Sixter's Face of Fear

Date of dream: Monday, February 25, 2013

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

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I was running from Dallas all the way back to Austin with Charles, Geneva, and this girl named Sixter. She was a petite dark haired girl who was either Mexican, European, or both. She was a friend of Charles'. Anyways we were running and at one point I think I almost attained lucidity with Geneva's help. She todl e that when Icaught up to herI would become lucid. I was like half a mile behind her or maybe closer to a quarter mile. I never caught up to her.

Actualy I realized at first it was just Charles and I. We started getting closer to Congress ave. andd then he asked me what street it was. I told him it was Congress and then he told me it was also called Ruby street. I looked at the sign and sureenough it also said Ruby street. Then once we got there, he increased th epace of his running just for the hell of it and I ended up getting left in the dust. But then I realized that he was going th ewrong way and that I woul be able to eat him back to Gables if I was quick enough. 

For some reason, shortly afterwards I found myself istting don on the grass in that same spot with Sixter. I think iit's because my shoe came loose. anyways she does not react well to Charles not being within eyesight, and she completely breaks down adn flips the fuck out. All she does is one long, steady scream in which her face looks completely terrified. Her eyes are widened and her mouth is haning open gaping. I tried to stop her but I couldn't. I somehow contacted other friends to watch it and they though tit was funny. geneva wasone of them. The whole tiem she was screaming, she was compltely incapable of understading anythingI could say to her.  ithink at what point either sh or the watch told me to save y effort from bartering because there waws no wa I'd geta job wit them. f

Also, the whole time I waw there witnessing Sixger's breakdown, I could NOT for the love of god get my shoe on. I would get really clolse but the damn thing just wouldn't get on completly.

I'm in an apartment roomwith like three other people. It's not my normal apartment and it's in a weird building on an upper level. The room has no windows and has two doors: one leaeds to the hallwayand the other one leads to more rooms where other people live. Nancy Sue lived in this apartment room as well. I remember being aware that it wasn't my normal room. I was tryihng to go to sleep in there but I couldn't. I was a bit paranoid that people wuld break in. At one point, this dude kept poking his head in through the non-hallway door and i realized he was a resident of the other rooms. Nancy wnt and talked to him. Forgot what he wanted but he made a list of things/requests for both nancy and I to do. this whole time I was thinking.. "wtf."...

Then Emily shows up and nancy almmost kicks her out /is rude to her but I let it be known that Emily is welcome here because hse's my friened. She ends up having sex here later, or in the dream someone told me she already did have sex with somebody in the building. I guess it's not even bad at all then because it wasn't at my apartment or anything. 

I had af alse awakening htat I don't quite remember. I just remember being outside of the same building. It's sunset time and it's freaking beautiful. I'm in a sseparate fenced off area with some grass where there are lovers, athletes, artists, everything. Mostly artists. had af ew convesrations with artists. Chris Gu was there. There was nother guy with a paortable rumset. All of this stuff made me want to get an even mroe portable keyboard. The sky was purple (but in a natural waya.. the way it sometimes looks after or around sunset). Chris Gu was there as well, and I saw Sha there as well sitting with two other people. I sat down with my laptop on the far side, because I din't want to look like a huge nerd and misrespresent our major. I started journaling about my dream.

dark room people wandering in tw odoors

Devil's Music

Date of dream: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

This dream has been viewed 124 times.

I was on a platform in a hellish, demonic world. The whole place was red and there was fire everywhere. The platform was a metal platform that seemed to be floating in the air. The texture of the platform was a metal mesh, similar to what you'd see on a jungle gym at a playground. Similar to the texture of a fence... interwoven metal, except with not as thin metal wires as a fence. Below the platform (way below, between 50-100 feet), there was a devil with several people captured. They were dragonball Z characters. One of them was Vegeta.

The devil was administering punishments for each individual character. The fucked up thing was that he was punishing them for good deeds. I thought about how this showed how truly twisted the devil was. He wasn't punishing them for having done bad things in life, rather, because he was so evil, he was punishing them for doing good. He went into detail on the types of punishment that they would recieve, and I believe he mentioned that Vegeta's punishment would be either physical or sexual.

The whole time I was deathly afraid that the devil would catch me. I ended up on another further platform. The entire time I was crouched down, on all fours, trying to stay low to the platform so that nobody would see me. Suddenly this metal music started playing. It seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. The music had a consciousness of its own and it knew where I was. I started panicking.

I jumped off the platform and an epic chase began. The music was a force of energy that was chasing me and the scene involved lots of flying, and at one point I split into two people and flew up different sides of the world and the music chased me up both sides.

I was at a party with Justin. I don't remember any details of the party except that Gillian was also there, and there was another redhead (or it might've been her) that I sat down next to and tried talking to but who didn't pay me much attention. There was beer pong there and there were also several hipsters. I had to leave the party early for some reason.

I was back in my room in my house in Maryland. I wondered if my parents were ever able to tell when I was drunk. This time they made no indication that they could. I also was messing around with a kindle.

