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Dream Date User
Having some strange abilities & archer attack 03/01/15 ImmortalDreams
League Simulation 02/27/15 DemiakAgard
Dragon Life 02/26/15 magicsparkles
Mixed up in different worlds..scenes 02/24/15 ImmortalDreams
Whit almost dies, the go kart, and the Applebees goblin 02/24/15 liarsenicc
Kissing JayZ and My Sisters Confrontation 02/23/15 Aroniel
Cake and tooth loss 02/15/15 hG
Jousting tournament 12/17/14 dreamfox
Dreams Over Reality 02/05/15 VarrhenSpecter
Five Sacrifices 01/17/13 hG
Thrown into the past, thrown into battle 02/03/15 colliebel72
Falls and Kicks 02/02/15 Aroniel
Space Commander 01/14/13 hG
School Time 01/22/15 luciddreams12
The Genie 08/03/13 9spaceking
Friend's Drawing 01/13/15 Avarice
Tasers and Teddy Bears 01/12/15 Fuzzyant
Fighting in Snorkeling Class 12/19/14 AmongstTheRabble
Love is the Answer 01/07/15 Sevenhawks
Jan. 4, 2015 01/04/15 EverythingInane
Kidnapped...Must escape 01/04/15 NervousRhino
Haunted Games 01/03/15 NervousRhino
Recurrent Dream (Theme) FIghting With Mother 12/30/14 thoth
Chinese Men Soldiers/Demonic MAN IN A CHURCH 07/12/14 emilyliz
The Destiny Points (recurring theme) 12/16/14 Sevenhawks
Screw You! 11/29/14 Fuzzyant
"You Are Mine!" 11/27/14 Specter
Being Disowned and Summoning Spriggans 11/26/14 RemlitQueen
This week's dreams 11/21/14 RemlitQueen
Early Dreams... pre 2005 12/07/97 TheMessenger
Batman's Crime-Fighting Partner 11/17/14 Werewolven
demons and a radio station 10/14/14 hood12
Fighting Voldemort's Underling 11/08/14 RemlitQueen
Fiction 11/07/14 CocoBean
Fighting the Force 11/06/14 Drumline818
Not to far into the past & hanging with some famous people 10/28/14 ImmortalDreams
Marley and Me and Wolves 10/27/14 webdiva
I'm not proud of this one... 10/20/14 NervousRhino
semi Dragon Ball Z fighting league 10/08/14 ghostreborn2004
Conspiracies everywhere! The government!? 10/06/14 Azimuth
A war starts in the grocery store parking lot. 04/21/13 ashzepplin
-- 10/01/14 NervousRhino
Evicted 09/22/14 ejinbar
Alternate Reality? 09/14/14 RemlitQueen
A little emotions and a little fighting. 09/13/14 NervousRhino
Bear in my lake 09/11/14 Peri
fighting attacker 09/03/14 ghostreborn2004
the blue and white room, the water park 09/01/14 shinyflygonite
Outings, Revolution and Death (A natural Lucid Dream) 08/22/14 AreebaKausar
Snake Battle? 08/19/14 ox0hunny0xo
creepy attractive guys in outlast // but also other dreams 08/17/14 CutieLouis
Dye Fighting 08/12/14 mypsychosis
Man In Black Is After Me 05/09/14 Werewolven
creepy cult investigation 08/01/14 ghostreborn2004
Jack the Giant Slayer 01/16/14 Genie
Fighting Demons in Assembly Hall 03/08/10 Pwyrdan
A New Role and Interesting Mentors 07/03/14 Pwyrdan
I came to drop bombs 07/02/14 DuffyJ1111
List of My Most Interesting Dreams (Mystic) 07/01/14 Pwyrdan
Fighting, A Mall, & a Chinese Nightclub 05/20/14 dazzled07
the most beautiful sky 06/21/14 bunnies
Bears 06/19/14 nevony
Pregnant Mulan hanging from a wooden beam 06/13/14 annie
Thor Adventures 06/03/14 DivineGuardian
Rex the Karate Master 06/01/14 diggitydoggz
CIA 05/27/14 JH4K
Hunger Games Family Visit 05/27/14 RemlitQueen
Marriage and Ghost Fighting 05/14/14 RemlitQueen
Strange public transport 04/26/14 Yorghos
Near Death Experience 05/31/13 Skellygirl
battle to the death 04/30/14 crystaltara
Dream Bestiary Part 2 04/20/14 ConcreteChicken
Number 11 04/19/14 xxSashaxx
Runaway 04/14/14 todreamweaver
Defeating Enemies 04/13/14 vogelein
The Guy With The Knife 04/12/14 darkbutpureheart
Visits Me In Darkness 04/12/14 InnerEffect
Intergalactic Friendlies Turn On Each Other 04/09/14 darkbutpureheart
Strangled & Transparent Vampires 04/07/14 InnerEffect
so much for fighting.... 04/06/14 ashzepplin
I want a belt. 04/02/14 Notaspy
Zombies At Work 04/01/14 darkbutpureheart
prison 03/27/14 liarsenicc
Fighting Metroids, and the Horrid Accident 03/15/14 AetherEngine
Godkiller Hetalia 03/14/14 RemlitQueen
art exhibits, pizza dilemma 03/13/14 crystaltara
Beaten 03/07/14 w104mhk
The Blessing Tree / Mother, Anaconda 03/03/14 dreamweave
Asian Airline 02/27/14 ghostreborn2004
Fighting monsters with our 'mother' 01/31/14 haux
Laura the Monster Slayer? 02/15/14 soundofslumber
A family gathering and 'a bridge that don't connect 02/15/14 ImmortalDreams
fighting with the thing 02/13/14 ashzepplin
Casualties Of War 02/10/14 vogelein
Cold Guns 02/03/14 vogelein
Trip to the country and exorcism 02/07/14 Zzzzz
leprechaun on the phone and the cuckoo clock incident 02/05/14 ashzepplin
Going out through someones window 02/05/14 ashzepplin
moms going to 'die' but 'changes' her outcome * needling 02/02/14 ImmortalDreams
Magical World 01/28/14 wonderingfox
Odd Animals 01/12/14 Whimsical
re-animated corpses 01/12/14 ashzepplin
Carnage 01/03/14 vogelein
Manga Game 01/06/14 InnerEffect
Fighting In Feces 12/26/13 InnerEffect
'Church Fight !" 12/28/13 lewsidkid
Lucid teachers 12/21/13 InnerEffect
The crime 07/14/13 hood12
A New War 12/02/13 vsimpson1066
The flood (dream#1) pt.2 12/02/13 NimHalliday
Fight on the way to school & aunt's new house 11/14/13 Yorghos
The Dragon Princesses 11/19/13 SarahRose104
Battling In the Cold 11/16/13 SilentJessie1
Strange Dream Sequences: Part 3 & 4: Pirate Ship and mermaid 11/15/13 DreamSuite
A Wedding and Memories 11/12/13 deadpie
Creepypasta maze 11/11/13 thespider18
Fairy tale adventure 11/04/13 Galidas
Mad house 11/02/13 ImmortalDreams
met a lucid dreamer. 10/29/13 Jujutsu101
A Daydream Away 10/18/13 tunedouttatum
party, falling in water, kidnapping, GTA... 10/10/13 ElectricOdour
violent mob in the breezeway, death, campus tours, stress 09/30/13 annie
Searching for Haru 09/28/13 RemlitQueen
Fighting 09/26/13 Cryziis
Fighting Monsters, Jumping Off Ships, and Falling In Love 04/25/13 Kaikaboom
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