Alligator Boy

Date of dream: Friday, July 04, 2014

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Lucid Intent? No    

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I was heading to some rave with Beebs and a few other people. I got to the entryway and it was incredibly crowded. I had this bottle of water that was inside another bottle of water. I put it down for a few seconds and it was gone. I looked around and noticed that one of the security guards had taken it. I asked him if he could give it back and he did.

By this point my group was already inside the rave. I knew that they were about to start rolling so I was eager to find them and start partying. I bumped into some dude and he started giving me shit about the water and he shoved me and I almost got into a fight. I started getting very upset because I didn't want to be in a bad mood for the rave. I then bumped into some other fat dude who I already was enemies with. He also started giving me shit about the water and about how I wasn't supposed to bring it and I kept on angrily telling him that the guy told me I could bring it in. He shoved me at some point and I got really pissed off. Eventually he came to his senses and let me through and apologized, but in a way that made it clear that we were still enemies. I remember telling him that I accept his apology (just so I could end the confrontation) but still thinking he was a dick.

I started pushing through the crowd to try to find my group. The club was a relatively small one (especially for a rave) and it was completely packed. Everyone was dancing and having a blast. I was sad because I didn't know where my group was. Eventually I got close to the stage where Alligator Boy (the DJ) was performing and I saw Beebs and some girl in my group dressed up in a raver costume. They were both standing on the other side of Alligator Boy and they weren't dancing for some reason. 

I decided to try to get over and meet them. For some reason, I thought the best way to do this would be to crawl across the stage under Alligator Boy's synthesizer (where I would be hidden from view) and pop out at the other side. I was worried because I knew that Alligator Boy would definitely punch me if he discovered me. I started crawling military style under the thing and I was making progress slowly. I was pretty scared the whole time since I knew it'd cause a scene if I got caught. As I got closer to the other side and passed Alligator Boy's feet, the synthesizer got lower to the ground and I couldn't go any further because my back was pressing up against it and I knew that if I kept going, I'd get stuck and/or topple the entire setup. I started backing up and suddenly I had a weird false awakening where my SSH connection or something got lost and I was no longer at the rave. 

Earlier in the night, maybe in a different dream, I was visiting frat houses with Zimmerman. Apparently he had made lots of friends in fraternities. For some reason I was nervous to go visit these frat houses. We went to one of them, which I think was Zeta something. I met some of their brothers and they told me they were going to have a huge rave at their house with one very famous DJ. They told me this was a yearly tradition. I told them that the house was probably too small to have a full on rave. I then found out as I was leaving that the DJ they got this year was HTML5, who was apparently a person and was "The inventor of the internet". I was really impressed and told a few people, but later I realized that maybe inventing the internet had nothing to do with being a good DJ. I also found out that the kind of music he played was more "epic" electronic music as opposed to the crazy funky stuff you usually hear at raves. I was unsure about whether it would be good.

House Hunting

Date of dream: Monday, June 30, 2014

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For some reason I had bought a new house. It was a really nice and big house. When I was exploring it, I discovered that it actually had three stories (basement not included... not sure if there was a basement or not). There were tons of bedrooms. A few of them were a bit messy but my brother helped me out with fixing them up. I felt so much joy as I was exploring this house... I felt a sense of wonder every time I discovered a new room or discovered a new floor.

At one point, I went to the highest story and I realized that there was a girl in one of the bedrooms on that floor. She was on her phone and she looked very apologetic for being there since she clearly was not supposed to be there now that the house was mine. However, she remained on her phone. I looked at her and did the scooby doo "err?" noise. I later did a google search on previous tenants living in your house.

Next scene. I was in a different new house. This one was a one story ranch style house. I had two roommates and they were both fratty party guys and I believe there was a party in progress at that very moment. I felt really happy at first but then I started to feel nervous because I realized that I would probably grow annoyed with them over the course of the year since I preferred a quieter lifestyle and they would be partying all the time. I then suddenly realized that I might have screwed myself over with the lease, since I had already resigned at Archstone and I had also signed at my new place. I looked over the records and saw that they overlapped. I somehow knew that it would be OK.

