slept on the couch first then moved

Date of dream: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: Other

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This could be a technique for enhancing dreams, although it’s only worked for me one night. I fell asleep in the living room, but when I woke up a couple of hours later I was really thirsty from snoring because I slept on my back and I didn’t remember any dreams. So I went back to sleep in my bedroom.

I find myself in an argument with D, an acquaintance, telling him to slow down. He’s driving like a maniac and keeps pressing the gas pedal harder, even though we’re off the road and there are large rocks ahead of us. He has a maniacal grin on his face and is ignoring me.

But the car seems to be on an invisible track that’s protecting us from colliding with anything. That makes me slightly lucid. Then it hits a pre-planned, invisible bump in mid-air and lines up perfectly in a trajectory straight towards a garage. As the car shoots through the air directly towards it, D klutzily adjusts the headlights to illuminate the inside of the building, and that makes me even more lucid. How could he be aiming the car so well for the opening yet not be able to point the headlights at it? I think to myself.

We land in the garage and I hear the base of the car clicking into place on invisible mounts. Again, that makes me a little bit more lucid.

I wake up and think the words, It’s either going to complicate our worst fears, or complicate and amplify our best intentions. I hope for the latter.


I fall back asleep and I see my (deceased) Aunt M walking back to the house, but really slow. So I go back to walk with her. Mom (also deceased) is there, too.

I wake up.

Ellery Queen

Date of dream: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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I have magical powers (forgotten). I’m driving and am in kind of denial that I’m losing them. We end up in the river, but it’s still working enough that I tell the passengers how about if I do “something magical RIGHT NOW to save us,” which I do … but it just barely hoists the car out of the river.

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

I heal someone who has atrophied limbs by putting my hands on his arms. They swell up with new muscle tissue. Dr. D____ and the minister of my church were there. Ellery Queen (while I’ve heard of them, I’m sure why I dreamed this name, I had to look this

up) is the doctor and M was the mother of E_____ B. I let them cut my arm off for a transplant, but then I grow it back, as I knew I would. E____’s mother then attacks me as a black, squid like monster crawling on the floor, but when I don’t act afraid, it turns out to be M. She’s angry that I didn’t react, but I say, “If you’re afraid of something in a dream, you just have to confront it.”

Then I fall backwards through several levels of floors. Other supernatural things happen (forgotten).

I wake up.

unable to fall back to sleep

Date of dream: Thursday, August 09, 2012

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Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: Other

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A vague dream in which someone is trying to get me to drive, but for some reason I’m afraid to. I overhear my brother, D___, explain that he and this guy are making a formula to include a poison. When I walk in they have the setup concealed by sheets and D____ says to me, “Here, try this.” He pulls the sheet away and there’s some cheese. I refuse to eat it, and he tries to force me. I can see green mold in the cheese and realize that’s the poison. I lie and say, “I don’t do well with cheese,” very fearfully. I really do wonder if they’re trying to kill me.

(wake up, heart is pounding, record, eventually fall back to sleep)

A long, lucid dream (mostly forgotten except for the end). I’m talking to “God” on a bus. I ask curiously, “Can you take me anywhere?”

He says, “I’m here to listen to you.” He’s a regular middle-aged man.

After I talk to him about my life for a while (again, mostly forgotten), I still want to be magically transported somewhere and ask again.

He says, “I’ll take you to the sun.”

Instantly I’m above some kind of gray, polygonal sculpture. There’s kind of a circle in front of me, and I ask, “Is that Stonehenge?” (precognitive: today a friend sent me a picture of himself at Stonehenge that was taken many years ago).The circle is also solid gray and is an indented area, but it’s made of the same polygons and it keeps shifting.

God tells me we only have a few seconds to visit there because of global warming (what?!), so we zap back to Earth.

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

Performers are doing this act where this guy seems to have a bad motorcycle accident and acts hurt. But no one seems worried. Then when someone goes to half-heartedly help him, he throws him over the edge of a wall and the injured man falls 30 feet (precognitive: in the news today, I heard someone fell off an overpass somewhere). The people in the act are still smirking, like they know he’s not really getting hurt. But I’m horrified, not being able to see how anyone could finagle an act like that without injuries.

(wake up, heart is pounding, record, fall back to sleep)

I’m traveling upside-down in claustrophobic, crowded car. My sister, C____, is in the middle in the front but, like everyone else, is sitting on the ceiling as we zoom along.

I wake up and my heart is pounding too hard ... I can’t fall back to sleep.