09/03/16 haux
Driving in reverse 09/02/16 MattiasJ
Some erotic and neurotic people 09/01/16 ImmortalDreams
A Driver Yelling in the Street 11/21/13 BlueOpossum
Mountainside Meditation 08/29/16 BlueOpossum
Hippo/rhino in a quarry 08/28/16 haux
Bad drive to the office; naked at work 08/27/16 haux
The Sewer People 08/27/16 independentwaste
Doctor Who shoots and kills a kid! 07/20/16 madcat444
The Spirit of the Slayer 08/26/16 WilliamDreams
bad cop google eyes and dead cats and childhood 08/26/16 madcat444
Pretty neighborhood; I can't find my car 08/26/16 haux
A Secret Message in a Book of Matches 08/24/16 BlueOpossum
monkey riding hourse and gta 5 08/22/16 madcat444
Early email; Notre Dame crowds 08/17/16 carloszamora
Cats Impaled by Natural Processes 08/16/16 Norwig
Missed text 'leads to the beach colors' 08/15/16 ImmortalDreams
Train of Boyhood 08/15/16 BlueOpossum
Fragments 08/14/16 carloszamora
Chinese guy wants to murder me 07/01/16 MattiasJ
killed in yellow stone 08/13/16 madcat444
Invisible Bathroom 09/02/14 independentwaste
High School (?) 08/10/16 ianm2921
Young Boys 08/10/16 hippydippy
Superheroes 08/10/16 9spaceking
Exploding cars and Maria Bamford 08/09/16 carloszamora
Psychiatric help, Wallet mix up and Organ Bags 08/09/16 therararabbit
doctor who kills a kid 08/09/16 madcat444
False Awakening; Towers; The Second I Awake 08/06/16 independentwaste
Dialled wrong number that launches nuclear missiles. 03/11/16 madcat444
False Awakening, Aunt Sigrig 08/03/16 SabotageMost
Ghostbuster Gloucester Hoffman 10/06/14 independentwaste
Driving Ellen Page, Brit becomes an actress 08/01/16 ArchDriveGoodbye
Jailbreak 10/17/14 independentwaste
Psychokinesis/Telekinesis Dream 07/29/16 karateb22
A Handy Map 07/29/16 BlueOpossum
BFF visit turned weird 07/28/16 bluefields
Brother Wants Me Dead 07/25/16 Werewolven
Ice waterfall, brit, david spade 07/25/16 ArchDriveGoodbye
Snowy Town; Double-Scenario 02/27/12 Ichi2Tah
The Thing; An Older Singer 02/06/12 Ichi2Tah
The Girl; In Bed with A.S. 01/20/12 Ichi2Tah
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