I was going to get my car fixed. I went to this auto repair shop and this longish haired Mexican dude got into my car to talk prices. For some reason I had brought two cars... one was a vintage car (either a volkswagen or a mercedes) that didn't work at all, and the other one was my accord. At first he tried to charge me 3000 dollars for my car and then more for the other one. I told him that was too much and he told me maybe I should get the hell out then. I then asked him to tell me for real the cheapest he could do it for and he said one thousand. I told him I'd take a quick walk around the block to think it over, though my actual plan was to look up yelp reviews.

As I walked around, I noticed that he had a three star review on yelp so I decided not to go with it.'

I was at the mall with my parents. We went to a bunch of stores. I remember going to one store that had a bunch of vintage globes of all different sizes. They all had different embellishments on them and they were pretty awesome.

We then went to a different store. It was a clothing store. I had some reluctance to go in for some reason but my parents ended up convincing me to go in. I went in and there were a bunch of awesome clothes and these awesome square canvases with paintings on them. There were lots of Mario/Koopa related pictures. There were other ones with goofy caroton animals on them and all sorts of cool stuff. I can't remember specifically but I remember liking a lot of them. The whole time I was looking, there were a bunch of kids grabbing them off the shelf so I knew if I wanted one I'd have to act quickly. 

Somehow, I was at a different part of the mall and had fallen and injured my foot. I felt exactly like how I did when I was relearning how to walk after my ankle injury. I started hobbling through the mall and I ran into this Japanese dude who looked just like the guy I went to disney world with. He was working at a fast food place in the mall and he gave me this delicious sample of tempura rice. He then gave me some Thai food from a neighboring restaurant. He was really nice.


clothing store
forgetting something important
cute girl
unfamiliar home

Parks and Rec

Date of dream: Saturday, June 28, 2014

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For some reason, I was enrolled into some college class. I went to the classroom and my friend introduced me to the teacher. The teacher was this middle aged, slightly pudgy white man with greying hair who greeted me happily and told my friend that I was his favorite student back when I was in school. I felt slightly embarrassed because I had no recollection of this guy at all. I started walking into the classroom but I was told by the teacher that since the class had already started, I would have to sit outside of the classroom.

I sat in the hallway right outside of my classroom and there were two hot girls sitting near me. One of them was April from Parks and Rec and the other one was a blonde girl who looked like the one that lived in the room next to me at Towers. They were talking in really ditzy voices about randokm Amazon related things. I'm pretty sure they worked for Amazon. 

Suddenly the girl that looked like April started talking about how she wanted to make out with someone and would literally make out with anyone right now. I started to feel a tingling of hope. She then stated flat out that if anyone within earshot wanted to make out with her, then he should tell her. I was trying to gather the courage to do so but this Mexican guy beat me to the punch and said he would take her up on the offer. I felt a pang of regret, but I don't think they ended up making out because Terk came over and started talking to her.

I found out shortly afterwards that Terk was her cousin. I asked her how she knew him and I used his nickname, which made me feel proud because I was glad I had connections to a smart and successful person. Anyways, somehow she later ended up leaning her head against me with my arm around her. I was longing to kiss her but I avoided it because I didn't want to kiss Terk's family member.

Later I went downstairs to my car in the garage. I was in some kind of corrections program. Everyone running the program knew I didn't really belong there and that I was a stand up guy but they still had to go through the motions until myr elease. Luckily I only had one day in the program total. Ron Swanson was running the program. I got in my car and drove up this really weird and narrow path that  looked like the exit. I ended up not being able to fit my car through one of the final sections of this weird exit (which was kind of a tunnel/staircase that had lots of sharp turns). I found out that it wasn't an exit for a car and it was actually a staircase, and that by driving my car I had damaged some of the stairs and the railing.

I was worried that this would cause me to have to stay in the program longer. Swanson shook his head, seemingly frustrated. I felt pretty ashamed since he thought I was smart, or at least he did before.

He then had me do this weird task (like some community service style work) where I threw these elongated hash brown things into these boiling tanks of something and then fished out these things that would appear at the surface after I threw these things in. It was pretty weird. After we ran out of the hash brown things we started throwing bacon on instead which also did the trick. I was confused and a bit trepidatious the whole time.

nonsensical task
weird driving
fictional characters
very forward girl
imaginary person from my past