Easter Sleep Over?

Date of dream: Monday, April 01, 2013

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     I was in my old house, standing in my room and folding my clothes while my friend, Aidan, laid on my bed. She laid there and pulled out a large blunt from her purse. 
     "This one is mine," She said, "yours is on the dresser." 
I looked over and it was a fairly sized cig wrapped in blue paper. I didn't pick it up, though I wanted to. Aidan put the blunt between her lips and lit it. "You can't smoke, yet!" I whispered harshly. "My parents are still up!"
     "Are they?" She asked, glancing at my door and then continued smoking.

     I knitted my brow and her and turned to open my door. It was cracked and out in the hall was darkness. Further down the hall, I could hear my brother, grumbling to himself. I walked closer but turned left into my bathroom. Everything in it had changed. We had more supplies and everything was arranged neatly like I was in a grocery store. I looked into the mirror above the sink. I saw myself, I looked younger. I looked down at the sink and saw a blue, plastic figurine that looked like a Treble Clef. I picked it up and something told me to try and bend it. It was cold in my hands but then I started bending it, it turned from a hard, plastic to something like clay, and then it turned into a live snake. I held it's hand between my thumb and forefinger to that it wouldn't bite me. I was confused, I examined the snake as it slithered it's body in my hand. I then bent it back into a Treble Clef and it turned back to plastic.

 I left my bathroom, ignoring my brother's noises from inside his room, and continued into the living room. The entrance to the living room revealed a light blaring from just out of sight. I walked in and turned left into the kitchen and saw the door to my parents room was shut, indicating they were asleep. As I was walking back through the living room, I saw that the light which was blaring before was moving. Getting brighter and then darker and so on. It was the TV, showing an old black and white cartoon I didn't recognize. On the couch in front of the TV, there was a boy laying under a blanket. I instantly knew it was my friend, Jesse. Thinking he was asleep, I went back to my room.
     When I opened the door, I saw my dad sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed, while Aidan smoked like nothing was wrong. "Dad." I said, less surprised than I was.
     "You should have told me you were letting people smoke in your room." He said.

     He went on to talk about smoking but I can't remember the exact words of it. A group of three unfamiliar women walked into my room. They held string in their hands, it was wrapped tightly around their fingers. "We're looking for," they all twisted and moved their fingers, revealing that the strings in their hands were, in fact, one long string and they all made a string art picture of a large spider, "spiders." They said, smiling.
     "Check the closet." My dad said from behind me. The women untangled their string and walked toward my closet door, opened it and saw nothing. They threw the string into the closet, having it wrap around items that were within and pulled them out, looking. They looked at the ceiling and wrapped their string around the hatch, leading to the attic. "Guess, you'll have to do some climbing." They say. I didn't understand.

     Suddenly, we were all in my brother's room. He sat in the corner with a scowl on his face, eyeing the women carefully. The stood at his closet, looking for spiders. The woman in the middle twiddled her fingers behind her back, making pretty string pictures.
For some unknown reason, my brother got up, yelled, and ran outside. My father yelled after him in anger, and I followed him.
I followed him into the front yard where he stopped. He stood, huffing in anger. "What's wrong?" I asked. He shook his head. "There's no reason to act like this," I said, putting my hand behind his back and leading him inside, "Look at all these easter egg we've laid out for you."
Little, collourful egg were spiraled out in the grass. I remember thinking to myself that we'd overdone Easter this year. 

I woke up. 

Additional Comments:


 Smoking - To dream of smoke forewarns of upcoming hardships and obstacles. Perhaps you are worrying excessively or are perplexed by a situation or issue. You need to gain more understanding about a situation.
Blue - 
To dream of the color blue symbolizes honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. You may be wanting to escape from the pressures of life. You have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe that you will experience only good in your future. Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue can also reflect a mood of anguish and despair. 
Sleeping - 
To see others sleeping usually refers to some aspect or characteristic of your own personality. It may mean that you are or aren't aware of a certain issue in your life. Sleeping can also represent death because it is symbolic of endings and fresh starts.  
Television - 
To dream of watching television is indicative of one's own thought processes. The fluidity of the television program represents the fluidity of your own mind and thoughts, and the program itself may be providing you with a more objective view of your own ideas and opinions.
Bathroom - To dream that you are in the bathroom signifies your basic needs and desires. It's possible that you are feeling overwhelmed and you wish to get rid of these issues. It may also symbolize your need to cleanse your spirit and mind of destructive thoughts. You need to release negative emotions and feelings.
Snake - 
To dream of seeing or being bitten by a snake implies that you are afraid and anxious about some issue in your life. Perhaps this dream is suggesting that you should be aware of a pending situation that may cause you harm. The snake can also represent the male genitals and may be warning you against entering into a certain sexual encounter. The snake can also represent someone in your life who is heartless, cruel, and treacherous. On a more optimistic note, the snake symbolizes intelligence, change, and understanding. It implies revitalization of the spirit and alterations in life. 
 Cleaning - 
To dream that you are cleaning indicates your ability to make situations more positive and to solve pressing problems. You are learning how to replace pessimistic views and beliefs with those that are more uplifting and pleasurable. This can suggest your desire to seek inner peace and enlightenment.
 String - 
To see strings in your dream symbolizes the bonds that you hold in a relationship or issue. It could be relating to the strength and importance of these bonds, or it may indicate that you are harboring anxieties regarding this bond.
 Easter Egg - 
To dream of an Easter egg suggests the beginning of a potentially exciting and abundant period of activity. Some hardship has passed and you may be feeling refreshed and centered. Your emotional and spiritual life are currently bringing you satisfaction. Many Easter eggs in a dream indicate that great happiness is possible for you, so breathe easy and enjoy.



