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Dream Date User
Unexpected delivery Still Born -baby again 05/28/16 ImmortalDreams
Healing Excursion 05/28/16 BlueOpossum
House of Vines Hindrance 05/22/16 BlueOpossum
House in the woods 05/17/16 dstahr
Falling asleep at the wheel gets you pricked 05/17/16 ImmortalDreams
The Hissing Of Summer Lawns 05/08/16 london_lad
Trimming 05/07/16 BlueOpossum
Mental illness 05/05/16 Cloud0Strife01
The Fields of Perdition 09/16/15 tahmeeboo
Lose Face 04/26/16 BlueOpossum
Counting on it 01/04/65 BlueOpossum
Cup of Christ in Adult Book Store 02/02/84 BlueOpossum
Blood and Tea Cups 04/20/16 DreamerOfMany
I'm A Thief 04/17/16 DreamerOfMany
Tooth and Blood 04/10/16 BlueOpossum
Tortured Existence 04/08/16 Ricardo
Taboo 2 (a gift from the Source) 04/07/16 BlueOpossum
Dying For Some Lovin' 04/06/16 TJ
Lion, Orange, Sun, Fire, and Other Conscious Mind Symbols 04/01/16 BlueOpossum
Analyzing Bloody Cloths 03/22/16 DuffyJ1111
Childhood home again 03/27/16 xlisax
SPN Episode 03/26/16 Kailin
The joints of Hell 03/26/16 Ricardo
The Mysterious Murderer 03/25/16 9spaceking
Impressing the Girl 03/25/16 9spaceking
Muta Scale match 03/14/16 DuffyJ1111
Psychopath Beatdown and the Aftermath 03/13/16 DuffyJ1111
Trevor Philips 03/16/16 lizzz1984
Mr. Banc's Revenge 03/16/16 9spaceking
A Friend's Alien Girlfriend 09/06/07 BlueOpossum
Heroic Rebel 03/08/16 9spaceking
Losing Teeth! 03/02/16 Cari0908
Demon of Justice 02/28/16 DuckLife
Chased by a mob with knives and the 3 demons 02/26/16 Psychonautic44
Chased by a mob with knives and the 3 demons 02/26/16 Psychonautic44
Empty 02/23/16 EdenWolf
The Giant in the Mountain 02/17/16 Psychonautic44
Alternate Mall Realm? No Idea what this means 02/22/16 OddSubconcious
Watching a Family Guy skit and player a real-life videogame 02/22/16 Anonymous
BITE 02/20/16 stakkr303
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 02/16/16 toxicstar
Caught and stabbed 02/08/16 Ricardo
The lady in black 11/17/15 Ricardo
A kid is hit by a bus 02/08/16 Ricardo
Earth's New Sister – Part 1.5 02/08/16 liaminwonderland
A lot of blood 02/02/16 deadk00l
Vampire kiss 02/01/16 dreamqueen84
A Lot of Volcanoes 01/31/16 BlueOpossum
Turned to Vampire bloody mess 01/29/16 ImmortalDreams
Staged Suicide 01/27/16 vogelein
Fall from the Tower 01/25/16 ArmouredCar
The Scent Of Meat 01/24/16 vogelein
getting shot somewhere in asia. 01/22/16 faithin
kool kats and dead rats (in a lot of detail) 01/15/16 taxhorando
I think I just devoted myself to a demon goddess 07/15/15 Witchcrafty
Big Law Office 12/31/15 vogelein
Perhaps Dying 12/31/15 BlueOpossum
Shopping for Phone Cases 12/29/15 caffeine
Celebration Preparation 12/29/15 BlueOpossum
Preparedness (and “showing off” with a ladder) 12/26/15 BlueOpossum
A Bloody Face 12/26/15 london_lad
Quick List of Dream Symbols 12/21/15 BlueOpossum
Hollow Wrist 12/21/15 BlueOpossum
Cheaters never prosper 12/15/15 EdenWolf
