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Dream Date User
Criminal Employers in the Past 12/20/14 Pwyrdan
Locked In; 12/20/13 LittlexBluebird
Good Deed 10/21/80 vogelein
Volcano Boyfriend 12/18/14 magicsparkles
Parents Divorced, Dad Helping Neighbor 12/18/14 thoth
Going on an Outing 11/13/14 Genie
Merging of Dreams and Reality and Jibankrishna or Diamond 10/27/77 Dipak
New Study 12/15/14 TheMessenger
Zombie Dream at Moms 11/30/14 webdiva
Cats in an apartment 12/13/14 haux
Twisters and a MOHCTP?? 12/12/14 TheMessenger
Castenada Article (Debunker) 12/12/14 Sevenhawks
Speeding Through Life 12/08/14 TheDivinePearl
Some very ODD company and scenes.. 12/08/14 ImmortalDreams
Bath tub Leak 12/07/14 Fuzzyant
Attacked By A Bear 12/03/14 l1tl3gurl
Amusement park annual passes 12/03/14 haux
A co-worker calls 11/30/14 haux
Jumpology 07/23/14 Genie
Huffiness at the Haunted House 11/29/14 Mithrandiri
Unfamiliar, Uncomfortable and...Zombies??????? 11/29/14 marisol39
Big Estate Sale 11/27/14 emillay
Getting away from a stoat 11/28/14 haux
Character Mash-Up 07/09/14 Genie
Oven, Dresser, Fridge, Combo 11/24/14 mypsychosis
the Intent of a Lifetime (Tiff Dreams) recurring theme 11/26/14 Sevenhawks
Moving 11/21/14 NervousRhino
Spiders And A Defiant Teenager 11/20/14 mypsychosis
Twin Peaks Season 3 11/19/14 DuffyJ1111
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
"At War" (2nd Dream Death) 11/17/14 NervousRhino
Gerbil 11/14/14 NervousRhino
Failed assignment, Gangs and being abandonned 11/12/14 thoth
Desert Art Compound Freedom 11/11/14 Armatron
Flowers 10/27/14 london_lad
saturday and sunday night. 11/04/14 liarsenicc
Capturing an alien 11/01/14 haux
A Pond For Melisa Sue 10/27/14 mypsychosis
Brian Urlacher 10/20/14 jenwebb10
Hurled in my Hair 10/19/14 n01
The Pond 10/17/14 Ristaccia
Spa day in the middle of nowhere attack by demon dogs. 10/16/14 ladyares18
My Baby Niece 10/16/14 elfwater78
Dirty room 10/16/14 haux
Snooping 10/13/14 Tetractys
Snakes and a Big Bug 10/12/14 Tetractys
Flying in an old bomber 10/07/14 haux
Stopping at a shooting range 10/07/14 haux
Hugged By A Dolphin and Whale 10/07/14 magicsparkles
Jealousy and a Turtle 10/06/14 Tetractys
Sea, Sea Side Den, New York New York Hotel 10/06/14 Sakurama
Something's Not Right (Nightmare) 10/05/14 Werewolven
Adventure Games 10/03/14 mypsychosis
Nightmare - Someones in the Basement. 10/04/14 NervousRhino
The Past 10/03/14 webdiva
Merging of Dreams and Reality and Jibankrishna or Diamond 12/26/75 Dipak
Tattoos for sale 10/02/14 NervousRhino
Incubation = storytelling ..and success .. 10/01/14 ImmortalDreams
Boat 09/30/14 RemlitQueen
Can't Read the Menu 06/08/14 Genie
The bathroom's in the shed 09/27/14 haux
Short and Pointless 09/25/14 mothwinged
Cinematic Fantasy 09/24/14 mothwinged
Confusion 09/24/14 NervousRhino
He Made Me Feel All Warm And Fuzzy 09/23/14 mypsychosis
A pine forrest in my mouth 09/22/14 mypsychosis
Sneaking Away 08/12/13 Genie
Sailor Savior 09/17/14 boopei
Sexually Graphic (sorry) 3-some (not sorry) 09/16/14 NervousRhino
"To your ceremonial brother-in-law, so I can have you to mys 09/16/14 Person1
Helping Boys Find A Hospital 09/14/14 Werewolven
Family movie 09/12/14 Person1
Feeding a dinosaur sausages 09/11/14 haux
Cheater 09/11/14 lilyofthemist
Grandma And The Wolf 09/07/14 Werewolven
Kid Becoming an Adult Overnight 09/06/14 magicsparkles
Paranormal drawers and snakes. 09/02/14 Gothbutter
the blue and white room, the water park 09/01/14 shinyflygonite
Stopped at a motel during our road trip 08/30/14 haux
Digging in the Dirt 08/30/14 Tetractys
Stuck in forever friend zone. 08/26/14 Superbass
Stuck in forever friend zone. 08/26/14 Superbass
None 08/27/14 emc
Wandering Around 05/02/14 Genie
Frying Pan Trailer 08/21/14 Tetractys
Johnathan and Jean Carlos? 08/19/14 CutieLouis
Carrying a small animal on a trip 08/19/14 haux
Buses 08/18/14 london_lad
Ten Thousand Souls 08/18/14 lilyofthemist
Former co-workers and dad's sick 08/17/14 haux
Hong Kong trip 08/17/14 Person1
Bugs on the ceiling 08/16/14 haux
School Porn 08/16/14 Tetractys
Tooth Fairy 08/16/14 Person1
Abandoned 08/13/14 Tetractys
Beef Stew and Apple Pie 08/09/14 mypsychosis
Bailey Jones: NSFW 08/09/14 kittenrequiem
Happy Walrus 08/07/14 vogelein
Quanars and a Higgs?? 08/08/14 TheMessenger
2 Lucid Dreams In One Night 08/01/14 Werewolven
Murderer 08/04/14 Snippity
Digging 08/02/14 smbetts
Officer Anders 08/02/14 Whimsical
more dreams about Seth - floating and sappy stuff 08/01/14 bunnies
The Imaginary Cult: A Spirit's Journey 08/01/14 Silence
Cake 07/31/14 Person1
Sad Music Video / Hiding Illegal Teas 07/30/14 stakkr303
deformed babies and brother issues 07/29/14 bunnies
The Show 06/20/14 angelling
Airport, Lady, Rack and River 07/23/14 kittenrequiem
The Great Escape 01/28/14 Genie
My Wolf Pack Searches For A Home + Strange Porcupine Logic 07/25/14 Werewolven
Sharks, Sacrificing Cameras, and So Many Chains 07/24/14 dazzled07
Reaching The Ice 07/23/14 vogelein
The Apocalypse? 01/15/14 Genie
Family trip 07/21/14 mypsychosis
Snippets 7.21.14 07/21/14 DuffyJ1111
My Neighbor Saves My Ass 07/21/14 alexvill1994
flirting with the organ harvester 07/20/14 pepsicola
a field trip 07/19/14 pepsicola
Not exactly a dream...? 07/19/14 LENABEARR
the wish agency 07/18/14 pepsicola
Through Time 06/08/14 Whimsical
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