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Dream Date User
The lucid barrage 03/14/15 9spaceking
Burning in the Barnyard 03/13/15 pegacorna
Bart Throws Balls 03/13/15 n01
A bar in South Africa 03/13/15 feanorfelagund
Barnic 03/03/15 vogelein
Heath is a bartender 02/07/15 haux
Starbucks at the Barclay Center 04/20/14 Aroniel
Embarrassed at University Interview 01/04/15 BlueHorse
A bar in a sorority 12/09/14 haux
Barnes & Nobles Sale / Looking For Makgeolli & Interrogation 11/14/14 stakkr303
SOA Bar and Online Gaming 11/26/14 NervousRhino
Snow / Barbeque Sauce & Weird Prison Documentary 11/01/14 stakkr303
vomit blocking path walking barefoot 11/19/14 Natasa
Bar Date 11/17/14 NervousRhino
protected by Disney characters..and Jail bars.. 09/25/14 ImmortalDreams
Ticket Barriers 08/11/14 london_lad
Jon went from bartending to cooking 06/03/14 zoedune
Drunk dad gets embarrassed 06/06/14 zoedune
To creepy to ride & A invisible barrier 07/15/14 ImmortalDreams
Sambarra and Impeccable timing 07/01/14 TheMessenger
Bar Portal To Hell 05/21/14 supersapien
Bar Exam 02/17/14 vogelein
Invisible Barrier 02/06/14 SabotageMost
Feeling Introverted and Weird; In and out of a bar. 01/18/14 HoleintheDome
Mountain Barrier 12/13/13 SabotageMost
Fantasy bard cowboy healer priest 11/11/13 Yorghos
Space and a small bar. 09/30/13 zoedune
Suicide pact, unwanted gifts, and barricades 09/04/13 dazzled07
In line for barbecue 09/12/13 haux
A Bare Moment 08/13/13 mothwinged
Set Fire to the First Barn 08/21/13 mothwinged
Barack Obama 07/21/13 NervousRhino
Kitty Barn 05/12/13 tehuti
Falling from Great Heights with Zu, Childhood Memories, Bar 06/06/13 BitterOlives
Going to School Bare Footed 06/03/13 SabotageMost
Barbie Pink 05/29/13 CellarDoorMofo
Strange Bar with Cath and Then Making Soup in a Toilet 05/06/13 BitterOlives
Strange barn 04/28/13 hood12
My Embarassment At Optima 04/27/13 c_n12
Bar inside a mountain, a lesbian, and 20 cigarettes 04/21/13 92189047
Embarrassing Dad 04/07/13 RachyW
The Scary, Crazy and Embarrassing Snorkelling Trip 03/31/13 Canadiangirl95
Injury, Dragons, And Bombardments 01/25/13 Specter
Sinew-Tied Barrel 10/24/09 AmongstTheRabble
Embarrassment, Yoga, Scythes, and the strange helpful Troll. 12/23/12 Psychonautic44
Old Barn 07/27/09 AmongstTheRabble
Aqua Cocaine Bar 12/03/12 Blaine
Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, a forest, a bar 12/02/12 flunky
The Snack Bar 02/27/09 AmongstTheRabble
Amusement park bar and a roller coaster rolls back 10/27/12 haux
Orange Bars 10/26/12 london_lad
barefoot 10/24/12 tipulidae
free drinks at the bar 09/27/12 binababe
Baby in a Bar 09/26/12 Peri
Embarrassing Outing With Stacy 09/24/12 Stacey
Bar Dream 09/15/12 TheAntiBarbie
Me VS Bart Simpson!? 08/25/12 Morph
Embarassed 12/07/11 UltSoraOtaku
Drinking at bar next to work....earthquake! 08/22/12 kenlawrence
Chocolate bar chat 08/16/12 london_lad
Embarrassing poetry filled, cereal-less day 06/09/12 dazzled07
Fighting For The Queen and Embarrassment on a cruise ship 05/28/12 Stacey
Barbershop 05/10/12 astralgee