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    Saruman wants my soul?

    Date of dream: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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         I was riding in the backseat of a car with an unknown driver and staring out the window. I saw homeless people and starved animals. I saw a dirty looking man, eating soup out of what looked like a cat's chest cavity. 

         I was in a strange mansion with supposedly the love of my life. He kind of looked like Ryan Gosling and though I had just met him, it was like we had been in a relationship for years. We were engaged to be married.
         We were in a large ball room and there was a group of strange-looking people -- like people you would see in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (if you've ever seen it). One of them was a vary tall man in long, red robes who kind of resembled and black haired Sarumon from Lord of the Rings. I'm in a wedding dress but Gosling is in rags from the 1920s. Suddenly, Sarumon exclaims that he wished to eat us and sell our souls to Satan so naturally we started to run. We locked ourselves in a small room, and I tried holding the door closed while Sarumon (who then resembled a large, demonic fawn) tried pulling it open with great force. I'm crying and screaming and gripping the doorknob with everything I had when suddenly the fighting stopped. It was silent. 
         I let go of the door and nothing happened. I turned to look at Gosling and he was sitting in the middle of the room with two anonymous women in tattered, old lingerie.
         "We don't want to die virgins!" The cried into Gosling's arms and he suggested we all have sex. We did.

         Next thing I know, I'm in the point of view of a stranger, a man who looks like Boromir from Lord of the Rings. He's breathing heavily and running through a large metal tunnel. Through the tunnel, there was a giant metal room with multiple windows and a staircase built into the walls. He checked every window until he came to the very top of the room. He pressed the window and the glass budged slightly, he knew this was the way out. He pushed the window open with all his force and the glass snapped, falling to the ground outside. He stepped through the window onto a thin balcony when he heard a hiss behind him. He turned and saw a snake sitting in the window sill. He let out a sigh of relief and said to the snake, "Tell him I've found a way out. Let him know where it is." The snake slithered off.

          Back to my point of view and I'm chained up with the two girls and Gosling and Sarumon is chanting beside a large cauldron, a crowd of people in pews stood and watched. They all wore black. The room we were in resembled a church. Sarumon, chanting in an unknown language, releases something that smells like propane from his palms.

         Now I'm in the point of view of Scarlett Johanson playing The Black Widow, crawling through a maze of air vents, looking for Gosling. 
    It doesn't specify how but I end up being saved and Scarlett and I are now both in the vents with Gosling, crawling as fast as we can to get to the large room with the windows. The whole mansion is smelling awful due to the propane and Scarlett lights a match and dropped it through a crack in the vents. A river of fire began to rise from the floor slowly. We finally make it to the window and jump out onto the pavement. When we hit the ground...

    I wake up.

    Additional Comments:

    Accoring to Dreamforth.com: 

