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Snakes and water

Saturday, June 17 2017 Views: 53

I am by a lake or some type of swamp and I put my body in the water so I can go to sleep. My body is in the water but my chest and head are out. I go to sleep and I feel something bite me in the genital area. I go to feel what it is and get it off of me. I grab it's jaw and bring it out of the water and it is a snake. There is a second one still attached to me. I grab it and get out of the water. These are some kind of snake the government put out to bite people in the water so I get up and walk to a pool that's nearby and hold up the snake in front of everyone. I am nude also. I don't say anything but I put the half dead snake in a chair and I swim away. I get out of the water and notice a blonde female kick the chair and snake into the water. I yell at her and she comes up to fight me. She grabs a metal trash can and I grab a bigger one and shove her with it. She gets scared and runs away.i go and put the trash can back where it was I notice that there are dead snakes in my mouth and begin pulling them out. I gag and wake up


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