Ellery Queen

Date of dream: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: Other

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I have magical powers (forgotten). I’m driving and am in kind of denial that I’m losing them. We end up in the river, but it’s still working enough that I tell the passengers how about if I do “something magical RIGHT NOW to save us,” which I do … but it just barely hoists the car out of the river.

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

I heal someone who has atrophied limbs by putting my hands on his arms. They swell up with new muscle tissue. Dr. D____ and the minister of my church were there. Ellery Queen (while I’ve heard of them, I’m sure why I dreamed this name, I had to look this


up) is the doctor and M was the mother of E_____ B. I let them cut my arm off for a transplant, but then I grow it back, as I knew I would. E____’s mother then attacks me as a black, squid like monster crawling on the floor, but when I don’t act afraid, it turns out to be M. She’s angry that I didn’t react, but I say, “If you’re afraid of something in a dream, you just have to confront it.”

Then I fall backwards through several levels of floors. Other supernatural things happen (forgotten).

I wake up.