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Dream Date User
White Water Rafting, Open Mic Shenanigans and Women 04/06/09 Daddison
Nonsense 18 03/13/09 Daddison
Having Kids 02/17/09 Daddison
Getting a Job and Starting School 01/31/09 Daddison
Tokyo Drifting in the QV, Broken Glass and Airport Customs 01/29/09 Daddison
Drunken Relations 2 09/05/08 Daddison
Trail Hikes, Ashley, Used Videos, Indiana Jones 07/22/08 Daddison
Into the Wild 07/08/08 Daddison
Indiana Jones, Skydiving, Re-Breaking Up 06/02/08 Daddison
Boat on a River 01/26/09 Daddison
Downstairs at Coventry, Present Day 01/25/09 Daddison
Homoeroticism and Ashley Moore 04/17/08 Daddison
Unlimited Money = The One Ring 01/23/09 Daddison
Nonsense 8 04/11/08 Daddison
“When I was in the parking lots trying to fight against..." 04/04/08 Daddison
Cruise Ship Lovin' and Other Fun Scenes 03/02/08 Daddison
Traveling on a Bus 02/27/08 Daddison
Awkward Sexytime and Mystical Meteor Showers 01/27/08 Daddison
Bedtime for Bonzo/The Killer is in New York 01/26/08 Daddison
Ashley Moore, Prostitution and Running 01/17/08 Daddison
College Life and Erin Sheets Hath Come To Town 01/07/08 Daddison
Aliens 01/01/08 Daddison
Death Row 12/31/07 Daddison
Back in High School, Snowboarding and Nuclear Bomb Threats 12/28/07 Daddison
Goudy Food and Being Late For Presentations 12/27/07 Daddison
Chance Franks and wife, love quadrangles and coffee … 12/06/07 Daddison
Montag dancin’, Mars rovers and the Varsity Theatre 11/25/07 Daddison
Aeropuerto 11/03/07 Daddison
Tests, President, Campus Tours and Raunchy Sex 09/29/07 Daddison
Old Pals, Car Crashes and Dorm Life 09/11/07 Daddison
Why Does It Always Come Down To Sex? 08/30/07 Daddison
Pool Party 08/21/07 Daddison
Patrick, Lauren and Ashley Saga 08/18/07 Daddison
Road Trip, Great Flood and Time Travel 08/17/07 Daddison
Smokin' Weed and Eatin' Subway 08/10/07 Daddison
Vampires, Orion Bradshaw, Trouble in bed, Secret Agents… 07/30/07 Daddison
Silt Deposit Presentation and Other Strange Happenings 07/29/07 Daddison
Orange Beer 07/26/07 Daddison
Limousines, Mansions and My Brother Being Crazy 07/05/07 Daddison
We're Going To America 01/06/09 Daddison
Juice Plus+ Recruiting 12/26/08 Daddison
Foreign Travels and Mobile Home Love Making 12/23/08 Daddison
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