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Dream Date User
Store Adventures 02/26/15 Bluebird
Dragon Life 02/26/15 magicsparkles
-- HISTORICAL -- Somewhere Hot, Strange GathIering, Rent Fox 02/24/15 MayaOra
Evacuating a City 02/15/15 Sakurama
I am Tom Cruise in Thailand 02/12/15 Sakurama
School that is also interactive museum, mall, and laundromat 10/03/13 hG
Magic Goo Monsters 01/23/15 Fuzzyant
Skyrim Wolves and Brain the Hippo 01/13/15 RemlitQueen
Stairway To Dragon 01/13/15 mypsychosis
Dungeons and Dragons-illustrated 01/10/15 Fuzzyant
Stealing a Ceramic Chicken-illustrated 01/04/15 Fuzzyant
Dragonstone, Durant and Danger 12/18/14 Specter
Animated Cookie 12/05/14 Fuzzyant
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
semi Dragon Ball Z fighting league 10/08/14 ghostreborn2004
Rough Draft, Part #8, (FINISH THE LAST ACT) 09/29/14 Toolbearer
Rough Draft, Part #7, (Me, Myself & I) 09/20/14 Toolbearer
Dreams Before School 07/12/14 TheDayDreamer
Sports Complex - Lost (Supressed Feelings/Digestion) 01/28/14 Sakurama
bathroom curse / goodbye granny 09/09/14 yoshiclay9000
Bike / Stingrays / Intruder / School 07/28/14 Whimsical
Dirt Shaping and Old Acquaintances 07/21/14 Specter
Round and Round 07/14/14 Jiuhl
Riding My Giant Lizard 07/12/14 killem1212
List of My Most Interesting Dreams (Mystic) 07/01/14 Pwyrdan
My Lost Cat, Mystic Names and Dragon 08/30/12 Pwyrdan
Yellow Shoes 06/22/14 Fuzzyant
Feeling My Power and Pern 09/17/10 Pwyrdan
Spy Hunter/Blue Velvet/Absolute Nutcase/etc. 06/11/14 DuffyJ1111
Hidden World in the Desert 03/28/14 Pwyrdan
Dream Bestiary Part 2 04/20/14 ConcreteChicken
Understanding with Dragons? 04/19/14 nevony
So I've Been Keeping a Bestiary of Dream Creatures 04/10/14 ConcreteChicken
bus ride, and sea monster aquariums 03/21/14 crystaltara
Water Wheel / Stewart / Dragon Eggs 03/14/14 Whimsical
As Dragons 02/13/14 Whimsical
Preparing for the Storm & Dragonflies 02/12/14 stakkr303
Stone Dragon Steps (From 4-28-82) 02/06/14 Toolbearer
The Limestone Dragon and Jailtown 01/24/14 michellemarie
Beetlejuice / Cat in a Box 01/25/14 RemlitQueen
Dragon Vignette 01/19/14 vogelein
The dragon's pizza and the police's robot 01/22/14 Yorghos
Cheeseburger Quest- the dream that made me start my journal 06/15/13 MNemerald
Secret passages in a school, dragon in a cave 12/09/13 Yorghos
The Dragon Princesses 11/19/13 SarahRose104
from previous nights.Horus egyptian deity,a game of MtG 11/14/13 ashzepplin
Goblins in the Museum 09/26/13 DivineGuardian
2 Dragonflies 09/24/13 Temptress84
Giant Mutant Bugs 08/18/13 Kaikaboom
Expieriment Orphans 09/05/13 lowera34
Friends from the past 'trying to amuse' disney alive 08/25/13 ImmortalDreams
Morning Coffee 08/13/13 Snowqueen
A lucid experience at school takes me 'flying' Johnny's pet 08/04/13 ImmortalDreams
Red light theme park (nsfw) 07/24/13 dratinigirl
Dragon Board 07/07/13 Fuzzyant
Old Dream Archives: Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition 07/21/12 RemlitQueen
Old Dream Archives 2 07/21/12 RemlitQueen
Bald Can Be Cute 03/02/13 tehuti
