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Dream Date User
Crushed Fingers, Waves, Romance, and Dinosaurs 10/28/15 magicsparkles
Abstract Sales 05/01/15 BlueOpossum
Dream symbols 10/18/15 000nudscu
Old friend/childhood crush 08/30/15 Skyanne
Strange Homes, Multiple Wakings, and Infected Arm 08/12/15 WilliamDreams
The Buzzard’s Beak 10/04/69 BlueOpossum
Undemolisher 10/24/14 BlueOpossum
New Practice and Lost Time 04/23/15 BlueOpossum
Best Friends With The Devil 07/29/15 Blaine
07/16/15 9spaceking
Finger Sushi 07/13/15 nervoustrees
Military Hogwarts 07/09/15 diavana
a couple dreams I remember from youth 06/10/15 idontsleep
Riding a Pink Elephant 05/24/15 Torgy0401
Searching for Something 05/11/15 9spaceking
MMO Girlfriend 03/16/15 hG
The Search 03/31/15 9spaceking
Dan Has A Girlfriend 03/30/15 Torgy0401
I Don't Love Him 03/18/15 mypsychosis
Crush called my name in a department store 03/17/15 sugarhigh200
Pirate ship, eggs in bushes, baby elephant, school tour 02/19/15 dreamfox
Starry Tunnel Adventure, The Tragic Girl 02/08/15 stillwater
A new friend 01/29/15 luciddreams12
Orange Dumbbell Telekinesis 01/20/15 hG
???? Alex Ernst ???? and a girl with books for a head 01/18/15 CutieLouis
Eaten by Lion, Flying Blind, House Rehab 01/17/15 ShaderZ
Too nervous!! :( 01/10/15 9spaceking
Absolutely crushed 01/07/06 9spaceking
Friend's Drawing 01/13/15 Avarice
Attack on Titan: The Movie 01/06/15 AnnaDavis
Animal House 12/25/14 mypsychosis
Pieces of Recent Dreams 12/28/14 RemlitQueen
A Puzzled Maze 12/27/14 xxSashaxx
Dream-Dream Dream?? 11/24/14 CutieLouis
A Kiss Breaks The Skin 11/30/14 Iestyn
Him 11/28/14 citatos
Navy ship/car 11/11/14 SkylerHawk
The kitten of Mars 09/28/14 Yorghos
Stuck in forever friend zone. 08/26/14 Superbass
Stuck in forever friend zone. 08/26/14 Superbass
Hong Kong trip 08/17/14 Person1
The Imaginary Cult: A Spirit's Journey 08/01/14 Silence
Sharks, Sacrificing Cameras, and So Many Chains 07/24/14 dazzled07
It Was Supposed to be a Vacation 05/12/02 Genie
Major Crushes 11/09/04 Genie
Julie 07/12/14 Jiuhl
5-10-15; Boxcars; Frustrating Clothes 06/21/14 Jiuhl
um 12/21/13 bunnies
nudes and hacking 03/18/14 bunnies
bOYs boy s boys 06/05/14 CutieLouis
Interspecies Beat Down 05/12/14 SquidLilly
Kissing 04/27/14 pinkiebrooke
Pumpkin 04/18/14 angelling
Support network 03/18/14 Skyanne
Stopping a storm 12/17/98 BlueOpossum
A baby's crying wakes me up* Home remidies from past 02/26/14 ImmortalDreams
Paddling to the airport 01/21/14 emmyzed
concerts 10/09/13 ooCarmaleneoo
Changeling and Switched Runners? 12/20/13 BlueOpossum
two girls from my past 12/13/13 ElectricOdour
i'm never good enough 12/13/13 yodalaylee
My New Girlfriend and the Demon 11/13/13 jakevader93
Emily? 10/19/13 nettlebones
The Backyard / I've Got a Crush on American Bread! 09/20/13 stakkr303
i'm not a force to be reckoned with 10/09/13 pinkfrosting88
Kissing My Crush 09/21/13 SpaceLover96
Premonition 09/16/13 todreamweaver
Workaholics jdvodjdb 07/25/12 cherryoreo
A Bare Moment 08/13/13 mothwinged
Stairs, Shoes, and iPhones 08/25/13 kittenrequiem
Back to school 08/08/13 HFrifelt
Cafe in mall 08/05/13 LexieTibbo
Kidnapping then swimming lessons 08/05/13 LexieTibbo
Biker band, baby in a bucket, jock plays w/ dolls, hot sk8er 07/21/13 DarkSeaPsyche
Lunch with former colleague 07/19/13 ElectricOdour
The Affair 07/07/13 BlueVirgoDreamer
Old Dream Archives: Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition 07/21/12 RemlitQueen
Old Dream Archives 2 07/21/12 RemlitQueen
Bald Can Be Cute 03/02/13 tehuti
Lucid dream reality check #2 - dream is out of control 06/23/13 Conifer
A Dream Way Too Exaggerated 06/11/13 TJ
Chasing 06/11/13 gnocchini2000
Little kids in a movie and train stations and holding hands 06/10/13 Conifer
Of Indoor "Rain" and Falling Walls 06/08/13 BlueOpossum
looking at the sky, joanna turns up 06/08/13 penguin93
No love, no success, no health 10/01/12 TJ
Laid 06/05/13 brendanreape88
Wishing Fountain in My Back Garden, And Other Things 05/22/13 SpaceLover96
Four weirdest dreams 05/15/13 eleggua
Strange Prison Home 05/09/13 Irisinfinity
Doorstop 04/24/13 Tangerine
A pervert at school 04/21/13 xxSashaxx
Old Fool 04/20/13 stillwater
past dreams 04/15/13 EtherealSeal
Old Crush 01/17/13 Connor
In a hotel room 04/05/13 haux
Checkpoint 02/02/12 AmongstTheRabble
A collection of last night's dreams.. 03/24/13 LemonZest
Trapped In The School 03/23/13 c_n12
Explaining the train/falling wall/foyer boy 03/17/13 Conifer
A Dark Beach-Side Football Game 08/19/12 wellbutrindreams
strange dream that keeps happening. 01/26/13 marissa
sunrise and crushes 01/20/13 schneiderg2
China and Grandma 01/19/13 gegeee
I have no idea what to name this dream! 01/13/13 Chriii
Transformation 01/09/13 Yuki
Jealousy, Another Has My Crush 11/08/12 Kelsey3700
Dinner With My Crush 12/16/12 Kelsey3700
Hugs in an Art Club 01/06/13 BehindBlueEyes
I Really Love You 12/22/12 BehindBlueEyes
Key To The Dream 12/23/12 UnknownDreamGirl
My Crush 11/09/12 SpoiledPink26
The heart broken girl 12/05/12 rachbear13
Red Sand 11/28/12 Psychonautic44
The flatmate 12/01/12 flunky
Fight Club Dinner Date 12/01/12 evangeline
forced dream/false awakenings 11/26/12 al
Accepted to Duke 11/24/12 dreamgurrl
11/23 Dream 11/23/12 dreamgurrl
Mob at Church 11/03/12 drvsvs
Close Encounter with O.J. Simpson. 11/03/12 dreamhost88
School for nutters? 10/20/12 Awesomness101
sex with my bestfriend? 10/13/12 kelseyhall
School, friends 10/12/12 LENABEARR
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