The bus with a bar 03/10/12 london_lad
Bartender 03/06/12 london_lad
Fudge Bar 02/16/12 darfo9
Thanks For Coming To The Bargaining Table 02/11/12 Toolbearer
Me, my friends and the shower of embarassment. 02/07/12 BigDreamer22
Rebar 02/06/12 SabotageMost
Wrong intstrument is over a barrel with HArry Potter 01/28/12 ImmortalDreams
Barren Island Fire Picture 01/21/12 jenkayes
Barred Tigress 05/17/11 chris1
Barney? What are you doing here? 11/16/11 KloeKadabra
Shopping, Counseling and Barriers, OH MY 10/07/11 Skellygirl
Lost in a barbie world 07/23/11 ImmortalDreams
Archie's barking, and school days 07/16/11 ImmortalDreams
The Bar 07/06/11 emiliiERASE
Barrel of ashes - family reunion? 06/22/11 ImmortalDreams
Barely recalled... 05/30/11 ishellhorn
Playbarn at school. 05/12/11 hihellohannah
an embarassing situation and a situation for revenge 05/08/11 Icecoldsongs
Erratic Driving and the barn of prostitutes. 04/24/11 motagota
Media strategies in a strip bar 04/16/11 drifter
can’t break through the barrier of social anxiety 03/08/11 al
Two Cities, Mayhem, Barack Obama, and Velociraptors 07/03/10 Saccharine
Mr Barnsley loves cake. 02/02/11 hihellohannah
Rituals Bar with Sean 01/25/11 Matrix
Inherit odd house, Mom and Barbara 01/16/11 Anona
MTU, Medicine, and Babar 01/09/11 Smileyaili
Handle Bar 12/18/10 SabotageMost
A Birchbark Room With Birds In The Walls 11/03/10 tehuti
The BIG TIDAL WAVE - barrier can block the second one? 11/23/10 ImmortalDreams
Zanzibar Zombies 10/02/10 Anodos
Bar, Hippies, and a Flooded Basement 09/01/10 BitterOlives
Barring the Door 08/25/10 patsydragon
A dragon, testing barriers 02/28/10 patsydragon
The hotel Bar 07/27/10 NinjaEMT
Lucid (barely) 08/04/10 salsma01
The Snowboarder and the Bartender 08/07/10 Alexanderhong
at the bar with a cop, friend gets a potato, I find a snake 06/20/10 BitterOlives
Barefoot Ghost Hunting with a Carnival Detour 07/25/10 Jamestheghost
Pool Bar Then Home? 07/17/10 crazy4music55
Vast airplane does barrel roll; ungrateful camper 07/13/10 HelloDali
I'm so happy I'm not a barback anymore! 06/27/10 Jamestheghost
A Fragment About The Children of Giovanni Lombardo Radice 06/17/10 LisaMarieBowman
Bar Mitzvah Drama 05/25/10 hG
Barely know you 05/21/10 1321
bar turns into art/science workshop 05/10/10 SundaiDreamer
bar fly 05/09/10 migo
The Sicilian Bartender 05/06/10 WanderSideways
new clothes, an ancestor, and "the German barrio" 05/04/10 SleepyJane
Casino Bar before bowling 04/23/10 DuffyJ1111
A rare drink at the bar 04/08/10 DuffyJ1111
Hotel bar 03/07/10 haux
Embarrassment 03/02/10 buryuntime
Problems connecting - snake in the barn 02/28/10 ImmortalDreams
The barren road 02/19/10 tuvalu133
In a bar with Sinatra 02/14/10 haux
Shrimp, Stretchers and Bars 01/31/10 AthenaCrowns
Getting Sick Outside a Barn 01/14/10 Zenith
The Asian Restaurant and Bar 01/05/10 hG
Carl barfed a turkey 01/10/10 DivineGuardian
Failure at the Bar 12/19/09 hG
Vacation, Drew Barrymore weirdness 12/20/09 hG
Barber locator 12/07/09 Yorghos
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