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Dream Date User
Fingered in the backseat, wooden box of gifts 01/27/15 hG
Searching for my Family 01/07/15 Genie
Seattle 01/11/15 k9bronson
Seagull In The Snow 01/07/15 mypsychosis
Wheat And Seaweed Wonton 12/14/14 mypsychosis
Devil's Disease 11/05/13 LittlexBluebird
Water Park, House by the Sea, Hawaiin Outdoor Food Factory 12/17/14 Sakurama
Recurring Sea Monster Dream 11/24/14 Fuzzyant
The Sea Meets the Sky 10/03/14 Zsuzsanna
Twin Peaks Season 3 11/19/14 DuffyJ1111
Searching for something with cast of sleepy hollow 11/18/14 ImmortalDreams
Flying, Falling, and Searching 11/04/14 darkbutpureheart
High School Deaths, Odd Disguises, & Searching For Baby Mama 11/03/14 dazzled07
Janices' Jewelry and At the City Next to the Sea (lucid) 10/16/14 stillwater
Sea, Sea Side Den, New York New York Hotel 10/06/14 Sakurama
Feeling Lucid with Harry Potter..* searching for a clue. 10/03/14 ImmortalDreams
searching for a kitten,a dead pony 09/25/14 ashzepplin
Searching for a shirt at Rich's House, 70s vibe 09/24/14 Anona
Passing Through Mobsters In Search of a Bathroom 09/10/14 darkbutpureheart
Sea and Feast 09/05/14 AreebaKausar
Searching For Mushrooms 08/13/14 mypsychosis
Job Searching/Friends 08/05/14 Lyndy
Book Searching . . . At a Cafe? 03/18/14 Genie
My Wolf Pack Searches For A Home + Strange Porcupine Logic 07/25/14 Werewolven
Baby Seal Documentary & The Elderly on Animal Therapy Day 07/22/14 stakkr303
The Oak Cliff apartment search 06/09/14 zoedune
College Searching 11/29/13 Genie
The Search for Daniel Handler 07/06/14 WeirdDreamer
Assigned Seat 07/02/14 vogelein
Searching for Orion DF 07/01/14 CNGB
Fresno/Seattle Drive 06/14/14 DuffyJ1111
Under the Sea 05/28/14 Fuzzyant
Investigating/Researching Dream 05/18/14 Noric
Searching Through Symbols 05/03/14 vogelein
Searching For Inner Beauty 04/08/14 vogelein
Sea king's mark and little bear 03/19/14 Yorghos
The Silent Passenger and the Law of the Sea 03/24/14 Fuzzyant
bus ride, and sea monster aquariums 03/21/14 crystaltara
pixy stix, old airplane, searching 03/12/14 crystaltara
taking control of 'rough seas' and a crippled mama 03/04/14 ImmortalDreams
Searching for 'sarah' Snape's transformation,return to dream 03/01/14 ImmortalDreams
Garbage trucks, food and sea animals 02/05/14 haux
Collapsing into the Sea 02/13/14 InnerEffect
thugs on fire in a luxury house,B&W cat search,red eyes etc. 01/29/14 ashzepplin
sweater search,a song,heart attack fragments 01/24/14 ashzepplin
seahorse,crazy uncle alfred,turquoise light,hebrew and runes 11/15/07 ashzepplin
Sharks, Seals and Razors, OH MY! 10/21/13 hawtbrunettebabe
presidental games we're playing mysterious disease 10/22/13 ImmortalDreams
Searching for Haru 09/28/13 RemlitQueen
Matrix DNA Research 01/01/06 Specter
Searching 09/11/13 cmnsky
Alone At Sea 09/11/13 RemlitQueen
Literally Backseat Driving 08/12/13 Canadiangirl95
Nuns At The Seaside 08/10/13 london_lad
Looking Out To Sea 08/08/13 london_lad
The Disease, the Eccentric, and the Moon. 08/04/13 NewAgeRetroHippi
Sea Storm 07/29/13 xDarkAngelx
Water expedition and sea corpses 07/18/13 coquitah
