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Wednesday, June 14 2017 Views: 100

I was hanging out w Gene and his friends - 1 guy and 1 girl. The guy friend was hiding kittens in my dad's closet. We got suspicious cuz we heard someone knock and no one had knocked before. I heard heavy breathing outside the door and I knew it was my dad. The guy said it took him longer to hide the kittens than for my dad to find out. His friend left to go somewhere so it was just Gene, that other girl and myself in the closet at this point. Him and the girl were looking at something on his iPad. I asked "What're you guys watching?" He tilted the iPad towards me and I moved in closer to get a better look at what was on the screen. They were watching some weird Spanish cartoon w subtitles. I was upset about something so I went outside. It was night time and almost pitch black out. Gene went after me. I started going off on a tangent about whatever it was I was upset over and in the middle of me complaining he kissed me. I kissed him back and asked him "Why do you do this to me?" 

While Gene, his friend and I were walking outside, his friend pointed up to the sky and asked "What's that?" There were sooo many stars out but there was one that shone much brighter than the rest and was larger in size as well. I told him it was a planet that looked out for exoplanets. 

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