    Celebrities - 
    To see a celebrity in your dream symbolizes certain attributes or features that they possess. Pay attention to any recent events or occurrences in your life, and see if there are any similarities between them and the celebrity in the dream. Often, we develop a fixation on a celebrity and this can be incorporated into dreams. They possess attributes that we sometimes wish we had and are often seen as status symbols. Consider if the celebrity's name has any meaning. The dream could be a play on their name
    Church - To dream that you are in a church indicates your need for encouragement and direction. You are looking for someone to help you transition into a happier place. It is possible that you have strayed from your intended path as a result of moral wrongs or deceptions that you have committed. It may also imply that you are doubting choices you have made in life. Perhaps you should approach your goals in an alternative method. 
    Engagement - To dream that you are engaged to be married suggests your desire for intimacy or companionship. You could be attempting to quell your sense of isolation.
     Evil - To dream that someone or something is evil suggests that there is a dark and disguised part of yourself. This aspect could be desiring release or recognition. On the other end, evil can indicate the hostile and powerful feelings that you hold.
    Snake - To dream of seeing or being bitten by a snake implies that you are afraid and anxious about some issue in your life. Perhaps this dream is suggesting that you should be aware of a pending situation that may cause you harm. The snake can also represent the male genitals and may be warning you against entering into a certain sexual encounter. The snake can also represent someone in your life who is heartless, cruel, and treacherous. On a more optimistic note, the snake symbolizes intelligence, change, and understanding. It implies revitalization of the spirit and alterations in life. 
     Satan - To dream of Satan indicates that an aspect in your life is being influenced by immorality and malevolence. To dream about the devil suggests poor aspects of yourself. It could also represent a guilty conscience that you have been carrying around with you. You should release these emotions. Also, the devil can symbolize mental acuity, deceit, and astuteness.
    Beast - To dream about a beast represents imprudence and naivete. 
     Fire - To dream of fire can represent a variety of things. It can represent devastation, enthusiasm, passion, enlightenment, change, or anger. It could indicate that something is finally letting go of you, thus making room for new possibilities. Your opinions may be transforming. If the fire is under control, then this indicates the changes taking place within you. It can also be indicative of your ambition and hunger for success.

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    Sean Bean
    Scarlet Johanson
    Ryan Gosling
    Matti Pellonpää

    Ex's House.

    Date of dream: Friday, March 08, 2013

    Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
    Lucid Intent? No    

    This dream has been viewed 140 times.

         I was on a vacation in my home town and I was, for some reason, staying at my ex-boyfriend's family's house. He wasn't there because he lives in his dorm rom at college so I was only mildly worried about bumping into him. I was in the guest bedroom (even though they don't have one) that looked like my old friend's grandmother's attic and I was setting my luggage down and all the furniture looked identical to that of my room. 
         Then I started looking around, the attic's hallways and through one door was a small cubby with some blinds on the wall. The first set of blinds was just blank but I noticed that there were more that I could pulled down, so I did. I pulled the first one down and it was a picture of my ex-boyfriend's little brother with the words, "This is (his name)."
    I pulled the second one down and it was a picture of my ex-boyfriend's mother with the words, "This is (her name)" then, when I heard a noise behind me, I turned around and there they were, sitting in fetal positions against the back wall. They were just smiling at me. The mother immediately got up and shook my hand, spun me around, tugged on all the blinds so they sprang up into the ceiling and behind them was an other hallway. We walked inside but when I cleared the threshold, the mother disappeared and my ex's little brother was on the computer, playing video games in the corner.
         I approached farther, noticing my luggage was in this room. It looked identical to the guest bedroom but I knew it wasn't. Around the corner, my ex-boyfriend appareled as though he was heard somewhere important. When he caught sight of me, he stopped and looked at me. He asked me what I was doing here and I told him I needed a place to stay while I was in town and since he didn't live there anymore, I figured it was okay.
    I bent down to mess with my luggage, not sure why it was there and my ex bent down with my and threw a plastic bag with looked like it was filled with my underwear on top of my suitcase. I ignored the fact that he had it, assuming they had just been in the wash. 
         Then we started talking about our relationship and he had just asked for me back. He stood in front of me, being much taller, he looked down at me.
         "Please look at me." He said in a soft voice, the voice he would use whenever we were in a fight. I refused, I looked down at his chest. He tried to hug me but I backed away from him, crying. 

         Next thing I know, I'm at a large bed that had my brother, my dad, and my mom. There was obviously room for me in the bed but when I tried to get in, they kicked me out. My dad yelled, "You can't get in if you don't have chicken flannel!" 
    I looked down at my clothes, I was wearing pajamas but they weren't flannel or whatever chicken-flannel was. I walked into my guest room at my ex-boyfriend's house and there's a Peter Pan blanket on my bed. 

    I woke up. 

    Additional Comments:

    Ex-boyfriend - To dream about an ex-boyfriend from your youth indicates that you are currently involved in a more relaxed relationship. This dream guides you to a period in your life when your adult responsibilities were not important and wouldn't get in the way of love. You might be required to grab onto the feelings of youth that are missing from your current situations.
    Vacation - 
    To dream that you are on vacation is a reminder that we all need to take a break from our daily lives. Spending a few days relaxing will re-energize you for the tasks and events of your waking life.
    Attic - 
    To see an attic in your dream is a symbol of once buried recollections that are now rising to the surface. It also represents your ability to merge your unconscious, conscious, and physical being. It may also indicate that there are some obstacles that are preventing you from achieving objectives in your life. After much effort and hardship, you will eventually prevail. 
    Yelling - To dream of someone yelling is a representation of your repressed anger. You should consider ways to express it. 

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