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Dream Date User
Magic Who 09/23/16 LucidDreamer777
Blueblood 02/26/16 LucidDreamer777
The Apples of Barabbas (from divine gifts to silliness) 09/26/16 BlueOpossum
First day of my job as a surgeon 09/19/16 haux
My Words 03/13/15 BlueOpossum
FREEZING on a bus... 06/21/07 BlueOpossum
Haunted House Doctor's Office 01/02/03 independentwaste
Weird house and deceased grandma 09/03/16 Skyanne
Track competition 08/27/16 haux
Doctor Who shoots and kills a kid! 07/20/16 madcat444
Doctors and Monster Catfishes... Oh My! 05/15/16 LucidDreamer777
Ketchup and stuffing piss 08/24/16 Haddock
Manic and The Island 08/13/16 magicsparkles
Busy 08/08/16 shelms43
Helping Make Half- Life 3 & creepy voice & Doctor Who. 02/04/16 madcat444
Missy Elliott's Rampage - NSFW 11/05/15 LucidDreamer777
Needle in Pink 03/16/76 BlueOpossum
A Trip (No Pun) To Jupiter 11/03/15 LucidDreamer777
Crazy Football Lovin Criminals Escape Prison And Time Travel 07/26/16 madcat444
WTF/Fudge/Anna's injury 07/22/16 lilyofthemist
Creepy Office / Crap House / "T.A." New Age Religion 07/22/16 stakkr303
Brain scans 07/17/16 haux
A Sneaky Troll 07/16/16 hawtbrunettebabe
Human Hoop 08/12/14 BlueOpossum
Hanging Out With Billie Piper and Co 07/14/16 magicsparkles
Potential Companion and Murder 07/12/16 magicsparkles
Strange events in the building of psychic children 02/29/16 Yorghos
Eerie Doctor Seuss Forest 09/12/10 BlueOpossum
Uneventful Auction 03/11/97 BlueOpossum
Being Older at an Unusual Concert 06/25/16 BlueOpossum
Nichelle in a Small Rocket 03/08/97 BlueOpossum
Futurama Taxi; Sea Level 02/18/16 independentwaste
At The Doctors 06/01/16 london_lad
Healing Excursion 05/28/16 BlueOpossum
I'm A Doctor 05/26/16 london_lad
Frankenstein Closes the World 04/09/65 BlueOpossum
Of Masks, Murder, and Men 05/12/16 BlueAgate
Eleventh Doctor and Writing 04/27/16 magicsparkles
The Raft (and various distortions) 07/18/75 BlueOpossum
Becoming Famous 04/23/16 magicsparkles
A Slap in the Face 04/21/16 Sav
Healing DeForest Kelley’s Fictional Daughter 09/26/96 BlueOpossum
Lucid time Or time warp .. 04/12/16 ImmortalDreams
Doctor Visit 04/07/16 w104mhk
Hawaii and the Strange Fair 04/09/16 magicsparkles
Doctor Who/Marvel Crossover 04/08/16 magicsparkles
Doctor Killdeer 01/04/66 BlueOpossum
Doctor Tom Hanks and Faulty Technology 04/02/16 shortysax
Shouting 04/01/16 xlisax
Kidnapped 03/27/16 magicsparkles
Shapeshifter, Shape-changer 03/22/16 BlueOpossum
The Boulder and Weeping Angels 03/19/16 magicsparkles
Alternate Timeline Wristwatch 03/14/16 BlueOpossum
The Dark Side Of The Moon 02/26/16 magicsparkles
The worst episode of "MASH" 02/08/16 haux
The Robber and The Doctor at University 02/07/16 magicsparkles
Not Quite Paris 06/13/78 BlueOpossum
The Alien Businessman 01/06/73 BlueOpossum
getting shot somewhere in asia. 01/22/16 faithin
Chris and me at Hogwarts 01/14/16 haux
Emergency Mausoleum 01/06/16 BlueOpossum
