Evil Ginger

Date of dream: Thursday, November 21, 2013

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This was a reallly long dream. First I was shoppng at the mall for some reason. I was looking for a plain solid color dress shirt and someone was helping me but wanted me to go to expensive places. I decided to go to cheaper places with the same stuff and he seemed a bit upset.

A bunch of people from other schools, including Aamir Ajmeri, came to visit the area in west campus. TJ was hanging out with a bunhc of them and they were all indian, which I thought was funny. Even Dr John was there, and he was behind the bar as if he was the bartender. Someone called and talked about how the sigma chi house didn't have a fence anymore. For some reason, this made me want to go get some coldstone ice cream.

I headed to my car and it was still running and the key was still in. It was also in the handicapped spot. This middle aged giger guy shows up and kidnaps me into his car. I was in shock and totally could not believe what he was doing. At first he said he was running some kind of test to find criminals and would run them on me once I got to his place. He stopped at this restaurant and I sprinted into the restaurant to try to escape - there was a woman working there and I asked her to call the police but the ginger somehow convinced her I was a rapist and she freaked out.

I suddenly saw a girl I knew (who i don't know in real life) and told her quietly about my predicament. She tried to help but ended up giving herslef away and she also got kidnapped along witih another guy. The ginger finally revelaed that he was running an experiment to see what happened to see the point at which certain things happened in an individual's psychology. I pointed out a flaw which was that the conditions of the experiment were unusual since the subjects were going to be traumatized from being imprisoned and he got mad and asked me what books I had published that gave me any kind of authority.

I tried to sprint and get away again, this time running towards this shopping center with a bunch of stuffed animals. I jumped over this ledge and ended up in a parkour situation because there was a steep drop likeit was off a skyscraper, but with some ledges. I did some weet parkour  maneuvering butg he ended up catching me anyway becasue apparently he's good at everything. I then also found out the police are o hsi side.

Nuked By Fat Asian Man

Date of dream: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Wow, today's dream was pretty terrifying. I was walking down the street at night with a friend and there was this fat ugly Chinese guy who made this really disrespectful motion to both my friend and I. He basically pretended to be jerking off by motioning his hands in the air around his crotch and then motioned himself jizzing in our faces. I did this really immature comeback where I motioned the jizz goign into his face instead, but I felt a bit scared of this stranger so I started walking faster and then turned around and flicked him off with both hands before turning the corner. I think he didn't care and said something like "whatever, I win anyway", and I suddenly knew that he said that because something horrible was going to happen.

I started walking faster, thinking he was going to chase me for flicking him off. Eventually he did start chasing. By the way, we were in Austin but it didn't look like Austin... I was in some kind of urban city environment though. Anyway as he chased us I was running and as always the running felt very different from normal. It felt more like I was controlling seome wild vehicle and it was hard to make precise turns but I felt like I could go really fast. At one point in the chase my friend and I split up, and I think the fat Chinese guy came after me and not my friend. I started jumping over some walls (by muscling myself over them parkour style) and suddenly remembered that something really bad was going to happen, and I just KNEW that Austin was about to get nuked. I jumped over a couple more walls and saw a huge ocean or lake... and then I saw the nuke hit the water and this bright orange ring beginning to expand in the water. I woke up in total terror.

Killer Aliens

Date of dream: Thursday, February 28, 2013

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I had just gotten back from the gym and I was wearing these grey sweatpants and a blue Hurley shirt with a faded pink design on it (faded from the washing machine). I was in the courtyard outside of some building, being introduced to that Indian manager guy from my office. The one that works right next to Charles. He came out and almost immediately started blatantly staring at what I was wearing, and I realized I made a terrible mistake by dressing like such shit for this meeting. I started apologizing and making excuses, and he said he''d give me a chance later to recover from this horrible first impression. He said this as he was walking into the building and closing the door. I felt really dumb.

I was in his office and for soem reason he had decided to give me some of his time. His sister was there and I was having a great conversation with her. The manager somehow started warming up to me. He really started liking me once I told him my own views on what he was like. Basically I was telling the sister how I thought he was a nice dude. And then he pops up and is really surprised and is like "I'm a nice guy?" as if he can't believe anybody would say that. And I was like "yeah, you're nice in the sense that you want people to be happy...but you're also not afraid to offend people." He starts laughing his ass off and he becoems super friendly towards me. He even writes this down on some scratch paper, which I'm flattered by. We start talking about my future, what I want to do when I go back to school (which in real life I don't have any plans of doing), etc. I told him I am really interested in ecoming a researcher.

I'm in my room watching a movie about aliens. The first part is this clip of some woman saying "And no knives, only sticks and chains" or something. She's desdribing how some attackers were going to kill the parents of this kid. The kid was played by some famous actor... I can't remember his name but I do know his face. Anyways, in the movie he had rushed back to his parents' house to save them. At first they wouldn't believe him when he warned them about the trouble. So he did some weird thing where he hypnotized them with his cuteness. It was funny becasue the things he was doing were not cute at all (he was making these "cute" faces) but his parents love him so much that it just seemed to work on them. Once they were in this trance, he made them repeat certain things he was saying and the very last thing he made the say was something like "we're gonna get the hell out of here right now!!!!". Right when he said that, it started raining and thundering outside and you could see the aliens showing up. I was in the room this whole time with them just watching from a third person.

I was now suddenly in the movie. I knew there wasn't an actual threat at that very moment so I wasn't scared. I was walking up the stairs of the main character's house and I was listening to somebody's vociemail message. I think it was his. It was warning callers on what to do if they had any news on the killer creatures. On the way up the stairs, I walked past his sister's room and imagined monsters in there. Then I got to his room, shut the door, and jokingly told him there were monsters on the way. He started panicking like crazy until I told him I was just kidding. He then told me the full story behind the monsters: Earth was one of many small experimental colonies that these aliens had created. They put a giant plug (which resembled a corkscrew) into each test colony so that they could destroy it when they were done testing it. Somehow they couldn't do this with Earth, so they were just sending these killer aliens instead. The whole time he was explaining this, I was getting a visual as well.... of a bunch of missiles and planets and corkscrews and all sorts of crazys tuff in space.