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Dream Date User
Eden Beach Hut and Granddad Bob 02/09/17 therararabbit
Tickets For Wembley 02/08/17 london_lad
Concert Map 12/23/16 zurastar
From Bed to Bar. 12/29/16 gsxr1181
Cyrus Concert 12/25/16 LucidDreamer777
Townspeople vs. Winterhold 12/27/16 misotanni
[1/2] A Stroll in the Park 12/24/16 misotanni
Joining a Musician Club 12/20/16 misotanni
Communist School 12/19/16 misotanni
[1/3] Changing in a Crowded Hallway 12/18/16 misotanni
[3/3] Sucked into a Game 12/18/16 misotanni
Chaotic Harmony 06/20/16 misotanni
Garth Brooks concert and moving balcony 11/15/16 haux
Shinedown Concert Trip 10/25/16 zurastar
Monster Ball 10/15/16 LucidDreamer777
cooking meatballs n Kiss warewolf 10/23/16 ImmortalDreams
Star Clusters Again, and Fats Waller 09/25/98 BlueOpossum
Dio's Disease 10/15/16 independentwaste
Granddads Accident and Sparks Performance 10/09/16 therararabbit
Love of My Life 10/07/16 Cateeto
Jethro Tull 09/29/16 london_lad
The Suspicious Golf Resort 09/10/16 Canadiangirl95
Gaga-ology 08/31/16 LucidDreamer777
Lunch Break 08/30/16 zurastar
PJ Harvey Concert 07/15/16 foddforlorare
Gravel Pit Reopens 09/01/14 independentwaste
Buttons 08/11/16 london_lad
gas station clear muscle, weather controller. 07/30/16 ArchDriveGoodbye
Parents Divorce; Guitars 11/14/11 Ichi2Tah
Fragments 07/09/16 evalia
Concert Community; Stealing a City Truck 07/07/16 independentwaste
Refugee Reflections 01/02/88 BlueOpossum
Being Older at an Unusual Concert 06/25/16 BlueOpossum
Shenanigans in Mid-Concert 06/22/16 BlueOpossum
Compression and Concerts 06/16/16 therararabbit
Robert Johnson Concert 01/24/97 BlueOpossum
Driving to East Brunswick, fun with guy friend @ doctor's 05/24/16 sabinascale
Concert Preperation 05/09/16 9spaceking
Rainbow Dream Boy, and Strawberry Fields Forever 05/06/16 Sav
Shopko, bodybuilders, concert, shack and dog. 05/05/16 ArchDriveGoodbye
Haunted 04/27/16 CielNoir
Katy Perry is in a high school dance troupe 04/16/16 haux
The Annoying Teacher 04/02/16 9spaceking
Walls 03/22/16 therararabbit
Elton John Concert 03/21/16 london_lad
Met a Celebrity at a Hotel 12/12/15 Genie
Angry People 03/16/16 lindablueeyes2
7 traps 03/15/16 9spaceking
Guns at concerts 03/07/16 dreadly
2x22 03/09/16 9spaceking
Lox the rock band concert. 03/05/16 hgs345
Queuing for Muse 03/01/16 thekeyholder91
Boat trip 02/29/16 thekeyholder91
Ritchie Valens dream 05/19/97 BlueOpossum
Bowling for Soup Concert 10/12/15 IceQueen
Freddie's Kiss and Jon's Illness 01/14/16 Cateeto
Sunday Concert 01/04/16 Yepi
Diva Sarcasm 01/02/16 BlueOpossum
15.12.28. - Flying with the force, Kiss of the 12/28/15 hashtagCANDO
Back to Music School after Concert 12/26/15 Yepi
Folsom Chaos 12/17/15 BlueOpossum
Grabbing At Thick Air 12/05/15 london_lad
Grabbing At Thick Air 12/05/15 london_lad
Special Water Conspiracy, Harsh Noise Concert, Tornado... 11/27/15 deadpie
