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Dream Date User
Loomis Street Door Mishap 09/01/15 BlueOpossum
Passivity Award 08/31/15 BlueOpossum
The Apocalyptic Floods 08/03/14 BlueOpossum
Digging Through the Couch 05/19/15 BlueOpossum
Lost In St. Louis 08/26/15 vogelein
Grapevine 10/01/14 BlueOpossum
Watching an investigation 09/20/14 BlueOpossum
Clock Gears 03/25/15 BlueOpossum
Cards and Holograms 05/15/15 BlueOpossum
Triple Experiment 08/23/15 9spaceking
Vertigo 08/20/15 london_lad
The Evolution of a Muskellunge 08/22/15 BlueOpossum
Toy figures change size 08/22/14 BlueOpossum
Bus or Train? 07/07/14 BlueOpossum
Purple Energies, Puppets, and Car Thieves 08/07/96 BlueOpossum
My Dream Journal Status 08/18/15 BlueOpossum
The White Kangaroo 09/13/77 BlueOpossum
Going Back Again 01/02/15 BlueOpossum
Golden Latch 08/17/15 BlueOpossum
Number Twenty-Two and “Turning the Tables” 12/29/93 BlueOpossum
Living Without Women 08/14/15 vogelein
Relevant (Personal) Dream Symbols Part 3 of 7 08/13/15 BlueOpossum
Roaming Around With No Idea 04/16/15 BlueOpossum
Tornado Portal (Subtle Merkaba Prophecy) 04/09/84 BlueOpossum
Castle of Winds 11/05/84 BlueOpossum
Dark Images, Screams for help and Ghouls making Movies 08/10/15 ChrisDreaminIt
Magic, Love, Alternate Realities and Wishful Thinking 08/10/15 ChrisDreaminIt
Blue Reflection 01/01/15 onyxdreaming
Flying Like A Crow 08/02/15 vogelein
Undemolisher 10/24/14 BlueOpossum
Peaceful Evening 07/05/96 BlueOpossum
I Want to Ride My Bicycle 08/06/15 BlueOpossum
Alligators 06/20/15 BlueOpossum
Busy Streets 04/18/15 BlueOpossum
Writing A Murder Mystery 07/29/15 vogelein
Self-Decoding CME Dream 08/05/15 BlueOpossum
Beautiful Tornadoes 04/30/15 BlueOpossum
Riding a Superman roller coaster 08/03/15 haux
Futurescape 08/28/04 BlueOpossum
The power Sapper 08/01/15 9spaceking
King of Outer Space 12/19/70 BlueOpossum
Making a Musical Instrument 11/19/14 BlueOpossum
Rare Egg 12/10/14 BlueOpossum
Not a nightmare 04/20/10 fridaygraveyard
A tower, a dragon and a... fiddle? 02/22/14 StavoR
I can't run from a tsunami 07/23/15 haux
Flo Rida and Blueberry Pizza 07/22/15 yournewlodger
Glow Cat Glow 07/22/15 BlueOpossum
tim tams and spinach ravioli 07/21/15 pigeonfolk
An Old Book and Glowing Skin 07/21/15 BlueOpossum
Bloody school grounds. 07/18/15 MHeirtzler
Martin Won A Hummer 07/08/15 mypsychosis
Black Bear 07/03/15 mypsychosis
A Sex Thing 07/17/15 Torgy0401
Hurricane Alaska 07/14/15 Werewolven
Coffee-Energy 07/09/15 vogelein
Going to a Movie 06/23/15 Genie
A gym on a first date? 07/03/15 haux
Bubbles In Church 12/28/92 vogelein
A Story of Tragic Lovers 06/28/15 LittlexBluebird
Toy Man 06/19/13 Whimsical
Camping, Chemistry, and a Strange House 06/25/15 RaRo
Hospital on a ferry 06/24/15 stuster
Naked cowboy; children almost drown in a pool 06/23/15 haux
The Water Bug 06/10/15 mypsychosis
Supernatural FBI 06/20/15 EdCase
Rehab House 06/17/15 hippydippy
Murderer at the door 06/09/15 Anona
Kidnap 06/08/15 london_lad
Teeth Falling Out 06/08/15 Torgy0401
Zack breaks up with his girlfriend 06/03/15 haux
Remote-Viewed Toy Telephone 05/23/15 Zsuzsanna
Gang shooting 05/25/15 haux
Taking Notes 05/15/15 Whimsical
The House With Many Doors & Zombies 05/24/15 l1tl3gurl
Burned Bodies 05/21/15 themillcity
The End of The World 04/29/15 Specter
Primary School, Dressing Gown and Teacher 01/15/11 SkayaKnight
I walk to a carnival 05/15/15 haux
Horrible television show 05/11/15 haux
The Baby Pig was Used as Bait 05/10/15 Torgy0401
Flight To Paris 04/23/15 vogelein
Terrorist Execution / The Swat Valley 05/04/15 stakkr303
Santa 05/02/15 london_lad
French Canada 04/21/15 vogelein
Pain in the Neck 04/30/15 CocoBean
Expensive cars and the Whomping Willow 04/29/15 haux
Regrettable Decisions 04/29/15 LittlexBluebird
Loose ends at the end of 'Harry Potter' 04/27/15 haux
Playing Dark Knight, Attending Classes, Campgrounds Activity 04/11/15 DemiakAgard
Question Of Ownership 04/11/15 vogelein
What Jesus Did 04/11/15 Aroniel
Nightmare: Captive 04/03/15 DemiakAgard
House Captives 03/19/15 DemiakAgard
In the persona of Jhon F. Z. Vetson 04/06/15 Person1
Toys come alive 04/05/15 Person1
Wickedness In The Church 07/09/90 vogelein
Dan Has A Girlfriend 03/30/15 Torgy0401
Train Station Message, Sibling Rivals and the Alligator ship 03/06/14 Aroniel
Singing Outside The Church 10/15/89 vogelein
Ray and me, as children 03/27/15 Anona
I Don't Love Him 03/18/15 mypsychosis
Duran Duran 03/24/15 london_lad
Music Class 03/22/15 london_lad
Unicorn Princesses 03/17/15 pegacorna
Balloon-Concertina 03/10/15 vogelein
Shoelaces / Vintage Car 03/16/15 london_lad
Photograph 03/14/15 london_lad
would be 60 03/13/15 crazydreams
Flying and Rescuing Kids From Germans 03/13/15 magicsparkles
Zen In Church 11/27/87 vogelein
Picking up my children from school 03/05/15 dreamfox
Dad’s Science Experiment 03/05/15 achiever
My friend is expecting triplets 03/03/15 dreamfox
A Child Named Winter 03/02/15 DemiakAgard
Kidnapping! Evil Nuns! And...Cable Woes? 08/09/13 tehuti
Buying a new snowsuit 03/01/15 dreamfox
Try to Remember that - Once Upon a December? 02/28/15 talfonso
Old Fashioned Man Kidnapping & Trying to Kill Twin Brothers 02/25/15 Werewolven
Fire Alarm/Shoelace Dream 02/25/15 london_lad
Rescheduled Wedding 02/25/15 london_lad
Evil Faeries 02/24/15 TheDivinePearl
Blowing up buildings, bell playing, Nazis 02/24/15 dreamfox
2/23/15 02/24/15 hippydippy
The Class and A Weird Moon 02/23/15 magicsparkles
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