too many blankets and thirst lead to a lucid nightmare

Date of dream: Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: Other

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Someone delivers plants to our office — I’ve been demoted to an office job on Memorial Drive in the Cambridge area in a rundown building. The plants come with candles and gauzy curtains for our windows. As I’m getting ready to leave I notice the curtains have caught on fire. Already, I can feel smoky air going in my lungs. I tell someone and find a fire extinguisher, but by now the flames are big on my desk. Nevertheless, we put it out and run outside. I tell him we were in danger of smoke inhalation.

He says, “Oh no, look back.”

The whole second floor is up in flames. I become really angry that management delivered the curtains with the lit candles — it really is their fault this is happening. We run back towards Massachusetts Avenue near Harvard and I try to get my cell phone out, but it’s in holders inside of holders inside of holders, and when I finally find it, it’s the first cell phone I ever had, a small, gray thing. That tips me off it’s a dream. Still not completely lucid, though, I tell a midget cab driver to call 911. He’s slow to understand what I’m asking, which doesn’t surprise me at this point, and his cab is a model-T trolley-style vehicle.

Someone exclaims, “Look now!” and there’s a huge fireball going up in the sky from our old office building. 

Then we’re on the Boston side of the Charles River and we trudge down Storrow Drive. It’s then I discover that my iPhone 5 was in my pocket the whole time. Figures, I think to myself.

People fly like rockets past us overhead. I think, It’s a dream, why not do that, too. I do a loop-de-loop while leaving a black smoke trail behind me, but the cohesion starts to break down and it doesn’t completely feel like I’m off the ground.

Suddenly I find myself in an earlier part of the dream (forgotten now) where other dreamers and I are stuck in this loop where it’s almost like we’re playing a endless loop video game that we can’t get out of. Cars keep crashing into the guardrails on Storrow Drive and all of us, who are cartoon characters, take turns putting the rails back together. I tell them I know it is a dream. 

I try to shut the lights out in the car, and someone says, “You can’t.” Indeed, all three switches just do different levels for the headlights and the inside of the car.

I wake up and discover I’m really thirsty and I have too many blankets on.

Ellery Queen

Date of dream: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: Other

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I have magical powers (forgotten). I’m driving and am in kind of denial that I’m losing them. We end up in the river, but it’s still working enough that I tell the passengers how about if I do “something magical RIGHT NOW to save us,” which I do … but it just barely hoists the car out of the river.

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

I heal someone who has atrophied limbs by putting my hands on his arms. They swell up with new muscle tissue. Dr. D____ and the minister of my church were there. Ellery Queen (while I’ve heard of them, I’m sure why I dreamed this name, I had to look this

up) is the doctor and M was the mother of E_____ B. I let them cut my arm off for a transplant, but then I grow it back, as I knew I would. E____’s mother then attacks me as a black, squid like monster crawling on the floor, but when I don’t act afraid, it turns out to be M. She’s angry that I didn’t react, but I say, “If you’re afraid of something in a dream, you just have to confront it.”

Then I fall backwards through several levels of floors. Other supernatural things happen (forgotten).

I wake up.

nightmares all night

Date of dream: Friday, July 27, 2012

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Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: Other

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A dream about a dream-character guy named T___ who I’m interested in. But the dream devolved to about how I’m doing all these things to drive him away that I’m not even aware of. Finally, I begin to see what I’m doing wrong and try to change them, and then things start to go better.

The dream oddly ends up with he and I and some other guy in a three-way relationship, which I’m not happy about (IRL I’d be VERY unhappy with that kind of arrangement). 

The one thing that I am a little bit happy about is that, in the dream, I’m more aware of bad behaviors that no one had the nerve to tell me about before (Rats … now that I’m awake, I can’t remember what these behaviors were!).

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

“What did you do to my drink?” I say to C___, my old roommate from the late 1980s (who IRL sexually assaulted me, but I fought him off and then moved out). He’s serving me alcohol on the beach.

His behavior is strange. He hands me another one, and I say, “Ok, you’re buying me more. Why?”

It’s really hard liquor, and I begin to sense a loss of control of my speech. Perhaps because on some level I’m lucid, I decide to let it go and just go along with the dream. I don’t get angry at him again like I’ve done in so many recurring dreams where he shows up.

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

Horrible nightmare. Two men who have killed two women are swimming in a river while holding onto the corpses. Authorities come along, but the two men quickly submerge the bodies underwater. I somehow go into the heads of one of these men and see how dark his thoughts are and am almost paralyzed with fear.

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

At a family gathering, but no one knows I’m gay. However, they’re talking about me because they’re suspicious that I am. I’m so old and not married yet, what other reason could there be?

(wake up, record, fall back to sleep)

In a sci-fi nightmare, a cat has taken “THE” substance and has almost a superpower-like ability to find fish and throw them in the swimming pool for later consumption.

In the modern mansion my (dream) friends and I live in, the cat’s reaching through an artificial waterfall and plucking hummingbirds out of the garden and eating them in one gulp. I’m really scared, because my mother and I have taken the substance as well, and dark thoughts about becoming carnivorous are going through my head.

(shift) In the dream I’m suddenly a female (dream) character and my mom is someone else, too. I say to her, “What have you done to us?” 

For the mother is the one who got “THE” substance and is also thinking that she can calm the Jurassic cat down.