Crabs and Seashells, Floating Boulders, Lakes, and Pools 07/17/13 BitterOlives
Debra and I on Walking Dead season 4 07/06/13 DuffyJ1111
Searching for Someone 06/27/13 panaman88
Sealing The Deal 06/24/13 vogelein
This Season in Sexual Reproduction! 06/15/13 stakkr303
Lunch With Chelsea At Optima 06/09/13 c_n12
Hide n Seak 05/28/13 brendanreape88
Stratholm, Oz and Sean Renard 05/17/13 Specter
Partying with Uncle Sean; Then with Zu's Speech Therapist 05/13/13 BitterOlives
The Amazing Google Search Engine 05/12/13 london_lad
Pete Townsend And The Sea Monster 04/28/13 london_lad
Sea of Ghosts 04/20/13 Dowminator
Looking For A Seat 04/11/13 london_lad
unrest is settled, research continues, crossdresser returns 04/01/13 coldr3ality
Seatbelt Sign 02/22/13 Canadiangirl95
Chelsea Visits 02/28/13 c_n12
Searching for a Cassette Player 02/26/13 asterisk
Desperately Searching for Tea 02/19/13 asterisk
High seas -- at home? 02/13/13 haux
Seahorse 01/30/13 EmpressDiarist
Sea shore, shells, and crocodiles 02/01/13 Skellygirl
Sealed 01/31/13 CellarDoorMofo
Kama Sutra Search 12/10/12 BitterOlives
Driving from the passenger seat 01/26/13 haux
Bad Seat at the Theater 01/15/10 AmongstTheRabble
So many Seals 01/16/13 longneck
Sealion Treasure Hunt 01/05/13 Lazellia
Disease 12/27/12 nikkilovesu
Futile Search 12/20/12 vogelein
A Weird Disease 12/18/12 magicsparkles
Search. 10/17/12 eovin19
Bolt Search At Lowe's 08/30/09 AmongstTheRabble
Motor Boating at Sea 12/01/12 w104mhk
sea breeze and an elephant 12/08/12 gnufan
Waves crashing, paper, helicopter in a sea in a warehouse 11/17/12 drvsvs
The Job Search Assistant 10/22/12 w104mhk
Lost at sea...er lake. 10/11/12 Sari
Sean Renard 10/13/12 Specter
Searching for my glasses 09/27/12 stuster
Russian Disease! 09/20/12 Jesse2818
i was a sea snake 09/12/09 dreambunny666
Hand Energy and Seashell Cottage 09/08/12 Skellygirl
Floorless coaster seat too close to the track 08/24/12 haux
Sea in the woods 08/08/12 Peri
Sea Water and Brown Bread 08/01/12 Lazellia
Searched 07/26/12 london_lad
Mass search for a toilet 07/16/12 london_lad
The sea, pirates, and cats! 06/17/12 dratinigirl
Aboard Ship at Sea 06/04/12 oldtimer
A dangerous man with a searching Drive for teacher 06/01/12 edicesare
Tumble in the Sea 05/20/12 Fuzzyant
The Off-Season 04/13/12 tehuti
Hunting Sea Life With the Help of a Small Creature 04/21/12 featurecreature
Beating Sea Creatures 04/17/12 Fuzzyant
intelligent sea creatures have evil cave system 04/17/12 MonkeyMagdalen
Poison in the Seas 04/12/12 TheMessenger
End Of World Experience & Accident @ Sea 03/11/12 claire012
Helicopter search 02/23/12 london_lad
Journey across the Sea 01/30/12 xDarkAngelx
Searching 01/11/12 Roselynn1976
Searching for Gold, Curious Boy and the Voldemort Fight 12/20/11 PolkaPunk
Seafood Frenzy 12/28/11 ffeliciagraff
Sailing the Seas of Peanut Butter 12/28/11 supersapien
Springtime brings the sea to NYC 12/24/11 BeyondtheGate
Sea construction 12/14/11 london_lad
justin bieber & seals 12/14/11 cutiecorey5
Off to seak UBOA! 12/12/11 HelloPachirisu
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