I Wrote A 'DBZ' Novel! 09/10/12 tehuti
Gunner Vs Magikz 06/18/13 CoolToy
Notepad Scrawls -Bacteria/Dragon 06/18/13 Whimsical
Mortal Kombat 06/12/13 Rogue510
Waking Up At Optima 06/01/13 c_n12
silver dragon, silver necklace 05/23/13 iamjulia
Vampire Audition 04/03/13 hood12
Witches house 04/30/13 hood12
She-Dragon's Fury 04/02/13 DivineGuardian
Drab old Buildings 03/13/13 Fuzzyant
Castle Drake 03/04/13 Snowqueen
Hogwarts? A Handsome Bad Boy? Giant Fish? A Jelly Monster?! 08/13/12 wellbutrindreams
Fire-shooting Dalek on top of a DeLorean 02/16/13 Celastrina
If I popped the red balloon, all of it couldve been avoided 02/20/13 Dalton
Riding into the Sunset 01/06/13 bakaprincess85
Beautiful girl at Water Park 01/27/13 LlamaDude
Injury, Dragons, And Bombardments 01/25/13 Specter
Ex-Friend Doesn't Remember Me 02/01/10 AmongstTheRabble
Mashed up archtypes 12/31/12 edicesare
Dragon Slaying 12/26/12 khalvorsen87
Becoming the Dragonborn 12/19/12 loe2run
My sword 11/28/12 pegacorna
A fun chase 11/17/06 pegacorna
The Sexy Guy 07/14/12 pegacorna
OCD and Spiderlings / Kittens and Drakes 10/02/12 Iavas
3-parter: Hospitals, swimming pools, and heroes of time 09/20/12 maggstaa26
School of Dracula 09/19/12 Snowqueen
Tornadoes and Dragons 09/09/12 lucakerberos
Fairy Tale 09/08/12 dreamersean
School of Dragons 05/22/09 Snowqueen
Horror and More horror part one ! 05/25/12 Deathangle
Dragons, Airships, and Summer Camp 08/20/12 GalacticCow
black basement 08/15/12 migo
Journal update: 5/14 through 8/9/12 08/09/12 TheMessenger
money money ...lost directions 07/24/12 ImmortalDreams
Evacuation 07/06/12 Ironysdoodle
New Friend 07/05/12 magicsparkles
The Basin 06/29/12 Flashback
Eminem 05/17/12 Skellygirl
Rescue Mission, but it's a doll. 05/28/12 Fuzzyant
The Off-Season 04/13/12 tehuti
Dragon Mother 05/10/12 Hummingbird
The Oathkeepers 05/11/12 Sevenhawks
More training... 05/06/12 TheMessenger
Dragon Dancing 05/02/12 Toolbearer
The Beautiful Birds and His Fans 04/28/12 Fuzzyant
Here there are dragons 04/21/12 Snowqueen
Unicorn and Dragon in the Mist *ART* 01/05/00 pegacorna
Writings and...Plastic. 04/02/12 Whimsical
Tragedy strikes, I seek the aid of an exiled hero. 03/16/12 Monongahela
I Believe I Can Fly 05/25/11 CNGB
a dream from childhood 06/13/01 dreamanimator
Reality made manifest 02/25/12 TheMessenger
She's in the temple! 02/25/12 Lakshmi
Creatures on the rooftops 02/21/12 Yorghos
Dream Revisited 02/19/12 Toolbearer
Thanks For Coming To The Bargaining Table 02/11/12 Toolbearer
Another abandoned love.... :/;; (UPDATE 09/2012) 02/04/12 maggstaa26
cleaning up after a rave 01/26/12 coldr3ality
Miscellaneous 01/19/12 destinysfinal
Play and playing boy/Ishtar Gate/Unicorn Assassin Fish 05/29/08 pegacorna
Wild dragon goes to the city 01/18/12 SilverDandelion
Dark Garage 01/09/12 Fuzzyant
Attack of the Noodle-Soup Dragon 01/08/12 Fuzzyant
A Fight Against Dragons 06/03/11 xDarkAngelx
Marriage vs SOLITUDE [crazy bugs] 12/20/11 ImmortalDreams
Spiritual Center 12/20/11 magicsparkles
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