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Dream Date User
Starbucks at the Barclay Center 04/20/14 Aroniel
House Parties and Jedis 01/22/15 Genie
small travels 01/30/15 luciddreams12
City's Pony Posters 01/14/13 hG
Suspicious Activity 01/28/15 vogelein
House class and naked cult 01/28/15 hG
Trip Around the World 10/12/12 hG
Playing old version of wow 10/05/13 hG
A Snowy Prison 01/20/15 CocoBean
Mini Avengers Film and an Earthquake 01/19/15 magicsparkles
Hiding in the dark-walking with characters 01/19/15 ImmortalDreams
Monster Tower 01/18/15 zoedune
North of Newark / International Food Festival 01/09/15 stakkr303
Kidnapping in Egypt 01/14/15 moonfaery
old flame 01/15/15 liarsenicc
Missed Train, Missed Opportunity 01/14/15 ShaderZ
Is This Really Seoul? 01/11/15 AmongstTheRabble
Imitating a pirate in the catacomb 01/03/15 Yorghos
Not fair to move & whoopi shows her 'soul' shoe . 01/11/15 ImmortalDreams
last 2 weeks recap 01/08/15 nervoustrees
Love is the Answer 01/07/15 Sevenhawks
The weird day 01/06/15 catlady496
The Tip Of The Tower 12/28/14 vogelein
Jan. 2, 2015 01/02/15 EverythingInane
Dec. 29, 2014 12/29/14 EverythingInane
more than a feeling 05/18/12 juni321
Criminal Employers in the Past 12/20/14 Pwyrdan
Frauenkirche 01/19/79 vogelein
Inescapable Bomb 12/17/14 bcookieface
Going on an Outing 11/13/14 Genie
Lucid, Precognitive, Public Domain 12/17/14 Toolbearer
WUT M8 12/15/14 robobot14
Evil Incarnate 02/10/78 vogelein
hotel and lion painting 11/27/14 juni321
Factory Escape 12/14/14 thoth
Pokemon Journey 12/12/14 dylerupt68
Castenada Article (Debunker) 12/12/14 Sevenhawks
Layers 12/05/14 Grenadine
Bears and Hand Holding 12/08/14 92189047
A new restaurant in Austin 12/07/14 haux
Short Scenes: Ambulance / Mirror / Octopus / Toys 12/04/14 Whimsical
Neglected in an Odd World 12/02/14 dylerupt68
Toytown & Oasis / Not In The Mood 11/13/14 stakkr303
Don't Disturb This Groove 11/04/14 stakkr303
"I Have To Ask You A Question" 11/21/14 Specter
The Girl I Could Not Save 11/26/14 kathryn99
SOA Bar and Online Gaming 11/26/14 NervousRhino
Pressured by the Past; Losing Myself 09/13/14 Pwyrdan
Jewish Bodega Bomb / Bus Bomb / Forced Awakening 10/19/14 stakkr303
Dad, children, leaving my bike 11/23/14 haux
Neo De Janeiro Conspiracy / Community Garden in Philadelphia 10/12/14 stakkr303
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
The anti-Christ in Utero 11/17/14 lisconn
hidden inconvenient apartment and forest regrowth 11/15/14 MonkeyMagdalen
Bad Alignment 11/10/14 NervousRhino
Retribution 11/09/14 vogelein
Explodes 11/01/14 Whimsical
Trying to get lost & found ...Riding on Harry potter's broom 11/06/14 ImmortalDreams
The Argument 10/28/14 london_lad
Running and Jumping 10/26/14 london_lad
Drinking with No Effects 10/25/14 Canadiangirl95
Relaxed zombie apocalypse 10/17/14 tessasdreams
Rescue 10/13/14 vogelein
Purple cactuses and who gave Amsterdam a make over?! 10/18/14 tessasdreams
Janices' Jewelry and At the City Next to the Sea (lucid) 10/16/14 stillwater
Lost Passport 10/09/14 vogelein
field trip 10/11/14 lilyofthemist
A Girl chased by the devil. 10/11/14 Hallyna
Mecha Orgy Glass Cage Dream 10/11/14 deadpie
Orewata 10/05/14 Joko
Apartment & Slums 10/05/14 Sakurama
Seedy Boyhood/Chinese Neighborhood 10/02/14 RadicalRyan
Hogwarts America: The Final Battle 09/30/14 todreamweaver
Foreign Sanctuary 09/28/14 vogelein
Vampires And Black Helicopters 09/27/14 mypsychosis
This Takes the "Weird" Cake 09/25/14 mothwinged
Blueish 09/22/14 Fuzzyant
On A Mission 09/20/14 vogelein
Survival 08/29/14 LuxNeri
New Beige City with Jazz Print Shop 09/18/14 Anona
George Clooney Appears & Another Dream About My Protagonist 09/14/14 magicsparkles
Peace and hope 09/11/14 boopei
im an outsider 09/01/14 walrus
Chaos in the Office / Basement Flood / Beautiful Water Park 08/12/14 stakkr303
Sky high Apt in the Future 02/18/14 lisconn
Rough Draft, Part 1 08/24/14 Toolbearer
Stormy Power and Railroad Rising 08/23/14 derelict17
Outings, Revolution and Death (A natural Lucid Dream) 08/22/14 AreebaKausar
The naked police spa with a very special friend. 08/15/14 Gamecrazy500
With the brady's & back at the bus station..Magical Harry 08/14/14 ImmortalDreams
Domed City - Nuclear Bomb (Mental Anxiety) 01/22/14 Sakurama
Dorms / Dark Town / In the Greenhouse With Pearl 08/09/14 stakkr303
The wrong potion 07/04/14 Yorghos
Bureaucratic nightmare 08/09/14 haux
Flood 08/07/14 magicsparkles
Bowling Alley Shooting / The Atrium / Parkway Chaos 08/06/14 stakkr303
Valuable Property 08/06/14 vogelein
Odd Dream: Line Wait-Fat Man/Weird Grin 05/03/14 emilyliz
Park and Police and Subway and Stress! 07/31/14 n01
another x dream 07/31/14 nervoustrees
Luxury Restaurant in an Empty City 07/31/14 Jiuhl
Matthew and Bookie go abroad 07/31/14 honeybeefive
"Stop" 01/30/13 heresunflowers
World on Fire 07/22/14 AngelaD725
Convoluted City 07/23/14 RadicalRyan
Pink chalk-gum 07/21/14 zoedune
My Neighbor Saves My Ass 07/21/14 alexvill1994
Gang Wars 07/20/14 supersapien
Mansion, Pirates, and The Hotel 07/20/14 Jiuhl
Troublesome Replacement 07/18/14 vogelein
City of Threed - Dispatching Zombies ( ?) 07/15/14 Sakurama
Flying Device/Flea Market 07/14/14 DuffyJ1111
Escaping Torture 07/10/14 vogelein
Werewolf Hunting #1 12/31/13 Werewolven
Biiiiicycle 07/06/14 n01
Our Desert Compound and Capturing an Alien 08/05/09 Pwyrdan
Photos during Lauren's wedding 07/04/14 haux
List of My Most Interesting Dreams (Mystic) 07/01/14 Pwyrdan
A Place I'm Happy 07/20/12 Pwyrdan
Fire Fighters and a Corrupt King 04/06/12 Pwyrdan
Witnessing a Conversation 07/01/14 Noric
Checking out a new home 06/23/14 haux
WILD attempt 6/28/14 06/28/14 stillwater
The Murder in Ford, MS 06/26/14 CNGB
Two Dreams of a Man 06/23/14 Jiuhl
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