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Dream Date User
Casino for old people 04/24/15 haux
Stopped for snacks on a road trip 04/21/15 haux
Deadpool, Cursed Restaurant, and the Baby Tiger 04/19/15 magicsparkles
Bingo and late to get Grandpa 04/16/15 haux
Creepy Robot And Collision With A Parallel Earth 04/16/15 madcat444
Creepy Robot And Collision With A Parallel Earth 04/16/15 madcat444
Creepy Robot And Collision With A Parallel Earth 04/16/15 madcat444
Mainly Inappropriate 04/13/15 9spaceking
Checking Room Quality 03/28/15 Genie
Evil Preacher, Killer Wax People, And More 04/16/15 mypsychosis
The Tomboy / Pikam 04/15/15 stakkr303
Road Trip 03/25/15 Genie
Something Gone Wrong 03/20/15 Genie
My brother shoots at a woman 04/15/15 haux
"You love dad, you just don't know it." 04/15/15 Person1
James Spader At The Monastery 04/08/15 mypsychosis
Koi And Alligator Pond 04/05/15 mypsychosis
Strange Place to Swim 12/02/01 Genie
Barricaded In The Church 12/01/90 vogelein
Part of my penis falls off over a fault line 04/10/15 haux
No lock for my locker 04/10/15 haux
Nightmare: Descent 03/23/15 DemiakAgard
My brother, Dudley 04/09/15 haux
Special Delivery 04/09/15 w104mhk
Stuck 04/09/15 london_lad
Going to the Past 04/06/15 thanatforos
Not fun movie outing 03/28/15 hG
Missing Persons 04/03/15 vogelein
Resort town and alternate dimension visitors 03/28/15 hG
Stopped by the water to wait for traffic 04/02/15 haux
Between A Church And A Courthouse 12/22/89 vogelein
Disney Hotel and Desert Drawing Class 03/13/15 hG
Long drive to play video games 03/30/15 haux
The hole Truth and nothing but the hole truth 03/28/15 ImmortalDreams
Gifts ,but wrong holiday & meeting up with Amanda 03/26/15 ImmortalDreams
Where To Sit 03/22/15 mypsychosis
A fight in Cedar Point's break area 03/24/15 haux
Computer in the fridge 03/23/15 haux
Benkei and Sundaes 03/22/15 pegacorna
Bomb In The Church 02/01/89 vogelein
Big losers have swords 03/21/15 haux
Career Opportunities 03/19/15 london_lad
Watching 'ER' 03/19/15 haux
Portrait on the Wall 03/16/15 TheHallows
Forever a Lifelong Worst Dream 03/15/04 Werewolven
Flying around in circles & My brother my trickster 03/15/15 ImmortalDreams
Pasta, Pasta, Pasta! 03/15/15 CocoBean
Nightmare: Alternative Family 03/06/15 DemiakAgard
Home Movies 03/07/15 mypsychosis
Betrayal From A New Friend 03/07/15 magicsparkles
Turtles in the Navy 03/07/15 haux
Breadmaking in the pool 03/06/15 haux
A new camera in my hotel room 03/06/15 haux
Dave's not Here 03/05/15 SabotageMost
My brother and I have to change a tire 03/05/15 haux
Getting Real at B&N Cafe 03/02/15 hG
Picking up my children from school 03/05/15 dreamfox
How to make a Tinkerbell clone 03/05/15 dreamfox
timeline to lucidity 03/04/15 Coynepurse
Climbing A Ladder 03/02/15 london_lad
Old Man Farmers boy * constant demands.. 03/02/15 ImmortalDreams
Words Hurt 08/05/13 tehuti
The Lovely Other Room, Yet Again 07/20/13 tehuti
Weird day at school. 02/27/15 undulatingmicrob
Old Fashioned Man Kidnapping & Trying to Kill Twin Brothers 02/25/15 Werewolven
Canes for my brother and me 02/25/15 haux
Rescheduled Wedding 02/25/15 london_lad
floods n tiny people 02/25/15 CutieLouis
Weather Control 02/23/15 mypsychosis
My best friend in an auditorium 02/22/15 dreamfox
My brother's lover? 02/23/15 haux
And Some Sort of God 02/23/15 mothwinged
Someone tries to steal my Xbox 02/20/15 haux
Mom buys lots of chips and chokes 02/17/15 haux
Sad Friend Visit + Ghost Lady 02/11/15 Werewolven
Trapped in a fenced-in area by the high school 02/15/15 haux
Father's buried research 12/17/14 dreamfox
The new couple living in our house 02/14/15 dreamfox
Morning Zendo 06/18/87 vogelein
Elegant mansion should belong to two sisters 12/25/14 dreamfox
Searching For Lennon 02/12/15 mrsbally0
Abandonment 02/12/15 Aroniel
Shopping alone, mr lollipop charms me.. 02/12/15 ImmortalDreams
Superficial And Artificial Church 05/02/87 vogelein
One wheel bike, explosion, and bragging at the diner 02/11/15 hG
Going to A's house, and back to school night 02/10/15 hG
Imaginary Home Run 02/05/15 vogelein
Little bugs 02/08/15 hG
"So, the wedding was just a hallucination?" 03/24/13 hG
Home Depot, Underground White House testing center, girl 01/18/13 hG
Complicated Indoor Game 02/06/15 hG
Therapist buys us pizza, race car drifting ride 02/06/15 hG
Starry Tunnel Adventure, The Tragic Girl 02/08/15 stillwater
GP Park 02/06/15 london_lad
College; volley ball, animals, dating 02/06/15 hG
Friend in her late 40s expecting twin girls 01/19/15 dreamfox
Five Sacrifices 01/17/13 hG
Plumber, Civ Board Game, Amy Poehler, Cartoons 01/16/13 hG
Vacation to the Bahamas 02/03/15 hG
I Don't Want to go Home 02/03/15 halfheart333
The Church's Deed Of Trust 06/01/85 vogelein
The wooden door. 01/31/15 DeadMansDream
Antiquated Practice Of Law 01/29/15 vogelein
Prom 3.0 01/11/13 hG
Joint living situation, crazy road trip 01/29/15 hG
Getting aroused by a sexual act... 01/26/15 ImmortalDreams
Trip Around the World 10/12/12 hG
Deadpan Movie and Dating 12/24/12 hG
A movie that horrified me 11/30/12 hG
At least she loves me! 10/23/12 hG
Blacked Out... on bus or not!? 06/25/14 hG
School Time 01/22/15 luciddreams12
Inappropriate Relationship 01/22/15 NervousRhino
Meeting Old Woman Born in 1700s 05/12/14 hG
New Pet 01/10/15 Genie
Dont Go Swimming For 1/2 An Hour After Eating Tacos 01/17/15 mypsychosis
Sitting on the edge of a cliff 01/20/15 haux
I Was Rude 01/20/15 NervousRhino
I Become My Brother 01/16/15 mypsychosis
Mini Avengers Film and an Earthquake 01/19/15 magicsparkles
Hiding in the dark-walking with characters 01/19/15 ImmortalDreams
Forced to help then fight a burglar 01/17/15 haux
A video of how to protect people from terrorists 01/16/15 haux
Boobs and Animals (3 dreams) 01/17/15 NervousRhino
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