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Dream Date User
Car 12/15/14 Sakurama
Evil Incarnate 02/10/78 vogelein
Car and Thanksgiving 11/28/14 webdiva
Stop the Car, I Need to Think! 12/09/14 TheDivinePearl
Rabbit at Daycare 12/09/14 Werewolven
Lost My Car, Farm Refuge 12/09/14 thoth
Clutch/Car Wreck with Arely/etc. 11/30/14 DuffyJ1111
Intrusive Reincarnation dreams 11/28/14 thoth
Shopping with a Gift Card 11/23/14 DreamPete
Credit Card Customer Service 11/19/14 NervousRhino
Horrific car accidents/Assisting in murder 10/05/13 DuffyJ1111
Death Match/Car Accident, Small cuts all over my body 11/03/14 DuffyJ1111
Navy ship/car 11/11/14 SkylerHawk
Percarious Concrete Slab 11/08/14 DreamPete
Hand Of Cards 11/05/14 vogelein
In A Car 10/07/14 london_lad
Not So Scary 11/03/14 Leo
Carrie's cat 10/28/14 haux
Scary Pictures 10/28/14 mypsychosis
Red Carpeted Room Filled With Chairs 10/24/14 w104mhk
Car Wreck 10/02/14 Ristaccia
My Poor Car 09/27/14 NervousRhino
The Car Park Collection 09/07/14 london_lad
scary - protect the small people 09/04/14 bunnies
Driving in the car with Aladdin & Steven ....Kiss show 09/03/14 ImmortalDreams
Captain Jean-Luc Picard To The Rescue 09/01/14 mypsychosis
Johnathan and Jean Carlos? 08/19/14 CutieLouis
Carrying a small animal on a trip 08/19/14 haux
Of Stress Management and Self Care 08/16/14 norrismichal
A tree hits a friend's car 08/14/14 haux
Scary bright-eyed demonic witch 08/12/14 Skyanne
The mysterious care home 08/06/14 honeybeefive
Carnival 07/29/14 loco
carlos webs 07/23/14 ooCarmaleneoo
Two Cardboard Boxes 07/05/14 london_lad
Car Crash 06/24/14 diggitydoggz
5-10-15; Boxcars; Frustrating Clothes 06/21/14 Jiuhl
Race Car and Work Truck 06/20/14 Jiuhl
more scary wasp dreams 04/21/14 bunnies
Toy Car 06/16/14 london_lad
The President's Car 06/15/14 MelloYellow
Polar Bear Scare 06/09/14 Fuzzyant
Uncarved Stone 05/15/14 vogelein
Car Rage 05/07/14 london_lad
Subway, Car, F.A., Book, OBE 05/06/14 RadicalRyan
Doing Carrie's paper route 05/03/14 RadicalRyan
Car Break-Ins 05/02/14 stakkr303
scary man, alien planet 05/02/14 crystaltara
'zombies' surrounding my car 04/23/14 ashzepplin
Scar Face 04/17/14 Fuzzyant
Someone stole my cart 04/14/14 shells
Driving my new car in unfamiliar Austin 04/13/14 haux
International gang car chase 04/09/14 Softshoe
Car accidents, trumpets, shootings at work, and exes 03/30/14 dazzled07
Runaway Car 04/01/14 london_lad
My Friend the Vampire-the Scary Non Sparkly Kind 01/08/05 BlackPaperMoon
Driving A Car 03/27/14 london_lad
Toy Cars 03/26/14 Fuzzyant
werewolf, blood, scary portrait, etc. 03/26/14 crystaltara
Climbing Carrying Pumpkins Helicopter Crash etc... 03/16/14 Ddraig76
Day-Care Center 03/16/14 vogelein
Blue Car and McDonald's Hamburgers 03/12/14 w104mhk
Card Party 03/03/14 bonehead
Moving and lost the car 02/26/14 BJ101
A police car follows me 01/31/14 haux
We don't care about homework 01/30/14 haux
Toy Car 02/16/14 emojpg
New Car 02/15/14 w104mhk
NCIS school bomb scare 02/14/14 nina1
bird skeleton,cartoon figurines,calendars. 02/09/14 ashzepplin
Bad Bathhouse and Scary School 01/31/14 n01
Scary Marta 01/28/14 noraaaa
Talking During a Card Game 01/08/14 darkbutpureheart
Andre (from TV show 'The League') and the ruined carrot cake 11/02/13 hG
Disasters at the Carnival 01/08/14 wonderingfox
Carnage 01/03/14 vogelein
Car Troubles / Wheel of Fortune Matchmaker? 01/02/14 Nitro
hellish scary movie 12/30/13 crystaltara
Police Car Accidents 12/29/13 Canadiangirl95
Co-workers play a confusing card game 12/27/13 haux
Taking the train on the Navy carrier 12/27/13 haux
The Dream (Self-Driving) Car Ride 12/19/13 c_n12
Radio Car 12/14/13 Fuzzyant
Car Accident 12/05/13 smherren
Car Trouble and Must Save Zu's Flower Pot 12/06/13 BitterOlives
Riding in cars 06/19/13 hood12
Hotel Carter 12/01/13 Blaine
New Car, Ice Cream, and Camping 11/28/13 BitterOlives
Zombies in Cars 10/09/13 Corvid
crossing bridges and the magic carpet. 11/19/13 ashzepplin
Judas Iscariot Visits France 11/14/13 quitesometime
Unrepentant Carnivores 10/24/13 vogelein
Wind takes apart Mom's car 11/09/13 haux
A boat stole the car 11/03/13 BillyNoMates
Car Accident, Water Snakes, and Injuries 10/26/13 BitterOlives
Hiding Michael Jackson's car with Des 10/24/13 Anona
Tony Soprano "takes care" of a house 10/24/13 haux
"Triangle Headed Cult Discarding" 10/18/13 HelloPachirisu
Zu Talking, Me Getting Electrocuted, and a 1920s Cartoon 10/06/13 BitterOlives
Oyster Card 09/21/13 london_lad
The woman who carried a heart 09/29/13 Yorghos
Blue Car 09/24/13 w104mhk
Drunken Car Crash 09/11/13 slowgaze
Carousel 09/17/13 Saviyon
Cat Pee Everywhere, Dropping Acid, and Cartoon Owls 09/06/13 BitterOlives
Scary Disoriented Feeling; Teaching at a Catholic School 09/03/13 BitterOlives
Stoked Over a Car Ride 08/30/13 Specter
Party with Cath; Groceries and Car Accident with Holly 08/22/13 BitterOlives
Some really odd 'connections' ghosts among me 'angel care' 08/18/13 ImmortalDreams
Paranoid By Car 08/16/13 london_lad
Scary People in Cincinnati and then Cutting My Own Hair 08/11/13 BitterOlives
Car Trouble and a Zoo of a House 08/12/13 BitterOlives
Scary Rift Problems 12/27/09 Specter
Dangerous Car Trip 08/25/09 Specter
Leading Frank And Carl To Their Deaths 06/03/09 Specter
Carry the Law 08/05/13 Fuzzyant
Church and a wooden car 08/05/13 haux
Scary Movie Trick Fail 07/29/13 magicsparkles
Scary Game In My House 07/27/13 SpaceLover96
Eat at Mark's Carts! 07/26/13 Peri
Taken To The Car Park 07/26/13 SpaceLover96
Carrot Top, the Ghost 06/08/13 zemiq
Scary- Ghost Girl? 07/11/13 BitterOlives
My ex-girlfriends packed in a car 07/11/13 haux
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