Lucid Driving VS Batman and the Baby 01/03/16 Turbo852
WW2 girl 12/28/15 hippydippy
Odd Money Matters 01/19/01 BlueOpossum
The Tenth Doctor and the Old Man 12/25/15 magicsparkles
Hollow Wrist 12/21/15 BlueOpossum
Important Marriage 12/20/15 magicsparkles
Fight In Huge Building And Meeting Celebs 12/10/15 Specter
Two In one 12/10/15 Specter
Cobra in the Mist 08/24/76 BlueOpossum
Tomb Raider, swallowing pills, laundry left to rot 12/08/15 ElectricOdour
Many Babies 11/29/15 BlueOpossum
can't visit 11/20/15 DreamEnvy
Dad's strange blackheads 11/26/15 haux
Collapse on King Street 11/11/15 BlueOpossum
Stuff about Christianity 11/09/15 RaRo
Evening Intruders (visually precognitive) 03/14/15 BlueOpossum
Stealthy Explorations of Businesses and Museums 10/18/15 BlueOpossum
Evil Caterpillars living in my navel. Most Disgusting Dream. 09/30/15 WilliamDreams
Strange Infection (warning: gore) 05/22/15 BlueOpossum
Leg Problems 09/22/15 lilyofthemist
tiny bubbles into bigger bubbles overflowing 09/14/15 ImmortalDreams
Waking up early 09/11/15 foddforlorare
Baby Father 06/15/97 BlueOpossum
Remote Viewing an Accident 10/15/87 BlueOpossum
Surgery on a dog 08/29/15 haux
Getting hanged 08/18/15 Yorghos
Doctor Doomless 08/24/15 BlueOpossum
Grover and a Dragon 05/29/96 BlueOpossum
Broken 08/20/15 LittlexBluebird
The most painful acupuncture imagined 08/14/15 Opirted3
Not Quite a Western 04/10/15 BlueOpossum
Guardian and Ghosts 08/11/15 RemlitQueen
Burn Concern 08/04/15 BlueOpossum
"Terra Cotta" 11/30/74 BlueOpossum
Meghan's stomach pains 08/03/15 haux
Doctor Who; Konami Code; Cloud Castle 08/02/15 9spaceking
Actors from “Everybody Loves Raymond” 07/19/14 BlueOpossum
Dogpile 02/19/72 BlueOpossum
Are you my mommy? 08/07/13 StavoR
Trying to prevent death 07/22/15 ImmortalDreams
TARDIS hijacked 07/12/15 WilliamDreams
Evil Will Come In 06/22/15 mypsychosis
Irony 05/22/15 9spaceking
The Invitation 05/16/15 Specter
Attitude Problem 05/14/15 Specter
The BFG10K 02/06/15 Specter
The Cave And The Dad's Job 01/26/15 Specter
Roommate Concerned for my Health 05/07/15 Mayze
Telephone Call 04/20/15 london_lad
TO Value our friendship = confusing life and dreams 04/16/15 ImmortalDreams
City of the Walking Angels/Weeping Dead 04/13/15 MisanthropTK
Overflow 04/12/15 SabotageMost
New Job - Dan's Son Dies Tragically and Lots of Animals! 04/12/15 Torgy0401
Part of my penis falls off over a fault line 04/10/15 haux
hospital? 04/09/15 MonkeyMagdalen
Shark Teeth 04/07/15 Torgy0401
Cave event & Hanging with all [kinds] of people 03/21/15 ImmortalDreams
Olivia Wilde's sisters Cancer and Drakes Attention 04/21/13 Aroniel
A Great Talent 03/15/15 Aroniel
The Secret 03/10/15 london_lad
Trapped in the big house 02/28/15 catlady496
Being with a dog in an office 10/30/13 Trumpet_girl_02
Pap Smear 02/20/15 RemlitQueen
Eating a Battery 02/18/15 SabotageMost
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