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Dream Date User
22-11-11 night's dreams 11/22/11 idontsleep
22-11-11 night's dreams 06/10/15 idontsleep
DISGUSTING OH GOD 05/30/15 CutieLouis
Some Shady characters in odd places 04/26/15 ImmortalDreams
Script 04/08/15 pegacorna
Aliens come for me 03/28/15 stargazer0228
Lincoln and Space Aliens 03/15/15 Jmycenae
Alien Spaceship 03/04/15 pegacorna
Star Trek Voyager has three month detour 02/16/15 dreamfox
End of the world riddle 08/18/11 Aroniel
Tiny Alien Paratroopers 02/13/15 DreamPete
Saving Teri and Then There's Bill Murray 01/27/15 l1tl3gurl
I Am An Eccentric Woman / Pantaleon / IBM Mainframe 01/06/15 stakkr303
Yes Mommy dearest.. 12/29/14 ImmortalDreams
Aliens 12/19/14 RemlitQueen
Novelty Souls 12/12/14 lisconn
Flowers 10/27/14 london_lad
Conspiracies everywhere! The government!? 10/06/14 Azimuth
GIANT TALKING FROGS 08/27/14 walrus
Murder, aliens and voice on the line (Bits and pieces) 06/29/14 Yorghos
Alien Abduction 07/10/14 vogelein
War of the Worlds 02/22/14 Werewolven
Aliens Confiscate Our Arms 05/06/10 Pwyrdan
Errand / Beach Advertisement / Dunkin Donuts & Bacon App 06/24/14 stakkr303
Long ride home/The Lawnmower Man 06/16/14 DuffyJ1111
My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna- vision of future 05/15/14 Dipak
Proven wrong about aliens 05/13/14 Yorghos
With some Bizarre characters ,acting even more bizarre 05/05/14 ImmortalDreams
Dream Bestiary Part 2 04/20/14 ConcreteChicken
The Greatest Dream For Predator fans 04/14/14 mamanmatt12
The alien spaceship launch 03/26/14 epicxrye
Alien Invasion 03/23/14 SnowyTimberWolf
Temples and Aliens 03/14/14 epicxrye
Abducted by aliens * having 'mind power' 03/13/14 ImmortalDreams
Alien Armageddon 11/21/09 Kdog
Aliens Took Control. 02/19/14 GACgrl19
Frozen Terror. 02/28/09 BreStud
Senses / Concealed in Water / Simulation 01/06/14 stakkr303
In a grocery store when Earth is attacked 01/05/14 haux
balloon aliens 09/02/10 ashzepplin
King Crimson/Aliens 12/31/13 london_lad
Colonizing Mars 12/04/13 haux
Avenues mall 06/06/13 hood12
Abductions 11/28/13 InnerEffect
Tiramisu / "Illuminati Meeting" / Neighbourhood Attractions 11/12/13 stakkr303
Aliens Vampires and Russell Brand 09/19/13 OksanaMarta
Coyote vs. Aliens 04/18/13 Leonca
Following and falling down some 'unusual' places 09/10/13 ImmortalDreams
No Sun 09/02/13 vkotov
Katherine as Alien 08/03/13 drvsvs
It Ain't Our World 07/24/13 Specter
Title Unknown. 07/20/13 SpaceLover96
Lightning Storm 07/19/13 SpaceLover96
Nearly 3-hour LD. Galantamine. Sign = breathing underwater. 06/09/13 junkiecosmonaut
security 05/19/13 coldr3ality
Aliens or something 05/08/13 DivineGuardian
rockets, parties, corpses, foreigners 04/23/13 92189047
Trapped...Part 1 04/06/13 just0maybe
Transformation 03/31/13 Specter
The lost and found 03/14/13 ImmortalDreams
Killer Aliens 02/28/13 diggitydoggz
Preview of My Future Mission? 02/25/13 oldtimer
Aliens and Worms 02/21/13 Karina
it was a really big spinning UFO 02/16/13 lindablueeyes2
Interrupted While Getting Dressed 04/21/10 AmongstTheRabble
My vision of future advanced science and technology 11/24/09 Dipak
Grocery Disaster 01/25/13 Silverhex
Alien attacks 01/20/13 haux
Trapped By Aliens 01/06/10 AmongstTheRabble
Theft From a Government Lab 10/17/09 AmongstTheRabble
Alien Series 01/06/13 Whimsical
Beware the Moon 01/04/13 GoPetunias
Tower & Teeth 11/13/12 Whimsical
21/12/2012 aliens 12/17/12 DotCom616
Lucid and Random 4 12/14/12 Submachiner
university vigilante 12/14/12 DotCom616
Weird/Scary Nap 11/28/12 Meche1o1
Wise Alien 11/19/12 ohmyjamie
Lady In White 11/19/12 Kuorui
End of the World 11/16/12 DarakuTenshi
Moonstone Charms 10/18/12 Person1
Jellyfish Aliens 09/15/12 lua
2012 the end of the world 09/12/12 Snowhite
not aliens but something else?? 09/11/12 Rudy
In The Forest 09/02/12 london_lad
Aliens and multi dimensions 09/02/12 Snowqueen
Bloody Agates 08/23/12 BlueCloud
Flood 08/14/12 vkotov
Aliens at the hospital 08/10/12 BlueCloud
2002-2004 09/01/02 Mercurius
Mini Dreams: Mass Effect, Abandoned Dog, Crush, Lip Balm 07/28/12 lua
X Files 07/21/12 BlueCloud
Bioshock, Aliens, Little Sisters, and Haam. 07/02/12 hopelesschaos
Bioshock, Dune, Parties, Aliens 07/01/12 hopelesschaos
Eating Aliens 06/18/12 Lazellia
my greatest fear 05/28/12 FerrellMartin
Alien Invasion 05/24/12 l1tl3gurl
Urban spelunking with aliens 05/08/12 HeiMeiGui
“Conscious Absent" 05/08/12 al
Aliens invading my Pantry 04/08/12 tokiocinema
Party for the saved passengers (Bits and pieces) 03/25/12 Yorghos
multi-apocalypse drives homeless fluffy kitties to my door 03/17/12 MonkeyMagdalen
the Queen Mother's brain is parasitized by silver aliens 03/12/12 al
Eye Spy 02/29/12 CellarDoorMofo
From aliens to interns 02/16/12 Apollosus
Sorry humans.. 02/03/12 Chynia
Meteors from Aliens 01/28/12 DivineGuardian
Secret Information 01/26/12 magicsparkles
Lively Computers 01/22/12 Rebekah1213
Skate Plate 01/18/12 MonicaT
Dad in pink briefs - Gadgets up in space don't work 01/13/12 ImmortalDreams
Alien Contact 01/10/12 magicsparkles
Big Wigs Arrive/Tommyknockers (aliens?) 01/06/12 DuffyJ1111
MIT, ice cream Mahjong, flying 12/24/11 SilverDandelion
Weird Hexagon Shape, Aliens? 12/30/11 DuffyJ1111
yet again, another alien dream. 12/22/11 anessaK
good vibrations 12/21/11 al
The Angel 11/27/11 Nolie
And I Can Do It HOLDING A BABY 11/12/11 WeirdDreamer
The Arrival 11/07/11 Submachiner
Sliders 10/30/11 tturner
Alien Photography 10/19/11 woogle
End Of The World 10/10/11 l1tl3gurl
a helpfull spirit and alien invasions 07/13/11 dawson
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