I was in the library. It was a big library. It looked a lot like the Student Union, actually. I don't know what it was, but it had a similar color scheme to the union. Lots of brown and red and gold. I ascended a staircase there and when I got to the second floor, there were a few people studying, as well as a room on my right with more people studying. I saw Tan behind me and realized he was back. He saw me and immediately went "HOOTY HOOOO!!!!!" cupping his hands around his mouth to amplify the sound. I thought "FUCK" because I knew that meant I had to do the fraternity shout. But I did it anyway, quite loudly, and pretty self-consciously because people around were studying. People didn't seem to mind nearly as much as I thought they would.

I started walking with Tan down a hallway around the corner. He wanted to come to the party with me. He also wanted to show me pictures on my phone... so I gave him my phone and when he pulled up the correct app to use, he noticed I already had his profile pictures open and had already been scrolling through them. I was embarrassed because he had been on my computer earlier and seen the same thing (when he started up my computer or my browser it was already on his profile). I felt stupid because it looked like I was obsessed with him. At some point we walked by Justin, who I knew had already left the party. I pretended I didn't see him, and he pretended he didn't see me. I knew it was because he knew I wanted to go back to the party, and he didn't want to go back.

I was back at Gables, though it was a twisted version of it. It was raining outside and it was getting really really late. I wanted to go back to the party. I was wearing the same green sleeveless shirt that I'm wearing right now. I jumped over a fence in the complex and was walking really quickly. I realized that I probably looked like some kind of hooligan. I didn't care too much though. As I was heading back to my apartment, I started thinking it'd be a good idea to ride my scooter to get to the party faster. I realized I'd have no place to secure it but didn't care that much. Then I realized my bike would be a better idea because I could lock it up. I started heading towards the party but then realized I had to head back because I forgot something. The way back felt really long and seemed to take forever. I don't remember ever getting back. The whole time I had a gnawing sensation that the party was getting closer to ending.

Batman's Revenge

Date of dream: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

This dream has been viewed 150 times.

I'm arguing with my mother. I don't remember why, but I think it may be related to my grandfather's death. The family had decided not to tell me about it even after it happened. She is surprisingly not being stubborn at all and tries to make some kind of concession for me to end the fight. I latch onto like one little thing she said in her request to end the fight and I completely lose my mind, throwing some object against the wall and yelling "screw you!!!!" or cursing in some other way. I can tell she's starting to become really sad.


I'm in another room. I start realizing what I had done and how childish and immature it was. I realize that it is night time and that my Mom is going to go to bed sad. I realize how many times I've forced her to do this in the past, how badly she wanted to end the fight, and how cruel it was to do this to her intentionally. I start feeling absolutely terrible.


The next morning I awaken and I still feel guilty. I go into the kitchen and my mother is there with my brother. She seems fine and they aren't paying much attention to me.


The next part of the dream is in the third person. There's a city that's under attack by some kind of giant. The giant is weird in that he's not incredibly monstrous in his appearance (aside from his size) - he looks kind of like "Mack" from UniLodge. He's a white, surfer/skater-ish looking guy with shaggy brown hair. He's a good looking dude. I don't remember what kind of havoc he is wreaking but I know that he has a girlfriend and I'm not sure if she's a giant too or not. 


At one point, I notice another giant appear in the city and see that he is way bigger than the first giant. In fact, the dream highlights the size difference by zooming out and showing the first giant from a distance looking not too much taller than a normal person (because of the distance zoomed out) while the second giant is like Godzilla compared to the first giant. The first giant tries to go through a fence with a lock and ends up in some desert-like area.


The first giant starts chasing something. It might be the second giant and it might also be a raptor. Batman then starts chasing the first giant. Batman is either now a giant himself or is riding some huge creature. The first giant is known to be faster than Batman, but Batman has a trick. Somehow he knows that if the first giant is chasing something else, Batman will eventually be able to catch up to him. Batman slowly starts to gain on the first giant and eventually smashes him under the foot of whatever he's riding. A narrative then occurs, saying that he moved to the side of the road to avoid "further smudging".


I'm in a group of Asian people sitting around and asking some guy questions. It seems like a seminar or some kind of presentation. And now we are on the question portion of whatever it was. One guy asks a question, and the presenter/speakers says "so basically what you're saying is that you can't really have fun without alcohol?" and the other guy says yes. I realize that many others in the crowd have this problem as well.


There is a method for studying/learning called "The Duc Method" or "The Duke Method". The slogan for it is "If you want to learn anything". I'm in the rain on my laptop trying to use The Duc Method to study. I re-angle myself a few times to avoid the rain. I then have some weird experience where I realize that the Duc Method is a real study method (though it's actually not) and I realize that I'm doing it right then and there. I think it involved "thinking around" something or "thinking in proximity" to something. I see a visualization of it, which is like a giant red sphere, with me studying next to it, and then more spheres. And then there's like an outer layer of this as well. It's very hard to describe but basically I see the whole concept converted into a visual form right in front of me.