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Dream Date User
A Little Rainy Chaos ; 01/25/15 LittlexBluebird
Terrible computer virus 05/12/09 9spaceking
Hiding 01/09/15 Genie
Monkey Business 12/23/14 Genie
Yet Another Mother Hates Me Dream 01/07/15 thoth
Snake Attack 12/19/14 Genie
Dream within a Dream 2 01/03/15 Submachiner
The Copper Creature; 02/20/14 LittlexBluebird
Gyms, orbs and snakes 09/04/14 TheMessenger
No Place Like Home; 12/17/14 LittlexBluebird
Late for Work 07/11/14 Genie
Shoes and Babies and Grandma, Oh My! 08/10/12 TheDivinePearl
The Party (Somewhere My Love) 11/16/14 AngelaD725
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
Present and past meeting up with ex-friends. 10/21/14 ImmortalDreams
Great grandmother fragment 10/05/14 ashzepplin
I'm lost. 10/03/14 TheGreatKat
BounceWalking and Gardening (partly lucid) 09/21/14 stillwater
More Like Afternoon Nap Terror 09/12/14 mothwinged
Mama Needs Help 08/22/14 jwoo75
Sitting sadly alone- Amanda & shane abducts me 08/20/14 ImmortalDreams
Vacation 03/23/14 Genie
Mama's Pink Room 08/04/14 jwoo75
Homeward Bound 06/07/14 fortheloveofodd
White Haired Old Woman 07/17/14 Lyndy
The Party, the demons and the Ancestors 07/16/14 PriestessOnyx
College Searching 11/29/13 Genie
Wildfire 08/12/01 Genie
No Winter Wonderland 09/20/00 Genie
A Very Old Toy 07/13/14 Fuzzyant
Break-Ins and Co-Showering 06/14/14 mothwinged
Pregnant Mulan hanging from a wooden beam 06/13/14 annie
Trapped admist confusion 06/13/14 Submachiner
Grandparents' House Not Haunted Anymore 06/11/14 Noric
Throne, Mansion, Graduation, Kiss 06/10/14 Jiuhl
????/??/ The Woman and a rlly hot genderfluid youtuber 05/28/14 CutieLouis
gross and horrible and oh god 05/25/14 CutieLouis
Norman Bates in trouble? set of Bates motel troubled waters 04/29/14 ImmortalDreams
1st dreams 04/14/14 Ciaralische
Mystery Voice 04/01/14 Leo
Bye Daddy 03/15/14 angelling
Knives 03/15/14 Fuzzyant
Temples and Aliens 03/14/14 epicxrye
March 9 (10), 2014 03/10/14 Skyanne
adsfgfdmgh 02/05/14 ellynnashley
adsfgfdmgh 02/05/14 ellynnashley
Third Time's a Charm 01/31/14 Whimsical
In the Name of Allah (quickie) 01/16/14 todreamweaver
The Grump Library / Merlin joins the game! 01/11/14 partlycloudysky
friends in the dryer 01/11/14 ashzepplin
Kidnapped by Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken 01/10/14 Aggie
My cousin,Germany 01/07/14 ashzepplin
Mall 01/05/14 RemlitQueen
the distorted hospital 12/30/13 ashzepplin
Trial 12/15/13 RemlitQueen
Finally Flying 12/12/13 Aggie
Mistaken Identity 12/22/08 vogelein
World became a place without cloths. 12/07/13 RyanHopeZ
in an old hospital/violence 11/27/07 ashzepplin
Trying to have some 'fun' 12/02/13 ImmortalDreams
The large wooden building 11/30/13 ashzepplin
The Wind Of Death 11/19/13 vogelein
apparently much needed therapy. 11/06/13 nettlebones
A Pair of Strange Scenarios... 11/01/13 mothwinged
Screeching Underground Elephants 07/01/09 vogelein
travel machine not working 10/28/13 nina1
Peculiar Relationship 10/14/13 vogelein
Mother's secret 10/17/13 RMSSrd
Saving Lives and Life with Maggie 10/13/13 prostman
Photobombing Ghosts & Bad News Ants 10/06/13 dazzled07
Is this finally happening to me?!.... Nope. -_- 10/05/13 iamlucid
Grandmother's Haunted House 09/22/13 Noric
Hades 03/06/13 ConcreteChicken
Education Anxieties 09/02/13 mothwinged
Amanda Daniel, Island Scientist 08/24/13 Jain
Dreams From the Vault oo2: Conquest 08/23/13 mothwinged
Boyfriends and Zombies 08/23/13 Kandacer
Set Fire to the First Barn 08/21/13 mothwinged
This Isn't Camp 08/07/13 mothwinged
Flood 08/03/13 doublenatured
magic times 07/10/13 Aspaklaria
Lucid Mirror 07/14/13 webdiva
Witches Duel 07/01/13 Snowqueen
Two Wayward Travelers 06/11/13 Snowqueen
Grandmother's Necklace 06/08/13 doublenatured
Bodies of Water and the Eiffel Tower 06/05/13 KeepBreathing
Broken iPod 05/29/13 yournewlodger
Judge rules against family who thought EVP said speeding ok 05/14/13 RadicalRyan
Dad, dog, ice skating while faking it and horses 05/14/13 Tangerine
Conversations 05/13/13 w104mhk
Slaughter Houses 05/05/13 vogelein
Island of Whales 05/05/13 WindDancer
Bus Stop at the Garage 04/21/13 ConcreteChicken
Viritual reality 2 05/03/13 hood12
A Message from Spirits of Loved Ones and ON THE RUN !!!!!! 04/24/13 TabithaPike
Rapture, but Left Behind 08/10/88 TabithaPike
Class / Tom; Ebony / Murder 04/15/13 Whimsical
Tortured by seniors 04/10/13 Connor
Church Wants Money 08/03/12 AmongstTheRabble
Cancelling Classes and My Grandma 04/03/13 magicsparkles
great, then lame 03/28/13 coldr3ality
Meeting up secretly with 'odd characters' 03/15/13 ImmortalDreams
Kids from another wife 03/13/13 dreamsweek
Playing with a bomb 03/10/13 Conifer
Evil witch powers and train stations 03/09/13 Conifer
Ex's House. 03/08/13 SquidLilly
Getting Older 02/16/13 vogelein
Death and Monsters. 02/25/13 DanielleBlakeman
Another visit from Grandma 02/24/13 court101282
When it's windy, use umbrellas 02/24/13 Karina
The two months ago 02/22/13 tanzero
Hospital Hotel. 02/20/13 SquidLilly
on highway with a friend 02/16/13 poojab030193
Visitor Craziness 02/16/13 Canadiangirl95
Horrific spider and real mom 02/10/13 TheAntiBarbie
Giant, Scary Fly 04/29/10 AmongstTheRabble
Baptists And Catholics 11/08/10 vogelein
Tennis Defense 03/28/10 AmongstTheRabble
Temporary Domicile 02/01/13 oldtimer
Triumph and Tragedy 01/29/13 iamlucid
A visit with the gypsy, her bird and the ancestors 01/22/13 Skellygirl
Proposal and hiding.. 01/20/13 just0maybe
China and Grandma 01/19/13 gegeee
Death 01/04/13 Shannon85
Fighting For Unknown Reasons 01/01/13 SilentJessie1
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