Distorted Shopping Mall 11/27/15 BlueOpossum
Living with Pearl Jam on Halloween 11/11/15 Cateeto
preemptive christmas shopping 10/24/15 pigeonfolk
Change of Heart 10/20/15 forgottendreams
Concert in Israel 05/12/15 BlueOpossum
Foo Fighters' Backstage Pep-Talk 10/11/15 EdCase
Perfect Acting in Three Situations 10/11/15 9spaceking
Unknown Buyer or Seller 10/01/15 BlueOpossum
Bumper Boats 09/25/15 Canadiangirl95
Reckless Driving Backwards/Concert Gig/Orange Slurpee 06/20/15 DuffyJ1111
The Good-luck kiss 01/05/13 9spaceking
After Party of the Afterlife 07/10/15 Hummingbird
Meeting Usher 07/25/15 hawtbrunettebabe
Tornado Chasers 06/28/15 lunarpixi3
Eating and a Childhood Birthday Party 06/20/15 RaRo
Other Dreams 05/22/14 RaRo
From Finals to Auditions to Disney 05/27/15 Faenwen
Argument/Terry Kath 04/19/15 london_lad
Day Trip 04/12/15 Canadiangirl95
April 1st - 2nd 2015 #2 - A Performance 04/02/15 jimseviltwin
Dancing with Taemin 03/22/15 bananauyuyu
Pianist 03/03/15 london_lad
Weird day at school. 02/27/15 undulatingmicrob
Blowing up buildings, bell playing, Nazis 02/24/15 dreamfox
Concert 02/18/15 london_lad
Truck/War 01/12/15 illyria723
Prodigy concert and a Donald Duck story 02/16/15 ElectricOdour
Broken condom, nails, lost wallet 02/11/15 LeylaTheGreat
Performing As Adam 02/07/15 Bluebird
My cousin the performer, Cat people, and a uneventful drive 02/19/14 Aroniel
In a sleazy motel room& meeting up with neighbors. 02/02/15 ImmortalDreams
candase, hotel, mcr, gun, floating blue fish 01/27/15 LeylaTheGreat
2 dreams, 1 night 01/20/15 luciddreams12
I Was Rude 01/20/15 NervousRhino
Facing the 'truth' 01/15/15 ImmortalDreams
Not fair to move & whoopi shows her 'soul' shoe . 01/11/15 ImmortalDreams
Music 01/07/15 Faerie
Concert Time 01/07/15 markchop
Florida Georgia Line songwriters dream 01/02/15 Armatron
New Sensation 12/22/14 stakkr303
Manson 12/04/14 ilovehaircut100
water balloon map, kroger gifts, Tommy's lap, awilda attack 11/27/14 LeylaTheGreat
Stolen SUVS and Banking 11/25/14 Specter
The Pink Glitter Sugar Birds 11/12/14 SabotageMost
Woods at Thomas's and a concert 10/11/14 VickiV
Images ..real or lucid..back with friends from the past 10/08/14 ImmortalDreams
Feelings come out..seeking the truth 10/07/14 ImmortalDreams
The Book. 09/25/14 therararabbit
A Gay Dream 09/24/14 london_lad
Confusion 09/24/14 NervousRhino
Paul Stanley interview part 2 & Helping out others. 09/23/14 ImmortalDreams
infinite loneliness 09/18/14 deadpie
Bank Card Missing 09/14/14 VickiV
Meeting up with all kinds of people & threating weather 09/06/14 ImmortalDreams
Driving in the car with Aladdin & Steven ....Kiss show 09/03/14 ImmortalDreams
Old friends 'die hard' dancing shoes 08/29/14 ImmortalDreams
Shit on the Radio 08/25/14 Netural
Underground Concert 08/21/14 ShadyDreamer
Meerkats / Concert / Gas Pump 07/25/14 Whimsical
Missing Band 07/29/14 magicsparkles
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