God of Martial Arts 12/15/15 9spaceking
My Father as a Red Car 02/14/65 BlueOpossum
Back to Back Journeys Through the Mountain Pass, Entry 1 12/06/15 SeenoChasm
Identified 12/07/15 BlueOpossum
Divine Dreams and my journey to enlightment 05/09/72 Dipak
Steering the ship and inside boarding school 12/04/15 Anonymous
Saving You 11/28/15 iruvia
Hostage & Stabbing 11/27/15 stakkr303
Chaotic Bats and a Special Rat 11/24/15 BlueOpossum
Divine Dreams and my journey to enlightment 05/09/72 Dipak
Dust Clouds for Prints 10/15/13 BlueOpossum
Collapse on King Street 11/11/15 BlueOpossum
Stuff about Christianity 11/09/15 RaRo
Blackmailed 11/08/15 LittlexBluebird
The Killjoys Experiment 10/26/15 Specter
10/25/15 10/25/15 suziekim
Fighting A Gang 10/15/15 vogelein
Math Tests and Talking to Ghosts 03/23/15 BlueOpossum
Dream symbols 10/18/15 000nudscu
Uncomfortable In Church 03/17/95 vogelein
Guns and boys 10/13/15 angelling
A Dangerous Bus Ride Followed by a Disgusting Train Ride 10/05/15 BlueOpossum
Dream the Night of Oct 3, 2015 10/03/15 DaughterOfMer
Elves, Healing, Time Manipulation 01/03/15 BlueOpossum
The Soviet Moving Picture 09/29/15 l1tl3gurl
Miniature Formula One Mishap 09/27/15 BlueOpossum
Strange Infection (warning: gore) 05/22/15 BlueOpossum
Cat Healing Mishap 09/25/15 BlueOpossum
Needle Torture 07/28/15 Whimsical
The Last Human Settlement 09/24/15 BlueOpossum
Curing a Disease 09/22/15 EdCase
Selling a Truck in Brazil 09/21/15 BlueOpossum
Strange Gymnastics 09/19/15 9spaceking
BUS!!! 09/08/15 megacat
Going around in circles with mom *yellow bird bloody mess 09/09/15 ImmortalDreams
Donating Blood 08/25/15 RemlitQueen
Wrestling a Female Vampire 09/01/15 sunnyron
Creepy creepy feelings and people norma acting abnorma 09/05/15 ImmortalDreams
Faux Recluse (Unreal Spider) 07/20/74 BlueOpossum
Taking Coins Again 05/02/15 BlueOpossum
Victor Versus Roan 09/01/15 Specter
My mind didn't want me sleeping 08/29/15 Skellygirl
Laser Rifle and Hidden Temples 06/23/14 BlueOpossum
Aiding in an Escape 01/06/15 BlueOpossum
Drain Flies, Brother Returns 12/24/14 BlueOpossum
Volcanic Events 11/14/14 BlueOpossum
Facing Death In The Eye 08/21/15 Torgy0401
UFOs and Bird Reflecting Light 08/05/96 BlueOpossum
Adopted by Asians with talking cats 08/18/15 dazzled07
Half a man (factory accident) 10/01/88 BlueOpossum
PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT #3: Levitating Fish Attack 013 03/31/14 Sakurama
Final Destination, Unwilling Sacrifice 08/15/15 Opirted3
My foot 08/14/15 Skellygirl
The most painful acupuncture imagined 08/14/15 Opirted3
Castle of Winds 11/05/84 BlueOpossum
Magic, Love, Alternate Realities and Wishful Thinking 08/10/15 ChrisDreaminIt
Mother vs. Daughter vs. Transformer 08/08/15 Opirted3
A Sanctuary and Blood 07/24/15 onyxdreaming
The Villain 08/06/15 9spaceking
Recent Remote Viewing/Precognition 05/26/15 BlueOpossum
Target of Revenge 03/11/15 Hummingbird
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