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Dream Date User
Black Bra 01/28/15 mypsychosis
Trying To Record A dream 01/24/15 mypsychosis
Missing classes and not getting notes 01/27/15 hG
Blackwatch 10/07/09 madcat444
Memory Lane.. 01/27/15 ImmortalDreams
Google Eyes 09/11/11 madcat444
A Grave 'Site' ..White trash 01/27/15 ImmortalDreams
Not a dream 01/27/15 Jermerh
haunted 01/26/15 Temptress84
haunted 01/26/15 Temptress84
Getting aroused by a sexual act... 01/26/15 ImmortalDreams
what kind of library is this 01/24/15 MonkeyMagdalen
Work Dream 01/24/15 london_lad
School that is also interactive museum, mall, and laundromat 10/03/13 hG
A movie that horrified me 11/30/12 hG
The Awful Baking Class 10/27/12 hG
White Flash of Light 10/25/12 hG
Meeting up with the neighborhood& freaks 01/24/15 ImmortalDreams
Amima Snipets 01/23/15 hippydippy
I Was a Girl 01/24/15 NervousRhino
Church In The Trees 08/10/83 vogelein
Blacked Out... on bus or not!? 06/25/14 hG
Hooking up with bitch teacher 06/26/14 hG
School Time 01/22/15 luciddreams12
Productive Day 01/21/15 luciddreams12
arm around 01/22/15 boopei
Olq's Birthday Party 01/22/15 l1tl3gurl
damon damon damon (from tvd) 01/22/15 CutieLouis
strange day 01/17/15 luciddreams12
Backyard Skiing 05/22/14 hG
Orange Dumbbell Telekinesis 01/20/15 hG
Red Eyes 01/19/15 kathryn99
New Pet 01/10/15 Genie
A Snowy Prison 01/20/15 CocoBean
I Was Rude 01/20/15 NervousRhino
Mini Avengers Film and an Earthquake 01/19/15 magicsparkles
Impending Doom; 01/19/15 LittlexBluebird
Forced to help then fight a burglar 01/17/15 haux
Lighting up rude behavior 01/18/15 ImmortalDreams
Alien apocalipse 01/15/15 1ns4n1ty
Apartment 08/30/14 Sakurama
Mall 12/22/14 Sakurama
Home - Black Mites 09/10/14 Sakurama
Apartment - Black Box 09/09/14 Sakurama
Friendly Welcome 05/05/13 9spaceking
Blackness!! 05/19/13 9spaceking
Drinking and foaming at the mouth....Man hunt 01/14/15 ImmortalDreams
Is This Really Seoul? 01/11/15 AmongstTheRabble
Stairway To Dragon 01/13/15 mypsychosis
we love you cuz you're fun.. notcha bom-bumm! 01/12/15 nervoustrees
Searching for my Family 01/07/15 Genie
Ex, Lesbians and God 01/11/15 Sera
Murder, Attempted Murder 01/11/15 daneen2fabulous
Not fair to move & whoopi shows her 'soul' shoe . 01/11/15 ImmortalDreams
Black Betty 01/10/15 mypsychosis
I Lied To Get On TV 01/09/15 mypsychosis
Party 01/10/15 luciddreams12
Dungeons and Dragons-illustrated 01/10/15 Fuzzyant
Mr Perv 'go your own way' *home demands 01/10/15 ImmortalDreams
Lunch and Locks // Light 10/13/14 n01
Treehouse 01/06/15 k9bronson
Jan. 8, 2015 01/08/15 EverythingInane
Taking a test on friendship 01/07/15 ImmortalDreams
Attempted Murder 01/01/15 Genie
Snake Attack 12/19/14 Genie
Stolen Children - A twisted test 01/03/15 hawtbrunettebabe
Kidnapped...Must escape 01/04/15 NervousRhino
Haunted Games 01/03/15 NervousRhino
Protective & wary 01/03/15 ImmortalDreams
Wen 01/02/15 mypsychosis
Dead Goose 01/02/15 Fuzzyant
Prison 01/01/15 NervousRhino
Robbed.....Again 01/01/15 NervousRhino
sexy time stuff 12/31/14 bunnies
Playing games with freaks.. 01/01/15 ImmortalDreams
Lucid Dream About Deceased Mother and Father 01/01/15 thoth
Pacifist 05/01/82 vogelein
Animal House 12/25/14 mypsychosis
Burning Bodies 12/24/14 mypsychosis
Home Again 12/30/14 Toolbearer
Truly Bizarre 12/30/14 NervousRhino
Hunting Symbols 12/27/14 vogelein
Monster Mouth 12/29/14 logicalescape
Dec. 29, 2014 12/29/14 EverythingInane
Child 12/28/14 RemlitQueen
Pieces of Recent Dreams 12/28/14 RemlitQueen
The Death Of Scooby Doo 12/23/14 vogelein
Messed Up Eyesight And Game of Thrones 12/27/14 Specter
Amusement park in My House and Terror 12/25/14 Specter
Black Robe to Enter 12/25/14 Noric
Weird plane dream 12/27/14 Jermerh
LSD candy, crowded bathroom and rag-dolling girlfriend 12/23/14 kittenrequiem
The Macra 12/25/14 thoth
I'll Have to Think About It 12/24/14 w104mhk
Salamander Penis 12/24/14 Blaine
L12 12/23/14 lisconn
9-11 CD Players 12/22/14 DreamPete
Chinese Men Soldiers/Demonic MAN IN A CHURCH 07/12/14 emilyliz
Criminal Employers in the Past 12/20/14 Pwyrdan
A leisurely chat with my Niece * past hangouts 12/19/14 ImmortalDreams
Home; Blond Dog is Black 12/18/14 Sakurama
Dragonstone, Durant and Danger 12/18/14 Specter
Ice Treasures 12/09/14 mypsychosis
The Fox and the Feline 12/01/13 LittlexBluebird
Devil's Disease 11/05/13 LittlexBluebird
Inescapable Bomb 12/17/14 bcookieface
Evil Worm Things 12/07/14 mypsychosis
Water Park, House by the Sea, Hawaiin Outdoor Food Factory 12/17/14 Sakurama
Secret Mission 11/06/14 Genie
The Letter 12/16/14 Desiderata
Car 12/15/14 Sakurama
Exposed to sordid violations.. 12/16/14 ImmortalDreams
Man in Black - Restoring the Balance 12/11/14 webdiva
Feeling indifferent * with magical people 12/15/14 ImmortalDreams
Can't Find Hymn Titles at Mass 12/15/14 talfonso
12/13-14/2014 Superheroics 12/14/14 Nemo
Fashion & Bisexuality 12/13/14 thoth
Need to slow down 12/12/14 Skyanne
Fire, everywhere 12/12/14 92189047
"The New World" 12/12/14 MrTumnus92
Castenada Article (Debunker) 12/12/14 Sevenhawks
Death In Church 02/08/74 vogelein
I was a (female) werecrocodile! 12/10/14 helplesslysleepy
Buying Monkeys 12/09/14 vogelein
Stripping In Church 12/08/14 vogelein
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